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Instead of "traditional habits" it is simpler and more common to say "traditions".
Also, there is no space before a punctuation mark, just after.

qimingfu wrote:
"They are different from ours in the way they think , the way they do things and their traditional habits.
The way they think , the way they do things and their traditional habits are different from ours."

In the first sentence, you cannot say "different from ours" because the sentence didn't yet say what is different. You can say "different from us". In the second sentence you CAN say "ours" because it's the traditions, etc you are refering to. I'm not sure I explained that well, sorry.

Anyway, both sentence constructions are fine.
I'd say either:
"They are different from us in the way they think, do things, and in their traditions.
The way they think, do things, and their traditions are all different from ours."

I guess you could say "act", but that might refer more to their personalities and social habits, like "behave" or "behavior".  "Do things" would include how they do business, do household chores, cook, everything. It depends on what the original intention of the sentence is.

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I would take /spend one hour every evening to/on study/studying political theories and acquire/acquiring knowledge concerning business management.

They are conscious of the significance /importance of learning .
They are aware of the importance of acquiring/attaining knowledge.

We  will turn/transform China into a modern strong socialist country.

In the past few years, I dedicated many of my vacations to the training of pupils.
In the past few years, I devoted many of my holidays to the training of pupils.

The floods annihilated/thumped down many houses in the low-lying area in its wrath.
Many houses in the low-lying area were destroyed/damaged by the floods.

It's time to let you present your knowledge and experience.
This will give you an opportunity to use(make use of)your knowledge and experience.

Incurred by the thick smoke, his eyes were full/filled with tears.
Irritated by the thick smoke , his eyes were filled with tears.

People around the world draw attention to economic development in China , so do they support and take a close look at her socialist construction.
China's economy is being watched by people all over the world. Similarly, our socialist modernization is attracting their attention and gaining their support.

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Some comments for qimingfu (oedipusqi)

<<Thanks to your valueless instructions ,..>>
That would actually be an insult, use "priceless" to indicate something of value beyond calculation, "valueless" means worth nothing.

<< In your convenience , please practice further more .....>>

"At your convenience" sounds better.

Hope this helps.



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Your proofreading is helpful to better my English.

"At your convenience" sounds excellent in stead of mine. About the word "priceless", you may find its correct meaning after clicking your fingers. Priceless means impossible to put value on: worth more than can be calculated in terms of money
eg: the priceless treasures of the pharaohs' tombs

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The teacher passed on his valuable experience in teaching physics.

She masters the English language.
She has a good commnad of the English langauage.
She has/possesses a wide/extensive vocabulary of English words.

The clerk from the Electricity Board comes to read the meter every month.

The church brought pressure to bear on Galileo, so he didn't dare to tell/speak the truth.

The wrong result is bound to come to/reach/draw/make a false conclusion.

keep an appointment
make/have an appointment
cancel an appointment
change an appointment

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The price of the lathe of this type is low.
The color TV set used to be dear/expensive, but now is much cheaper.

He would be going to (attend) a fancy dress party/a fancy dress ball/fancy ball in the evening.

Your cap looks mucn more attrctive/beautiful.
You hav an attractive cap.

hardline/tough policy.

Rivalty intensified.
The falmes of war spreads.

win/reach self-sufficiency.

Take closer control.
strict/rigid/tough control

Go against his intention.

In the end they carried out/ adopted the policy suited to the prevailing conditions.

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