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Is there anything we should learn from today's China? [Copy link] 中文

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Hold on now.

As I understand it, patents and copyrights do expire after a certain number of
years and then anyone can build that equipment or print/utilize the
copyrighted item without legal harm or liability.

Rockets and gunpowder have been around hundreds of years so
I think the timeframe has expired on them.  

I am talking about current movies, recently issued software, recent music,
and long established brand names who have an essence of guaranteed
quality just by their name on the product.  

Let's make the discussion and the arguments real.  OK?

Theft is other word for it.  I don't care if you are a developing
country or a rich one - it is still THEFT.

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Firstly and most importantly, why do you refer to foreigners as "Barbarians"? Do you consider that China is somehow superior to all the other200-odd countries in the world?

Wouldn't a more humble and productive question for China be, "What can China learn from the rest of the world?"

I noticed that Beijing was quick to pounce on all copyright violations of the recent Olympics mascots. There were widespread raids on markets and shopping centres almost as soon as the new mascots were made public.  Why is Beijing being so strict about that copyright violation, and yet so lax about copyright violations of foreign products?

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Originally posted by riceroot at 2005-12-22 11:10
if you call this theft, it is a minor crime, it is practised in many poor countries, not only China, even in London and Paris, the local English and French stall keepers rely on this for living as they're the ones being edged out by modern technology and excluded in their paperchase society.

There are, of course, people around the world that practice piracy. However it is not as rampant in the UK as it is in China. In the UK, illegal merchants are closed down when they are detected. I remember a local TV station investigated such activities at a local festival - the guilty party ran off when he was challenged. However in China, illegal traders can operate with impunity. It even spreads to major bookshops, where Harry Potter books are on sale before it is officially released. If copies get into the public market in other countries, the authorities abide by the wishes of the publishers and confiscate them. But in China no one cares.

It is also not harmless. It causes governments $ billions every year in unclaimed taxes. It also undermines intellectual property rights. Piracy also breeds criminality - it's a source of income for criminal gangs. Today they're pushing fake DVDs, but who knows what they'll be doing tomorrow?

Perhaps China would complain if its products was being pirated rather than it was pirating other countries' works. If China's rise is to be as spectacular as some people claim, then very soon the boot may be on the other foot.......

Originally posted by nissan3
Theft is other word for it.  I don't care if you are a developing
country or a rich one - it is still THEFT.

Well said, nissan3!

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Reply to chairman

While there are some very silly patents indeed out there, by far the majority of piracy involves things like books and DVDs. The large companies rarely get hurt, but small, independent producers, companies, inventors, etc are the most vulnerable. Piracy hurts them - how is that fair?

China has to understand this. If it is to turn into a properly developed economy, it will have to come up with its own ideas. And I mean new ideas. Now who is going to be motivated to invent something if he/she knows that it will be knocked off tomorrow by another person? All it does is breed lazy thinking - save yourself the effort and copy off someone else. In addition, if other countries start to copy Chinese ideas, how can China get up on the world stage and demand the relevant world authorities to take action? It would be branded the ultimate hypocrite, because it copied or allowed anything and everything to be copied when China was catching up with the rest of the world.

So unless China is planning to make all of its future works, inventions, etc public knowledge (for free), I think the Chinese government needs to crack down on piracy in the PRC once and for all.

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Reply to #67 mencius

mencius - "questioner" brought up a beauitful point that I had forgotten.  Yes, the Beijing government did
jump all over the piracy of their beloved Olympic dolls - wish they would do that with all pirated

I saw an interesting program on Hong Kong TV the other day.  A manufacturer of very high quality wool
fabric with a famous brand name (I had never heard of it and cannot remember it now) said that he
became aware that someone was manufacturing wool and stealing their famous brand name under
which to sell it.

He did some investigation and found that the "pirated" fake wool fabric was manufactured - guess where -
in China of all places.  China is the world's greatest and worst offender when it comes to product

The interesting thing about the TV program was the representative of the real wool product said the fake
Chinese product was actually quite good.  Not quite up to the standards of his famous brand company
but still very good.  

He was puzzled why the Chinese company didn't come up with it's own brand name and start selling
the high quality woolen product and develop a famous name for itself?  Why cheat when they could
probably make a lot of money operating honestly with their own developed name?

I guess it's: Once a pirate - always a pirate!

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As many people in the world are concerned

It is getting increasigly clearer that China may, after all, be a destructive force to the conventional order, institutions and values to which many developing countries have been working hard to adjust while advanced countries ardently foster and protect the entire system.

After skimming through the entire thread, anyone can easily smell the tendency.  All kinds of negative emotions toward major countires are fully expressed. Historical animosity that goes back hundreds of years is still rampant. Unwillingness to complying with a fundamental economic rule like the patent and copyright is clearly expressed. Some members actively challege the rule rather than respecting them.

In other words, China holds a set of values that are imcompatible with and hostile to the current order in the world today. "China's rise" might have to be interpreted in that context.

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Reply #1 soudenjapan's post

No one can claim he/she invented anything absolutely. Innovators and inevntors depend on the finding, experiment, theories from others to come out with their invention etc.

The process of innovation and invention is a long process since man kind appeared on the earth. Many inventions and innovation are really based on gradual civilisation of man kind world wide. I don't think we should try to debate who contributed more to the "civilisation" or " industralisation" on the planet earth. There is no end to it and no conclusion can be drawn except for those chasing for empty pride. For instance how much innovation, culture or civilisation is purely 100% Japanese ? Unless Japanese is the only race on earth then they can claim they own all the innovation etc etc...

Where did Japan learn or acquire their technical knowhow in building war ships and military equipment ?
Developing countries trying to catch up with the "advanced" industrial countries will always try to learn forst before embarking on any home made innovation.

I remembered as a young kid back in SE Asia between 50s an 60s after Japan surrendered, the goods made in Japan was of inferior quality and Japanese made goods was ridiculed for it's poor quality then. But as Japan economy grows it has more resources to invest heavily on researcg and development and hence they raced ahead rapidly. They also have the American to thank for their rapid growth with the technical help they get.

From one human being to another,  it's not important to find out who or what nation and race contribute more to the world or implying who are more superior etc... Only parnoid or kid with nothing to do are more interested to think they are more superior like the white Supremacist try to incite.  I think it's best for each individual to assess his or her acheivement for personal satisfaction rather than using the sucess of others of their own kind to glorify himself/herself. That cheap.

As a Chinese, I wish Chinese will progress peacefully and reduce misery and improve standard of living in China. I know Chinese will always work closely with friendly fellow Asians and the white for peace on earth. after all, all  human being wanted is peace in our lives. Conflict creates animosity that will hurt all people from different countries.

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