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I am back from central Asia [Copy link] 中文

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Hello, everybody, here I would like to introduce the famous article of “ I am back from central Asia”. which is written by Perry家族. The article was posted on the military forum of website of, I’ve translated some of them and posts here. I wish it would give you some help, and if anyone of you are interested in this article. Please visit Sina military forum, and welcome friends with good English to join translation.
The following analysis is based on public information, and only is my personal point of view. If it has involved the secure problem, please deal with it technically.

On the contrary of their so called “calm” remark delivered by American army, their actions have leaked the panic in their bosom……and that is just the intuitionistic reflection on the “peace mission 2005”. In a sense, the war game is a war of information, one of the ends is to let the world to know this event, and it’s also a psychological war, it will pierce into public opinion which is controlled by American government. From the coming visit of the Secretary of Defense of USA, and the hasty visiting of their chaser which is equipped with Zeus-HLONS, we know that American army has lost this war of intelligence. They have really felt the strength, and the world has seen their fluster very clearly…this time the report about American warship's visit is very interesting, and especially showed our scorn to them…… the feeling of Mr. Bush is unutterable: what is the thing on earth? How could it be finished? Maybe he should go home to ask his old father. Bush Junior is just a prolocutor, sometimes he has to do something beyond his ability,some of people who are really core behind Bush's back in their dark empire hated us so much, and our government is called by them as the Hujingtao government, we haven’t heard such a call so long, generally, such a call means their enmity and  they want to get rid of this government or country urgently.
I believe that many of you are watching the teleplay of “Liang Jian”, although there are many criticisms, but the play is expressing a kind of spirit, the courage of showing sword, concerning about the time arrangement I think it bear political meaning… the teleplay of “Liang Jian”, what it expressed is the resolve, will and power which is just what I have mentioned repeatedly before.
Well, let us note the west and back to our subject.In fact, the geographic position of Sinkiang (the center of Asia, It should advantage us) decides it will not only the training base of SCO, but also a human cultural center and that is gradually revealed…… I am also sighing with emotion, the historical accumulation and brand is so much deep, as long as there is appropriate condition, it could attemper  joys and sorrows of life, the refulgence and comedown of ancient memoryin in deep heart of every nation. Well our west is busy too, even the cavalry climb up the plateau, Is it need to cooperate from west to east? Walk down that road you can get to BanGong Lake. I don’t know how dose India think, it is not good to sit on the fence, better think it over, of course this is tell him don't be  imprudent in Kashmir, don’t forget who is the real host in Asia , don’t be woozy because of cowboy’s temptation…… of course , the end of our training not only for that direction, from the weapon and the subject , central Asia is also an end of conceived. This unit maybe shoulder task of  picked army, by the way, what we bought those decades of aerotransports should be useful, not only the use of military, but also the use of disaster and construction. In the future, we’ll get bigger one……recently, I read a report on Jane’s Defense, which said in 2008, The U.S.A will assault Iran, and it really bears consult value, I believe the judgment have its whys.  They are doing one thing under cover of another, by this way, they are preparing, UK will send more 20000 soldiers and cowboy will expand his some brigades and add 16 Asian AFB, do you think he is really keeping peaceful transition?Please note where does his base marches…… otherwise why polar bear want to embrace us and shake hands with us? Their plan is established and a country in Middle East who is playing the role of activator, this gang has been calculating for a whole century.
original text chain: ... 20050930&page=1

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ah! that's better....continue to watch, observe....and Flot, pay attention to th

there is more gaming to prevent the lost of "Minting rights' and secession of dogs from the Pax Americana the pecking order.

Pax Americana consist of
(1) allies and needs British Club cooperation - who are now LIONs with Shizo behaviour.
(2) German, Japan, Arab oil sheikdoms Chicken nations. (can be sacrificed for destabalizing rival nations)
(3) other chicken protectorates Korea, Taiwan, Singapore.
(4) Unhappy, wanting to be freed Latin America.
(5) Unimportant protectorates Phillipines, India, other African states.

Their competition is
(1) European Union
(2) Rising China
(3) Freed British Club
(4) Rising Hispanic Supergroup
(5) Freed East Asia Club.

and the TOP OF THE LINE weapon supplier; RUSSIAN FEDERATION.

Now, central Asia gambit is to expand the control of CHEAP OIL....

enough to destabalize other oil shale from Venezeula, Canada, or ocean deposits off China coast cost more to drill out!

thank you for informing us Ms. Pretty gal Zhou!

Cheeky Game Master
Lord of the code

Council of Malaya

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Support u!

Follow u from the Chinese version of "come back from central Asia" at sina forum. Thank u for ur efforts and support u!

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Follow u from too

Translation of perry's another article:

The following analysis is based on public information, and only reflects the author’s private views.  I am not going to verify information discussed here. If the information is sensitive, I entrust the webmaster to edit and rid some portion of it.

Thanks, my friends, for your consistent support to me and my little forum.  I am elated to see that many of you are coming to the new forum (translator’s note: the old forum was eliminated by Sina’s irresponsible act enraged a lot of people, who had consistently visited the forum. Perry consequently set up a new forum in order to carry on the web discussion.). I’ve noticed people from overseas countries are joining our discussions, and thank you for your support too.   I agree with 威海卫兄 about his opinion of Zhen He, a historical figure in China, who led a fleet of ships to sail to Africa. I plan to talk about Zhen He and the significance of his voyage in future. But one thing I want to make clear now is that I believe “Zhen He” embodies a positive peaceful force; if we intend to build a harmonious world out of the present chaos, we should learn from Zhen He. His voyage represents the positive, action-oriented aspect of the Chinese culture. If you understand him, you’ll consequently understand the Chinese philosophy of “conquering by moral powers”. In other words, we Chinese believe that a country’s strong military power does not necessarily guarantee that its actions will be approved and well regarded by other peoples; on the contrary, a real regard must be built on heart-felt respect by others about a culture….

China must pursue a development route of its own. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP or GCD in Chinese spelling) is the party most fitful to govern the country, at least for now. If you feel anything needs to be changed, please remember any change will take time. CCP also needs time to mature up. Not a few “foreign friends” frequently seem to be “over-enthusiastic” about China’s reform process, but if chance allows, maybe we can exchange ideas about the topic. I also happen to know that you, my foreign friends, have a lot of domestic “democratic” issues back at home. In your history, you used to cruelly kill the Indians and brazenly invade into the Mexican territories…… If you are as “democratic” as you think, please show it with concrete actions, instead of paying just lip services, about your own historic problems. A really great civilization must have a deep historic root. To learn to behave like a predominant power in the world requires wisdom; and in this respect, you, my foreign friends, still have a long way ahead of you. In a sense, you lag behind us in this respect for hundreds of years.

There has been quite some good news recently. Has anybody noticed any new trends in the media reports?  …… The actual thing can never be that simple. It may signify that the country is launching an important new strategy……. In order to offset the influence of Sino-Russian military rehearsal, the “RABBITS” (note: Uighur separatists) have lately jumped out again to announce military actions against China. The show they put on is ridiculous, but apparently, they have learned from their Al-Qaeda teachers. These people are in fact dummies controlled by someone from behind. But can they ever come back to China before they can launch any attacks? Impossible, because these people are even disserted and hated by their own parents……Ethnic relationship between different ethnic groups in China is never as good as now. Ethnic people trust China and are proud of being in the big family because China has given them hope, and they like that feeling. If you talk with people from the Uigher Autonomous Region, you may hear them tell you stories of their experience in Central Asia: they are well regarded by local people, and that kind of pride can never be purchased with US dollars.

Lately, anti-terrorism actions in Afghanistan have, quite unexpectedly, elicited locally brewed terrorism incidents. And, the airport, yes, the airport is lost!!! …… The  “Master” must feel sick about all these. To prove the value of his troops’ presence in Afghanistan, he proposed to China that his country can help China deal with terrorism. But PLA does not think it’s as a Great Idea, because PLA is confident it could settle all the problems by itself. …… I guarantee, if the MOLD ARMIES (Americans) leave the region, terrorists will leave with them instantly, and regional peace will be restored.

Considering the complicated situation, we must not sit doing nothing and waiting for things to roll out themselves,  but must actively prepare for the future. One big challenge in face of us is how to fast deploy armies; this has been a long headache for Chinese troops.  We have the best armies in the world, but without adequate deployment capacity, our troops cannot be sent to places that need them most……This is why China lately purchases IL76. It is a long-term project for China to change the current situation, and developments are made every year. Also, about A124, I have talked about transportation problems before, including the BEAR(Russia)’s support to us. But the BEAR’s help cannot solve all the problems. What we should do is to improve and smooth up coordination between different links in the troops-moving chain. So comes M126, a complete troops-transporting system.

M126 is based on a sound set of Chinese military theories. According to the theories, China will develop and deploy its own quick response force. This quick action force will be especially efficient when operating in certain special circumstances. People with enough background knowledge should understand “the special circumstances” mentioned here. This testifies that China is taking concrete steps to prepare for certain possible scenarios in future. In fact, SCO officers deserve what they are paid for. They should have informed us about their experiences in Caucus……. What we should do next is to combine our newly acquired troops-transporting capacity with Mao’s theories. We are good at this, so never under-estimate the Chinese people---though we may fight with other people’s weapons, we will soon know the weapons so well that we develop more advanced ways of using them…….

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labrado : thank you for your support

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labrado: thank you for your support

labrado: thank you for your support, recently, i am a little busy, so i haven't to continune my translation,  i am very happy to see your post , that's great. so, we can translate it in turn. :)

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freelance translator needed


are u interested in being a part of our translation team. Pls contact me by if interested.


Shanghai Transwin

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