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Stop using Japanese goods [Copy link] 中文

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You Do What You Can

I try to buy Chinese when the features are comparable.  It soon adds up.

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Originally posted by meteorcity at 9-6-2006 09:40
I bought a Japanese digital camera yesterday. I haven't got many choices, because around 90% of these are Japanese made.

My camera's Japanese as well. Haven't had any problems with it, so it was a good purchase.
"People are the water, the ruler is the boat; water can carry the boat, but it can also capsize it."

-- Li Shimin (2nd Tang Emperor, "Taizong")

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Boycotting ALL Japanese Goods is Counterproductive

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strengh ourselves

It is unuseful to complain . What we immediately need to do is to strengh ourselves and            consolidate our country . Until then we cannot be intimidated by other roguish enemies. We    Chinese desire and cherish peace !!!

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what we are focusing on is to make our own brandy  products,if we just reject japanese goods,it will not be honest,now our products are not as good as the japanese

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The economy chases a double blade sword.The merchandise that boycotts Japan in brief solve problem.Many people's buying the merchandise of Japans is because of this to us also is have an advantage.More problems that should consider BE, how to export more merchandises to Japan.


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Don't help the Japs put pressure on ourselves. Remember this.

We should reduce daily purchases of Jap merchandise. My reasons are quite simple:

First, the J's have no remorse for their WW2 warmongering, aggression and atrocities. Should we let them make new profits on us? No way.

Secondly, the J's are behaving as a lackey of the hegemonic non-Asian warmonger, and the enemy of all Asians again. Should we help it get even stronger, economically and then militarily? No way.  We should not help a murderer sharpen his knife against us.

Thirdly, we should purchase from our own factories and businesses. We share our heritage with them. Supoort of them is directly supporting ourselves. We should help them make a profit and get financially stronger so that they can spend money on R&D. This we should all do daily. Buy Chinese, not J.

Fourthly, Japan was in an economic doldrum until our resurgent economy pulled the J economy up. The Amerikan economy was no help to the J economy.  But, the J's have been a willing lackey of WARshington and have disagreed and quarrelled with us, very uncoperative with us.  Should we continue to pull them up? Noway. It is time that the J's learn a painful lesson of reality.

The above reasons alone are sufficient to justify that we Asians reduce buying anything made in Jap land.

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