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what's the most dangerous thing for an unexperienced girl to travel alone?NEW! [Copy link] 中文

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Safety is the most important thing forever!

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Best not to go alone Harriet.

I travelled around North Africa alone, the people are friendly and hospitable and I was never worried about my personal safety, but it can get a bit boring when you are on your own all the time, and you can appreciate new sights etc better if you are with someone else.
I expect that as you are a 19 year old female your biggest difficulty will be unwelcome attention from us men.

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The most crucial part

Is going anywhre without preparations at all!

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True, it is best to go with someone, but don't let that stop you. If you investigate well in advance, and plan ahead, you can do it! Be brave, but also be smart!

Besides planning where you'll stay, etc, make sure you are smart about handling strangers, unexpected situations, etc. Make sure you are able to say NO to a stranger that comes on to you, and make sure you are brave enough to defend yourself a little bit if necessary. Don't be afraid to poke a guy in the eye with a pen!

Seriously, if you are confident you have common sense, and you plan everything out as best you can, you shouldn't be too afraid. A little fear is a good thing, ... hey I read this a long time ago and did it:

Get a little box or jar, and many slips of paper to put in it. On each one, write something that is stopping you... then as time goes by, write on the back of each one what you can do (or have done) to solve that problem.

Here is one of my examples:
"I will get lost" - my answer - learn how to ask directions and carry a pad & pen so a stranger can draw directions if necessary. Carry a map.

Good luck! keep us updated!:)

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the danger of exploring in cities---

1.thieves steal your belongings. run on you---becareful when you walk in an alley. You think there won't have much traffic but when you walk on the middle of the road, a driver may shout at you from behind. Always walk aside.

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In terms of safety

In terms of safety I think it is not that much dangerous to travel alone for a girl of 19. But it is really boring and and there is difficulty in many situations during travel. If you are just travelling 1-2 days, it's ok. But if u r talking about of 4-5 or more than that, then it is a hard job. Being alone is major problem than the matter of safety. :)
its life!

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thank you all for your replies

i am really happy that so many ppl here had given me that much advice,i will take it seriously and think more carefully about my future plan.

in my opinion,loneliness may be the biggest problem for me.the best part of travel is having that incredible experiences with someone or friends.but it seems that all my friends dont have the same interest as i do. there is only me who like travelling even alone.all they want to do is following a travel agency, which i think will lose so much fun during the trip.i know that it will be easier for us,i mean students,to do it,and it will be also more safe too.but i really dont want to spend all my time on the bus running from one place to another then take about only an hour in each place. that's a terrible feeling for me and i dont want to feel it again.

so i dont know who to travel with,i mean i dont have many friends outside the schools,junior high,senior high and college,also i dont think it will be safe to travel with someone i dont know much about.there is only parents left,but since i have grown up,and there have been so many different opinions between us,the first one is where to go. my father perfers to go to Xi'an,ShanXi,NanJing and such kind of cities that full of history.we have been there together,but those are not the places that i really want to go.i know that i have learnt so much from those trips,about our country and our culture,but it was not that enjoyable.does it make any sense???

some places that i really want to go are:YunNan,$$,HaiNan( though i have been there with my mom,but we were following a travel agency and it was raining sometime,so i dont think i have enjoyed it all),ZhangJiaJie,JiuZhaiGou......

does anyone know some travel clubs in shanghai that for uni students like me???anyone can give me some recommendations??

thanks again to all the ppl that have replied me and given me advice,i really appreciate that!!!thanks!!!

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