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Is there anything we should learn from today's China? [Copy link] 中文

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learn from today's China---one child policy

Birth control in very important. Human should not have the freedom to give birth as much as they want. Look at these figures:

China (1,306,313,812, density 136persons/sq km)
India(1,103,600,000, density 328)
Bangladesh(144,319,628, density1,002)

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I really enjoyed reading your post.
Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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Japan doesn't need to prove herself anymore.


I would suggest you not to list Japan with the US, UK, and France. What Japan has contributed to the world from few thousand years ago until present?

Japan established herself as an icon of manufacturing. It is unlikely that experts on issues of modern manufacturing will try to discuss the subject without making any referrence to Japan. Also, to great many people throughout the world, "Made in Japan" often means precision, high quality, high durability, and, therefore, high reliability with extra value to them. That seems to be the case not only in developing countires but also in the advanced industrial countries.

How about India? India has been rapidly becoming an icon of information technology and software development with skills and production volume that no other countries can really provide to the world. So is Brazil in agriculture. Not to mention soccer and dance music in entertainment with worldwide recognition.

France, Great Britain, Japan, the U.S. have their own distinctive areas of expertise that could be identified as their national competitive advantage. They all represent the highest quality and value in the respective fields of their relative strength, for which they are highly regarded and respected worldwide. Others are willing to learn from them because of that.

What highest quality or value does China represent? If there isn't any at present, what would that be in the future? It takes a long time before you win such a recognition around the world.

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China is just a student now!

The designer of China reform,Mr.Deng XiaoPin said China shall not carry the big flag. Yestesday,Minister Bo said China should not play as leader in the world now.
So China is not world -class leader. Every Chinese, especially policy maker, shall realize that China is a developing country. The GDP per capita is No.107 in the world. People of China including analysts shall take patient and tolerance while Chine is raising up.
China now learn from other developed countries including US, Britain and Japen, technology,management system, market business mode and democratic expeirece. China now actively apparticipte the world and cooperate with developed countries,US, EU etc.
In fact, China is a big country. The world expect China can contribute more for the development of whole human society. China bravely take responsiblity to play key role in progress of world econmic/politic .
China want to make a modle to raise up on peace.(US,Britain and Japen invade other country to boost domestic enconomic in history)
China also invest large a lot in techology field, culture field.
China's achievement was confrmed by whole world.
The more China develop, the more china will contribute to world.

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Rite Mr. Soudenjapan....comparing the size of "bananas"..aren't we all...

ha ha

Well one thing for sure..we surely ain't one of those 4 WILD APE families shown on the WWF-poster on Malaya PUTRA Light Rail carriages.....

Are Japanese one of those WILD APES.....

just kidding!


cheeky Game Master
Lord of the code

council of Malaya...

..I just wish some forumer...take photographs of those WWF posters...and place it in this forum....

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Well written Riceroot.

As Chairman agrees with me, most important
Think of the farmers when eating rice.
Think of the source when drinking water.

China - world leader in Peace&harmony.

But others can't see or practise it.
Because not their Way.

Kind regards
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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in fact, china now is very lagging

it is a good flashing comment, what is china contribute to the world? looking around, our life style, politics,and economy , in some certain , are commonly modeled on foreigning experience.

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