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When will China's economy be the No.1 in the world? [Copy link] 中文

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Agreed but here's the problem in china even if it becomes the words largest economy 80% of its people will still be in poverty because
20% will go from rich to super rich and thats enough to fuel the government with tax revenue and keep the cheep labour going along in misery . Sorry you cheep labourers we need your sweat how else is your motherland going to sell its exports ? Here's the good news, your doing it for your nations advancement so you are being patriotic in your slavery , feel a little better now? ha ha ha .

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Hey Mr. Froth....don't be worry...on a PER CAPITA basis, it is quite impossible for China to catch up with the United States due to our comparative inferior resources reserves....

But life in definately superior to USA or New York....i have gone to both region....and if I was Swiss....i could care a damn America is more wealthy in total......because my life is GREAT while life in the USA sucks comparatively..

and you are wrong about the Chinese, we are more HUMAN CENTERED, less IDOL centered society....we do care for our brethrens but we do it RESPONSIBLY!!!!

How else, do we see BOSSES eating together with their workers at those you see in Hong Kong...or worry whether there is enough money for his trainee to buy home and have a family.....


Green Dragon

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The US Department of Defense (i.e. Offense) report says ...

In 1995, the US GDP was $7,398 billion, or $7.398 trillion.  This is approximately the China GDP/PPP in 2004 (7.262 trillion).
Therefore, China in 2004 was approximately what the US was in 1995.  The gap is approximately 9 years.

With a high annual growth rate of 9% in China and low growth rates of 3% to 4% in the USA, how long does it take for China to surpass the USA in GDP/PPP?

Experts seem to agree on one point and disagree on another point.  
Almost all of them agree that China would surpass the US by 2040.
But they also disagree because some say it would happen sooner, for example:
(a) The RAND Corporation (US) said it would happen in year 2010.
(b)  The World Bank said it would be year 2020.
(c)  The Korean Central Bank said it would be year 2040.

The most optimistic forecast is that China would surpass US in GDP/PPP in year 2010 (by RAND Corp.) while the least optimistic forecast is year 2040 (by Korean Bank).  A Chinese analyst said it would be year 2015, and I think his forecast is quite reasonable.

>>>>> Read this US report .......>>>>>
The US DOD report entitled "Annual Report To Congress: Military Power of the People's Republic of China, 2006" says that "...projections of China's economy show real GDP growth through 2025 to $6.4 trillion..." (page 18. US$6.4 trillion).

The report also says that (p.18) that the US GDP is expected to grow to "$22.3 trillion" in year 2025.

Assuming the US dollar does not continue to depreciate, and assuming that the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) factor is still around 4, then China's GDP/PPP in year 2025 would be US$6.4 trillion x 4 = US$25.6 trillion which is greater than the "expected" US GDP of US$22.3 trillion.

Therefore, the US Department of Defense's report is implying that China's GDP would exceed US GDP before year 2025.:).  This is only another source of projection from the US government.

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no.1,just a nomber, have no quality sence!

GDP is  just a index to measure the income of  people.
nowaday,many people are still  in the level of poorline.
we, want to be no.1 in the gobal economy,
but the precondition is to solve the poor issue.
so ,we should pursue no.1 ,the significance no.1

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Mr. Jackey...the no.1 idea is because of international competition...

nothing to do with quality of life....
being no.1 in economic field means....

better chance to be Forex reserves currency....
better chance to be a military power....
better chance to ask for advice on matter of international concern...

that's all.......
USA wants to be "Big Brother".....
and dislike the likelihood, that it has to sit in a round table with the rest of the world to discuss international rules....

that's all.....

For China, with our ancient philosophy, even with no.1 in GNP...

we still need the input of everybody to get consensus.....
not like the Amerikan Regime which bulldoze with their own rules.....

Green Dragon

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Good read.

This thread is a good read and i thank all the contributers for their efforts.
Dee.(Indian Lion in the land of Dragon)

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still dont think china will ever make it USA is the superpower and could turn off china tommorow remember they control the oil and the world, they have capped the oil fields in texas and have solar powered cars hmm

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