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Originally posted by freakyqi at 2005-12-25 02:17
Umm.... or a swan falls through the air and goes "splat"? (sorry, i'm looking up the characters literally)

Can you explain what it means?

That's the name a Chinese martial art legend, from the "Once Upon a Time in China" movie series.
Compuer thays noh~~~

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The movie series casts Jet Li , the star of " Lethal Weapon 4" , in the role of Wong Feihung's career that of the legendary folk hero .

" 黄" is his surname , " 飞鸿" means the swan hovering in the sky . The image of the hovering swan is common seen in clssical poems and essays, embodying " great ambition , open-mind , sharp sense".

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Thanks - you guys are nice. Now I want to go rent that movie.

Here's a few comments, but remember, I can't understand all the Chinese, so I don't know how ACCURATE the translation is, I just know what sounds awkward or better in English:

18. the second one sounds better. The first one isn't too bad, but the second one is easier to understand.

19. The second one is better.

20. We wouldn't say "in their full efforts". We might say "enthusiastically". Or maybe "...with all they had"... depends on how you want to sound... poetic, simple... ?

21."Twenty years of experience has taught me 'practice makes perfect'."
"Twenty years of experience has shown me that practice makes perfect."

Our purpose is clear, how to initiate it?  = Our purpose is clear, and how shall we initiate it?
Or use your whole second choice. It's very good.

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First , Freakyqi , please accept my sincere compliments in this specila festival , to you and your kindred .

Though after an odyssey of less a score springs and winters , I should regretfully accept the fact that fluent English needs a long run ahead . To emulate the natives is not very easy . Thanks to your valueless instructions , i may enter into a fresh  watershed  to exploit treasures in English . In your convenience , please practice further more . If so , some visitors and i will benefit from your words .

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They are different from ours in the way they think , the way they do things and their traditional habits.
The way they think , the way they do things and their traditional habits are different from ours.

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excellent job qiming!
try to join you:

>> the mastery of acupuncture is no easy job as it requires painstaking effort.

>> what do we do after the goal has been set? we will do two things on the basis of a scientific social-economic view, that is, opening up to the world and easing up with the grip over domestic economy. (note, it was a centrally planned economy and there has been no sound theory to provide guidance to the practice of opening up. instead, an imperical rule known as testing the water is used.)

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23. The second is better.

But I wonder if I could say "The way they think, the way they act...."
All your posts here will be of great benefit to me.

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