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a story about myself [Copy link] 中文

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Dear friends, I am telling a story about myself. I can only collect the courage when i am behind this pc screen.  
I have stepped out of the campus. I didn’t find my Mr. Right during my college life. i am working in a company. one of my comrades wanted to introduce a guy which is his boyfriend’s comrades to me.  i took it as a embarrass way to meet a boy. Anyway, I agreed to go. He is a tall handsome guy. I watched his side and I found that he has long eyelashes. During the meal, he was the most cultivated one. I was very happy to meet him. I was very popular during my campus life, there were many an adorer, but none of them met the feeling from the bottom of my heart. This one was an exception. He and I had a random chat from which I know that he was very popular too when he was in college. Everyone can imagine how a handsome, cool guy, and always the hero in the sport field is treated in campus. In front of him, I became non-confident. I think he is a very good life-partner. He asked for my cell-phone number, but I didn’t receive any message from him. I know that he doesn’t like me. I find many reasons to forgive his silence, at the end, he told me that I should find a considerate one to be my husband and to lead a stable life, but he is still unsure about himself,. He has no wish to hurt another kind girl.
I laughed. I replied that you can be straight forward to tell me that you don’t like me. I was hearting broking even I didn’t start.
i burst into tears, i kept thinking of him, maybe time can heal this wound.

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oh, i think this is your first love.

and don't lose your heart, don't to miss him, there still exist many great boys alone waiting for you :)

Huh, that says, failure is the mother of success.

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genius4693, thank you

genius4693, thank you for your comforting words. i am ok,
as a stranger to all of you , i can persuade myself to tell it and ease myself at the same time.  :-)

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Most men are not thinking of wives or long term loves

most are "playing the field" as we say in English.  So men are not looking to have a romance or long relationship immediately.  If you fall so hard for someone you may need to wait a while for return feelings. And he may just be avoiding relationships for a while.

Enough of sadness, you are a strong person, you have found a way to talk of this, and you know your own heart (which is a gift, dear emy).  

If you are studying english, you may want to read Sara Teasdale, a poet of the early 20th century.  She wrote of love, won and lost and even never found.  she was a favorite among american college women in the 60s and 70s.  Here is one of here poems, from 1920 or so, which may speak to you.

May Wind by Sara Teasdale.

I said, "I have shut my heart
As one shuts an open door,
That Love may starve therein
And trouble me no more."

But over the roofs there came
The wet new wind of May,
And a tune blew up from the curb
Where the street-pianos play.

My room was white with the sun
And Love cried out in me,
"I am strong, I will break your heart
Unless you set me free."
LSR.  龙诗人  or  龍詩人
A crater on the planet Mercury is named 李白. (Li Bai)

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The old one has gone,the new one is coming...

Hey,please don't worry about this,in the whole life,you will meet at least four persons,first one certainly is  yourself,the second one is whom you love,the third one is who loves you and the last one is who you will marry.All of the experience let you know what's the true love and what's the taste of missing someone,that is,it's the portion of your life....
       After few years later,when you look back  your story occurred in the youth,you will be happy with the recalling of the history....^_^,hope you can find the one who can touch your bottom-heart as well as deeply love you...
      Thanks for telling your story to us all,^_^,good luck,welcome to discuss....Come on

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Tall Handsome Guy


Don't worry. There are many tall and handsome guys available on this planet, on and off campus. It all depends where you are based. If you are in/come to Guangzhou, I can introduce a few to you. 1 is from Beijing, the onther one is Chinese from Canada. 1 is from Australia.


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my smiling face

my never-met friends, thank you all for sharing my feeling.
I should collect my selfconfidence and talk with you kind people. there is none who meets no frustration.
the sun is still there, my friends are still there, i should be very happy because the friends are caring about me.

and i wish every one meet his or her true love and share a tranquil but happy life with each other.

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