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Dear Friend,

I would like to start my notes for u as if  we were in the middle of our conversation, as if we were already a couple of lovers, and have been in love since we met 2 months ago. Yes, i like u , and i dreamed about being together with u even tho u r not for real,,,,  just a ghost that haunts my thoughts over the internet. We both found ourselfves liking each other more each day, and finally decided to meet some time next march, in Germany... I thought i could be loyal to u, and that i could stay single for the hope of being with you, and hopefully even getting married... And as i found out, the fact stuns me so much that i m still haunted by the past, by the pain the frenchie caused, that i couldnt cry alone, couldnt walk alone, couldnt think about the future alone any more. I m so lonely living on my own. My dear honey, i thought i could wait, i thought i could fight. But that night i lost all my control, and started crying ferociously again, after 2 months' silence since we met. Yes u made me happy, u made me feel warm, but i cant hold u, i cant touch u, i cant love u when u r not here... i m always dreaming that if i die one day, u might never be able to know what happened to me, and would move on with u life pretty soon..... and vise versa...... so now, i got a bf.... who i dont know whether i love or not, ,, i cried and he comforted me, and he asked me to be his gf... so i said yes. i dont wanna find any other excuse, cuz u r the only person that i m feeling comfortable with, and i trust u, so i dont lie to you. dear friend, sweet friend, i m sorry about what happened., that i didnt keep my promise to wait for you, for our day to come... i was all smashed into pieces that night, and i know u understand what i mean, cuz u know me so well, so welll...
in the mean while, i m still here , talking with u, thinking about u.. I m still dreaming of a future, hopefully with u, but chances are low. If u dont mind, i still wanna meet u next march in germany, i still like u as much as i did, but i need something that you cannot give, and that something i long for most, , i need love, and i need to be hugged when lonely.... only icons cannot do much to kill my pains... i know i m being unforgivable, cuz i broke our promise, i didnt want to, i still like u, yes i do, but i have to confess that i did something unfair to you, and i just wanna tell u , i m still thinking of you... my dear prince charming....

xxxxxx as always

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good girl


its all glad u find someone tht you can physcially be with .. it is happy for you...

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Not need confession

Hi Jackie,

Above tragedy was really moved me...
Net-love is becautiful & bleak avatar. I was ever fell in love with somebody on-line... but not consequence.  Even I never see him in the fact. After the painful experience, I was realized that Internet was another world like a deer rush in our life. We keep curiosity, passional and frightening investigate the new world which so far but nearly from us.
You and me are the same kind of human-being who couldn't accept lover isn't here. We are afraid , lonely, dim-lit and cold. Always need warm hug, sweet words and feeling. If someone can't give us these things when we need them. The relaterionship will be dangerous.
He isn't all about your. So do you. You both can't give up eventhing to huge each other because you never love deeply.Now, you return to fact and understand what's really existing. You have been obtained true love from someone. He care your , love your, willing do anything for your !
Remember you are happiness in the fact world. A lot of girl will envy your because of your BF. Pls take seriously toward your currectly lover if you are sorry for last relationship. At least... he won't let you down.  

Best Regards

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Jackie girl---

Im moved 2 tears here,5555555 what a romantic strory it is!Actually sometimes i felt lonely very much,but it is ok,i started enjoying the lonelyness,i think it is cool,i always go 2 bed at 10:20 and get up at 5:30,i just cant sleep any more,but every day im very energetic,i dont need 2 care something else,i just need 2 concentrate on my job,i feel good while working with my coworkers,they r kind,warm-hearted, we have a good atmosphere here,so i think it is enough.
if u girl wanna find sb. to talk 2 ,u can contact memPm me ASAP!


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Thanks for all your inputs here, thnx so much...
but i m such a terrible person..
and guess what i did?? i broke up with my bf today.......
cuz i cant face myself ,nor my friend on the other end of the internet, that i didnt keep our promise to wait for each other, ,, i hate this guilty feeling, and broke up with my bf!!
i m such a bitch, terrible, terrible person,,,,,,,,, yes, i deserve punishment, i k now i m a bitch, i hate myself, and i hate my feelings for my ex, ,,,, and whoever comes close to me can be hurt,,,, i m a devil ,,,, who's still waiting for her angel from heaven... being naive, ,,,,,, but i dont deserve love from a nice guy any more, ,,,,,i was hurt so bad, and i only know how to hurt others now,,, such a bitch

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thnx for your inputs here,, thank u guys so much...
but i m such a terrible terrible person,,,
guess what i did? i broke up with my bf !!! beczsue i cant face myself, i cant face my friend on the other end of the internet, that i didnt keep our promise to wait for each other......i hate this kinda guilty feeling, so i broke up with my bf!!!!
i know i m a terrible person, i m such a b*tch, and i hate myself being this way. I hate my feelings towards my ex, i hate hurting others  which i cant help.... i deserve punishment,,,, i m a devil who's still waiting for her angel from heaven, ,,, being so naive.....whoever comes to me can be hurt, and i deserve no love from any nice guy.... i  m such a terrible b*tch,,, i M!!!!

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You are right!

What do you wanna earn from us? Consolation or sympathy? Sorry ... here not provide each of these!

You think you are among painful right? You think you are most pitiable person in the world right? You think god do the unjust things toward your right? Shut up!!! You should obtain them!

Reason, you are selfish! You only care yourself feeling but not others.  You dumped someone love your because you feel bad, terrible and you think you don't love him! You find lots of excuse for break promise with ex-BF because you are scare lonely, can't tolerate dim-lit when everybody leave your along! Why didn't refuse BF requestment when he asked your to be his GF? Since you just wanna find a habor... after you realize the person who you only need isn't him, you did knit him out !

You are right ... you are the worst human in this world!

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