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I am back from central Asia [Copy link] 中文

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Its good to be prepared!

PLA task is multiple...
it has to be good in multiple terrain..
desert, jungle, city, moutain, river delta, coastal...

and the PLAN needs to have coastal water and blue water techniques...
A large choice...need to learn all skills!
World largest population, needs to learn all trades!

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please pay attention to the following activities:
1."The mildew"(means the american army) are experimenting at super critical again.
2.the command post of nuke has been removed stealthily.

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The covert encouragement of N. Korea and Iran to build the nuke.. a trick! No nukes from N. KOrea or Iran is going to reach USA!

and they know it!
China, Japan, Korea is stupid to be "pull by the nose" on North Korea.
Don't make same mistake on Iran...

The Amerikans really wants a nuke region....
so that we blow each other to kingdom come!!!!

Don't encourage N. Korea!!!!
and Iran is less dangerous.....but we must ensure support of "conventional weapons" to Iran if they do not go all the way to have the nuclear bomb.

In fact, Iran should not have the bomb...
it will give a "reason" for Amerikan Regime to nuke Iran....

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we should be confident.

My opinion is that the war will be happen very possibly in two directions:
one is the area of common boundary between Asia and Europe, this maybe the base line which is confirmed by "the bear "and us, and this is also the last echelon battlefield where we prepared in advance......of course this is the worst assume......:)as Czechic saying goes: It is protective not by the wall but by our friends...It will take a long time to construct Central Asia, and there are so many things worth doing.just like what the people on the plain said: the despicable wolves often sneak attack sheep under curtain of night. We are just going to bring the bright to those people, and to keep the peaceful trade order from robbing and plundering, we’ll let more people know that what a real human civilization is, so that we can build up a real harmonious world, as offspring of a great nation with thousands of years of civilization, we should have confidence and a sense of aplomb.
I remember what our president Hu said:
There is nothing longer than yesterday, and nothing nearer than tomorrow, I do believe that Asian people with long history and be very creative could create brilliant yesterday and surely can inaugurate more magnificent tomorrow.
Haha, I’ve learnt some folk sayings, they are very interesting.

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By action

Many things have happened recently……there is also an explosion in Thailand, we have discussed on 11-Jul that there will be more and more terror events happen around China, and our forecast is pretty close……with the vehemence of international conflicts, the counterworkers can not help but attempt to carry out the plan of making a series of hotspots near or in China. You can notice the situation of police maneuver in different place, our fence has already built up, and if something unhappy will happen during our National Day, I think it is time to let them remember something well. Why not there will be some hotspots in North America? All of the peoples on the earth will know that every terror is done by al-Qaida. I remember well what premier Wen said at the conference of SCO 2006: we win our dignity not by mouth while by action. Although this remark is to encourage those comrades who works in foreign affair department, but I think there is deeper meaning in this sentence, and what main issue in this conference is about economical cooperation, in fact we have discussed these things here already, every nation is a point, and the transportation road is the line, and the economic radiation is the plane…..the emphasis is energy sources, transportation, communication, this is a strategic problem because it is a constructive standard of the Silk Road, if you want to link with the economic network you must accord with the standard, such as road, train, aviation, communication, frequency, mode, settlement, caliber and so on,   we’ve done this already, the road in Tajikistan is for the middle line in Silk Road, this road links Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and Persia, and there is another channel called Li Hai, (the Caspian Sea)……the line in south area is the famous plateau routeway----Qinghai-Tibet railway, maybe only Chinese people can construct it in the world, the railway get through Pakistan to the Indian Ocean, Recently, our counterworker is still doing his best to cast in a bone between China and Russia, but the result is not good......(to be continued)

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I am confident!

Complete neutralization of troublemaking by predators for 10 - 20 years...or more!
Economic growth benefits everybody, especially the poorer states while not harming quality of life in developed states!
At minimum cost to all!


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Nice~~~Go on!

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