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I am back from central Asia [Copy link] 中文

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that P&O smooth...must be for that purpose....

originally slated for Singapore to be nuke......
now maybe..UAE will be nuke......

after New York is nuke by Uncle Sam secret operatives....
and America has its Pearl harbour incident....

now pay attention....
smooth approval by President Bush to sell the 6 ports which includes 1 at New York....
already they have the BIBLE CODE ready........with so many Americans believing it..
and the fraudulent Dollar (as explain by our super forumer..Mr. Flotsam of England....)
...and at one go..kill some Hebrew Jews....and allow Warshington to blame the Jews for the sudden dollar collapse...

i can see it was either nuking Singapore (destroying the Straits of Malacca route) or nuking Middle East (destroying oil fields in Saudi, UAE, Kuwait and Shat-al-arab oil fields....

let just watch.....
thank god the Singapore fish did not bite the hook......
now it is UAE that will be nuke....American reprisals..

ha ha ha good conspiracy theory...isn't it.....

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Isabellzhou :
     Are you a girl or boy????????my MSN:hj_zhoumustang@hot.mail
My OICQ:258232709

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Ms. Zhou.....

how are they gonna mobilize American Public interesting....

without the people behind the is impossible to wage war on such large scale......

Iran will need to play it PUBLIC RELATIONs card well.....
Break the will for battle.....

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Ah..........US will use the neutron bombs.hmmmmmmmmm.That's a new conception .But this is just  a guessing..........Iranians is not idiots .Recently ,CCP's Government has signed a contract about oil with Iran.So the signal is obviously.  CCP's will not let the US entry Iran easily.   Another reason, Iran is not Iraq.Iranians  hung on beliefs in Muslim. So the US army will considers damage in  the war .Maybe they will lost thousands of  soilders.

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When will you come back again?

发表时间: 2006-03-04 14:00:07
American have gone to India and Afghanistan, as for their purpose, I think those who harbor illusion should have sober knowledge now, this is the nature of them, and you can not change it… other words, no matter whether you friendly or not, in their eyes you always belong to the 80% who should be wiped out. They believe that cultural difference is irreconcilable unless you get rid of the species……the delay of problem on Iran and Taiwan not all good situations, this mean a large impact of culture is inevitable…….now I will not evaluate whether they are wise in this step, but their India tactics means hawks have been dominate. The following trend has been very clear, and we have been waiting for this step, because this is a specific turning point……. Our two conferences have already opened, maybe their tactics will help draw our policy and wake up some people, so with the end of our conferences we should keep clearer mind…..
As a Chinese, as the sole civilized old country left in the world, we should know better our duty and value of spreading our civilization. In these days I read some covers and then revive what my friends said about the local conditions and customs in the place where they go abroad and take part in the international aids and peacekeeping task, the most impressive is wherever in the Southeastern tropic rain forest or African jungle, the desert in western Asia or South American’s Caribbean, when our Chinese leave the local people always ask the same question: When will you come back again? This needs us to think over, why the “autocratic and wild” Chinese Army and Chinese people are more popular and respectable in local areas than those who come from so called “democratic and free” occidental army? Is this occasional only? i don't think so.  I don’t think so, that is the Chinese civilization is embodied by this group Chinese……we must establish a harmonious world with people all over the world for our descendants ……
Iran have done good job, they have brilliant civilization after all, look, their Chinese website has been established, maybe for Iranian, only contact with China, can they find their dream of lost great Persia Empire in their deep soul. We look forward to seeing the lion coming from the western Asia in central Asia’s plain in June, which is the most beautiful season in the plain.

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New York times: From the Silk Road to the Superhighway, All Coin Leads to China

Some Christians’ behavior is nasty and disgustful…… if anything should occur I think it is inevitable, we will find that the interesting historic phenomenon, the natural things can not be changed, our adversary is provoking a riot and try to start up a new Crusade and Opium War……

CHINA has such a huge stash of other countries' money that it could, in theory, hand out bonuses equaling half a year's wages to all 770 million of its famously low-paid workers.

The country will soon release statistics showing it has passed Japan as the biggest holder of foreign currency the world has ever seen. Its reserves already exceed $800 billion and are on track to reach $1 trillion by the end of the year, up from just under $4 billion in 1989.

But China, it turns out, has held a similar position before.

The current pile, much of it invested in Treasuries and mortgages on American homes, is a result of China's selling more goods than it buys, and of foreign money pouring in for the building of factories, apartment towers, office buildings and shopping malls. China is not alone; oil exporters are also piling up cash and trying to figure out what to do with it, leading to disputes like the one over a Dubai company's effort to run cargo terminals at American ports.

History offers parallels to the yawning United States trade deficit and the resulting accumulation of dollars in China. China sells to American companies almost six times as much as it buys, but this is not the first time China has been an export powerhouse. Ancient Rome, for example, found that it had little except glass that China wanted to buy. Pliny complained about the eastward flow of Roman gold along the Silk Road in exchange for Chinese silk.

Long-distance trade collapsed during the early years of the Dark Ages. But through the next several periods of rapid growth in international commerce — from A.D. 600 to 750, from 1000 to 1300 and from 1500 to 1800 — China again tended to run very large trade surpluses. By 1700, Europe was paying with silver for as much as four-fifths of Europe's imports from China because China was interested in little that Europe manufactured.

A longstanding mystery for economic historians lies in how so much silver and gold flowed to China for centuries for the purchase of Chinese goods, yet caused little inflation in China. Many of China's manufactured goods remained much cheaper than other countries' manufactured goods until the early 1800's, despite the rapidly growing supply of silver sloshing around the Chinese economy.

One theory is that Chinese output was expanding as fast as the precious metals supply; another is that the Chinese were saving the silver and gold instead of spending it.

The same phenomenon has appeared today, as dollars inundating China have resulted in practically no increase in prices for most goods and services (although real estate prices have jumped in most cities).

China has an even easier time preventing domestic prices from rising these days because modern banking techniques allow China's central bank to buy up the dollars and take them out of everyday circulation. The central bank has accumulated the country's immense foreign currency reserves in the process.

The British Empire figured out in the 19th century how to maintain a large long-term trade surplus with China. So far, however, nobody has suggested that the United States try to fix its trade woes using the British approach: getting millions of Chinese addicted to imported opium.

from 2006/2/26 New York times, author: KEITH BRADSHER

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It's unadvisable to compel PLA

2006-07-30 13:52:28

the existence of Sinkiang Military Area is prepared for International conflicts......In the future, Sikiang will be the center of human culture in central asia minor .The task of Sinkiang Military Area is to train millitary officers and to commuunicate with each country, because that's the need of building Silk the same time ,Sinkiang is the important place to collect  army to react the situation of Central Asia even Europe.(to be continued)

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