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Stop using Japanese goods [Copy link] 中文

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In my opinion, I believe tat is not the correct way to improve or whatever form to show the unsatisfied with Japanese...

The most important thing is we should imporve our techonological first, we have to get some skills in order to be against with Japanese, otherwise it is also usless~~
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Boycotts are not the way forward

Originally posted by emucentral at 13-2-2006 11:20
A concerted effort at boycotting Japanese goods may well lead to Japanese manufacturers moving to more friendly countries.

Boycotting Japanese goods may well lead to Chinese workers losing their jobs.

The fools who promote these types of boycotts have not thought through the implications of their silly, vindictive actions.

Indeed. Chinese people should not be fooled by the malicious suggestions spun by various individuals calling for a boycott - it's not uncommon for them to work in/run/have interests in domestic companies trying to compete against foreign imports.

Many people think that supporting domestic industry is important. It can be good, but forcing international firms to leave for more profitable places is a bad idea. It breeds lazy and complacent thinking amongst local companies. When they have competition, they are forced to work harder and sell better services to their consumers. When there is no competition, they have no incentive to change for the better.

Japanese firms bring employment to China, as well as technological and management expertise. China benefits from foreign investment - indeed the "economic miracle" would not have been possible without it. A boycott would jeopardise this valuable prescence, so I would urge people not to do it.

But to be honest I doubt very much that Chinese would listen anyway. There have been numerous calls for such a thing, but it never seems to do much.
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keep boycotting made-in-japan

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More For The Others

The use of economic tools to bring about political results  has long been the practice of the West.  America has imposed economic sanctions against dozens of countries.  What is good must be universal.  If Japan does not wish to honor China or the Chinese, I could hardly see any reason to buy Japanese.  The balance of trade between the two nations is grossly in favor of Japan as far as profits are concerned.  Japan buys only low end goods, raw materials,  and commodities, with very low margins.  China imports mostly high tech goods from Japan.  The discrepancy in profits is more than 200 to 300% on the average.  A cessation of trade hurts both sides, but it weighs a lot more on the Japanese, as it means a much bigger percentage of the bottom line.

If Japan does not back off, if Japan does not wish to play by the rules, if Japan does not honor its treaty obligation to remove, remediate and compensate for the 2,000,000 pcs. of chemical warare ordnance its army meticulously hid all over China, why in the world should the Chinese continue to heap profits upon the Japanese companies?

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In general, small country, small bosom!

Actually the Japanese girls that I have been with have some very nice, perky and full bosoms.

With that out of the way, before you start going gunho on a mass scale boycott (if that ever happens) you need to think about all of those workers that won't have jobs if the Japanese companies starts relocating. Let's not be too emotional and cause ourselves to be too myopic due to blind hate. When China becomes a technological prowess and possess the management expertise and what not then China can break this symbiotic economic relationship.
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What Makes You Think So?

If indeed it goes that far, it is more likely than not that most, if not all, of those factories are total writeoffs anyway, with the lines to be sold for scrap.  

The bet is five  to one that Japan will chicken out first.

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I bought a Japanese digital camera yesterday. I haven't got many choices, because around 90% of these are Japanese made.

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