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When will China's economy be the No.1 in the world? [Copy link] 中文

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you need some local government "low cost" housing of "quality" to be rented to or sold to the poor....

preferably "sold" it is asset building....the poor can be subsidized by "free land cost" or "low land cost charges"....its need for the "local government" to spend a single Rmb...the poor can afford construction cost...

please note - it cost Rmb80 - Rmb200 to build 1 sq. ft. of a standard to high quality multi storey building....

a 800 sq. ft building willnot cost more than Rmb64,000 to Rmb160,000!!!!!

the income of the lowest worker - is around Rmb9,000...he can afford a 6 x annual income = Rmb60,000 home easily...if will be dual income.....or annual income of Rmb12,000 to Rmb18,000 annually joint income.....

there is no such thing as unaffordable homes for the poor in CHINA or MALAYA.....

only LOUSY GOVERNMENTS cause local election needed to ensure PRESSURE on the LOCAL GOVERNMENT to produce....

it could also become a form of WELFARE since these homes should be appreciate in value due to special advantage of FREE LAND.....

HOWEVER LIMIT it to people on the lowest 25% percentile income....



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I sense way too much optimism and not realizing the fact that this country by majority of 800 million people still are rural not to mention brings home less than 1000 USD annually. The problem with China is this population curse--yes when good things happen to this country it happens in astronomical numbers and results can be monumental. However, when problems arise it hits just as hard. Facing the fact that there are half a million international companies investing here in China now. The majority of the 'mullah' is being pulled in by foreigners. In addition, most of the smart companies not to mention 'major players' in the industry are thinking of a 'China Plus 1' policy for the near future. Due to excessive investment therefore increasing cut-throat market competition. Samsung will soon locate to Vietnam along with other South Korean-Western entrepreurs and moguls. Lastly, we must not forget, while China is finally getting it's over due respect and homage from other countries economically. The half sized country of India is underrated and discreetly crawling up to the surface of global competition.

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this is not vital to china,we do better day by day

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I want to say something about it

I think it is no significance to talk about ecnomny when the topic of our people incountry  blenched.
     It is very clear that the most important thing for us is to live a good living. But our people in country  .especially the poor in west of China .

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i believe one day your wors will come true!

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per capita? Gross?

if you are talking about the gross size of the economy, it's hard to achieve already. and if you are talking about it from the per capita perspective, i don't think we have a good shot, not in my life time though.

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Long way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

China have long way to go before she can become a #1 economy in the world. To become a super power or number one economy in the world, the mus-t  be able to feed itself. China not even near that, because the main problem she haviing now is over population.  Its will take China atleast 100 year to
become like USA..

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