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Will China NOW Get Western Weapons? [Copy link] 中文

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With France being bought already....China now br:bes Germany.

"US$1.7b deals dominate Who's German agenda
(China Daily)
Updated: 2005-11-11 05:47

BERLIN: Lucrative commercial deals dominated the agenda on the first day of President Who first state visit to Germany yesterday.

The eight deals worth US$1.7 billion were scheduled to be signed after talks between Hu and German President Horst Koehler, who officially welcomed his Chinese counterpart with full military honours at the historic Charlottenburg Palace."

Why does China need these Western weapons so bad? At what cost will they aquire them? Will Germany now get on board now and lift this arms ban on China?

Stay tuned...

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2 reasons

France wants to sell weapons to China:
1. because France doesnt like the US and want China to be stronger
2. because China will not buy US weapons and might buy French weapons

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China has a right to defend herself. (or be prepared to do so)

As for which weapons should be purchased and from whom?

Like anything else you want to get the best for less.

If that means France so be it, if that means the States then so be it.

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China is playing both ends against the middle....

I understand this. In fact I agree with Chinese strategies on this. But will it work. If it works or it does not work, China has put the whole world in danger.
The United States of America does not care if China buys weapons from the USA or Europe or anywhere else but what the USA is in doubt about is what china will do with the weapons.
China has evil friends. These evil friends are who the USA is fearful of. We do not think that rational China will use weapons to start a war but...a rational North Korea? Well you have heard of an oxymoron.
If China would come clean and join the West and stop going against the West with a vote every chance it gets then maybe just maybe we could start trusting China.
Do you know what I mean?

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I don't think china needs more weapons

What china needs are brains. Brains for the containment of environmental pollution. Brains for the education of china's young generations. Brains for political reform. Deadly weapons without sufficient guidance of good brains is a dangerous thing.

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Thinking man...

The Chinese government is on a mission to have Western weapons and they will try anything to get them.

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That is called Balance of Power!!!

When USA don't supply, others can and you get jealous. Others make money. You sit on inventory. And trying to create something that uses your economy. Refer to past Cuba war.

Same like nuclear plants. GE can supply but USA says no. So France gets the orders.

You talk about trust like you can open your heart out. Can you put it there on the table first before you keep murmuring what is behind China's back. China can read your thoughts as they have the technique!!!
Do you???

Why not buy and make  things better so that one can surprise the world!!!

Kind regards

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