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Perry家族’s post  2005-11-10 10:26:28
Write some words about the things happened in these days……now many friends have learned to observe situation from one issue to another……:) Burma declares that her capital will transfer from Rangoon to Pyinmana in this day, and their distance is about 300 kilometers. This event maybe makes someone’s project be finished, I don’t know how their moods are……from this point, few years ago, our strategic supposition is right, and it also proves the veracity of our information system, some people are heartbreaking…I think there are several reasons of Burma’s Capital transferring, 1.avoinding Burma’s fall caused by such as “Inchon landing” or “Action of decapitation” 2. Preparing to develop Burma’s economy and to open the Chunnel of Indian Ocean. If you know the geographic location of Pyinmana you will see why is here, is the reason of traffic, because from Yunnan jinghong to Pyinmana, the road and distance maybe the reason, and that means, once the crisis is happening, PLA’s reaction is rapid and effective…… next step , Burma will put some housecleaning  in practice. “…my opinion, according to cowboy’s scenario, their old game is to place a plant and then decapitate. Landing and occupying Rangoon and build a dummy government is the next. Such a project will be carried out not be posterior to the year of 2008. And this is decided by their whole strategy……a cornered beast will do something desperate, Jordan’s explosion is happened, the fact has not been disclosed, my personal analysis ,this event is comparatively complex and sensitive, and it involves Israel and CIA, what is their end? Too much, from their narrow mind to their envy…They are also involved in Burma’s event, even the PLO (that’s a real important scenario which is concerned by many people, you can imagine the feelings when our scheme is denied by others……) but it seems that the cowboy and the Jewry, both of them have achieved their purpose and gained their interests respectively, in their mouth of course the scapegoat is AL Qaeda “…… I have a feeling what we will get there is very important and sensitive……maybe this event will become a signal or turning point of some policies …we’ll wait and see what happens, our Chairman is very calm, and we will give them what they deserved ……(I would like to see who will say the world is peaceful, this is a very good lesson……don’t be too hopeful about Bush’s coming visit on the improving so called Sino- America friendly relationship, Bush is a nobody, he can not change the American conservative strategy, if he want to change it, he will step down……recently, The Cowboy tries for breakthrough in several directions:1.make use of so called “contact” infiltrate our land, it includes so called academic communication, propping up compradors and to scale up their numbers in our government.2. three directions Burma, Kashmir area of Pakistan, Mongolia, and among of them, Mongolia is the biggest threat to us, after visiting China, Bush will go to Mongolia , what he is going to do? We must take action at the crises……their two other steps we have seen , but the activity of Mongolia is not so clear……3.make use of genic or biochemical weapons to make  the habitus of people in hostile country declining. At present, the sub-healthy crowd is up to 70% of the in-service people; this has nothing to do with exercises…… please note the attitude of our government to the bird flu… if we are not much influenced by a cold before, now the thing has been changed… why, you can think it over……. So in fact, we should have seemed to feel something from the public reports…… to the future, our government doesnot expecte their repentance or goodness, we are trying to build a harmonious world, but this is only an ideal, not our seeking….the future situation depends on what China can do, what she want to do, and we are working hard……

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the latest post of perry家族

06/2/20 perry家族(part one)   
original text chain: ... 050930&page=260

For us the event which happened in Pakistan province of Balochistan can be anticipated. As a symbol, the event of Jordan means the beginning of our counterworker’s certain tactical, and it can be seen as a turning point or milestone, maybe I have should discussed this problem earlier, and recently, I’ve posted my article of “Balochistan nationalistic guerilla”, but without deep analysis because of business. What happened in Pakistan province of Balochistan can be said that it is accidental and also inevitable……at that time I mean to remind you to attention this area, because we can know those people who with different background and nationality work there. As for contribution, in my eye there are dispute even in their-own-side, after USA special type army got their fund usufruct, the frequency of  attacks of terror have exceed CIA, and besides USA army, there are still European and Hindu in this area, and different people with different intends…..the location of Balochistan determines it’s important strategic status. Our choice of Gwadar port contains long-term consideration, and in this area undoubtedly Iranian ingredient exist, it can be think as a branch…..i think maybe everybody of you has had a certain comprehend to the historic setting in this area through the introduce in the post of 月升沧海兄, so our rival choosing this area is not strange……although we have shed our blood here ,but we still should forbear for our national strategy, this is the quality which we must possess if we want to become a great country……but I have to say that occidental can’t understand the connotation of our Chinese Philosophy: sword can not be pulled out from scabbard casually. For our overall situation, we must wait and don’t mind temporary disbennifit, what we need is not the part but the whole, so we should be ready and store up our energy……and our counterworkers want us to ignite this hotspot to arrive their mean end, and make more force entangle this senseless ethical conflicts and so destroy our local demotic base, so we can’t be anxious to vent our hate only, we should believe that our Pakistani friends can deal with this problem well. Pakistani government should know the background of this event clearly, I think, and they know well the relation of advantages and disadvantages. In fact this event contrarily firm the decision of Pakistan to help us to get through the South Asia Channel, maybe this is not be considered by our enemy, every time is the same ending, vaingloriously, they just get more kicks than halfpence, and this can not be understand by them, so coming to learn Chinese culture seems to be a good idea. …….
In these two days, form the visit of Pakistani president Musharraf we can see the outcome, this channel we have discussed before and it is a trade and energy road which is established on the base of Cashi (transliteration) and pass the Kashmir to Gwadar, and it will finally connect with Iran, around the channel is the construction of speedway and railway net, that will advance the infrastructure in this area. This is a model project, the people along this channel will gain benefit and shake off poverty…Kashmir is the entry and China and Pakistan will consolidate their cooperation through Chinese project of upgrading the road of Kelakunlun(transliteration), at the same time it also mean that our control of this area is effective…… after the event of Balochistan in Pakistan, correlative side in west probably take some actions, and this can be feeled by some evidence, it can be anticipate that some people will cooperate with Pakistani to investigate the event, our team should forge……but my advice incline toward the view that what happened in Pakistan is caused by the lack of communication with local tribes, and those make misunderstand and we are imposed upon by others. So, we must bring up enough people with the ability to complete communication. And the accomplishment of this work mean nightmare to some countries’ workgroups, and I don’t think such an ability of us is weak……

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The overland route is important....
that way the 13 floating bases of the IMPERIAL US......will be ineffective
or simple...just pipelines for oil, gas.....

the road links will be good resupply to Persia... about reverse infiltration.......

Myanmar...British Au Sang just a British destabalized Myanmar...but the Junta is also responsible for much of their mess.....Indian containment has been cornerstone of British-American international policy!

India does not have trade relationship with Pakistan, Myanmar...even limited to Sri Lanka because all this strategy....and use of portent mix of religion and tomfoolery...

interesting read....

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the latest post of perry家族 06/2/20

06/2/20(part two)

The event of Balochistan also has some kind of relations with the situation of Iran because somebody wants this area to become hotspot, you’ll see after looking the map……as for Persia, we have discussed a lot, and this is part of the scenario of them, and is just the problem of time. We can know who is their ultimate purpose by the fact that they don’t hesitate to cost so much money to keep their bases and to suppress smuggling…… nuclear problem of Iran involves the benefit of several aspects, it can be seen as a chessboard, and each part is just putting on an act. Some people can see (in fact, everybody can see), bulling enough and conceiving enough but untimely, however our “Big Brother” is pushed beside the fire, what would he do next……if he don’t dare to play, how would he save his face, but even if he dare to go, the station of “big brother” can not be kept. So at this time, it is need to divert other’s attention…and so their underling must get some work done, come on, a thousand dollars each, to do us a favor……at present, each part is working for the next state of affairs, for instance, Russia invite Hamas…. I don’t want to discuss their mean, anyway, everybody want to play this big game, at least Russia is more determined, then are there nuclear weapons in Iran on earth? My conclusion is she will has nuclear weapons soon if situation needs, and this is not depends on how well they separate  uranium from its ore……  At the mention of concentrated uranium, its concentration decides the quality and grade of nuclear weapons…..why does Iran keep relations with China and Russia?  Iran’s main equipment is supported by Russia and another country, and this is not just one or two, is many, and the quality and grade of the equipment decides the quality and grade of concentrated uranium, and so some country has the absolute voice on the nuclear ability of Iran , ant that is to say Iran’s nuclear ability is safe and controllable, but just not controlled by USA. This is an open secret, yes, has you said that you want to attack Iran…….recently, Iran has answered at the question of whether they has begun at concentrated uranium activity: no, we need time to install the machine……and in these days, the negotiation between Iran and Russia does not involve the problem of concentrated uranium……hah……then, weather USA will attack Iran? The answer is YES. The key is time, at least now is not right, and this does not lie on whether Iran has nuclear weapon, then, what kind of aggression will be adopted by USA army? Air attack is absolute, the key problem is : a cornered beast will do something desperate…the first one who use unclear weapon in the world is not Iran but USA, in fact, there are something we can smell, not only in newspaper but also in this post, I don’t  doubt at all that some people will use nuclear weapons if they have been shamed into anger…… and this is a bald-faced blackmail to the world, but this will show his doomsday…… he who want to hold back the war must has the ability of launching bigger scale ones, so next, we and Russia will provide Iran with war industry and techniques instead of only weapons, in a common war, USA is not likely gain advantage …….. Don’t forget that Iran is one of observer member countries of SCO, if it needs she can become a formal one soon, if you attack her, according with the treaty, how should SCO do? Russia has been suppressed for a long time, I must say, and does she want to tidy up the several chameleons around the Caspian Sea all together? ......
    Now let’s go back to our east, I think I don’t need to talk any more, the west is on fire, the east can not escape, Taiwan is a time bomb, when the time is right, we are going to ……who will be bombed ? Who is the nearest is bombed…… the preparative is ready I think, as the story goes that salary will be raised? Aha……recently, the rumors are not few, something like missile has been seen by somebody, or the airplane fly along the highway etc. I am sure not dazed. Those are the established subjects, you know, I say will the satellite and the digital map made by aerial survey should let the plane to know the course? Is it matching...lest the plane lose its way? The modern war is so advanced; a task memorizer can let the plan know where to go……
In a word, the whole situation will advantage us, we are to believe the ability of our central government, but we should recognize difficulties or such problems need us to solve, the civil problem is still should be concerned, but it can not upset the situation, the chaos is what our enemy want, but we can not treat them lightly, the battle is still cruel.I believe that the whole thing will be better gradually with solving Taiwan problem. Interiorly, it need a war to force our opposite to send out those bristletail who have been planted in our inside, after all their boss would not give them money without reason……if we have the composure as stable as a mountain, we can beat as powerful as thunderbolt……At the same time, on the vast snow region of plateau, at the foot of the cloud-kissing jokul, a long motorcade is running to the west quickly accompanying by rain and snow, gradually melt away in the cloud……behind their dark face and snow goggles, the different colors eyes glittering the gorgeous memories about past time far away……

The child wants to look for mother
Old man point to the distance
There is the boundless smell of green grass
And is the place where my soul have rested
Is the place my soul have rested
Wandering son go back to home
His tears wet clothes
The river billows washed his desolation
Looking up
The sunshine immensity
My childhood come back to my bosom instant

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Iran army’s victory decides the turn of state of affairs

2006-02-25 22:18:08
Sloping away to 刀口’ post to discuss something of technique, of course I don’t forget my friends here, and here I give you a map to consult together:
ZT06/2/25巴黎公社兄really has done a lot of research in military geography, maybe he is a brainman? 刀口’s conceive is not bad too…… I should learn from you two. …….and I want to say some of my opinion, I think if US army decides to attack Iran, she must complete her whole strategy on the basis of each phase, and at present, US army will try for limited attack, and reach their military objective soon. So they have the idea of using weapons of mass destruction. Undoubtedly, the Khuzestan plain will be the focus in the future. US think that Iran will do their best to protect this area because of the oil reason and at the same time the area is the aeroamphibious zone for the reason of geographic environment. This supply advantages for the Large-scale mechanized campaign and the use of neutron bomb, so US army want to exhaust and kill Iranian armed force largely by right of this method, and then capture this area to achieve their aim in the first stage, so they will not surmount the Zagros Mountains in a hurry, even this, they will be satisfied with their results of battle, of course they have next step…..certainly in order to achieve the aim there will be a lot of feint. The biochemical arms will be used by US army to prevent great countries from participation…… I’ve transferred an item to here no long ago; the department involved has finished their training, and prepared…….if Iran will launch large-scale corps into seesaw game with US army in this area, that will fit in exactly with their wishes…. But should this area be abandoned? The answer is No. we may think over this problem inversely. Effective control lie on  Ground occupancy, so US has to send out mechanized army……
So the defence can be deployed from the Zgros mountain area and make the Khuzestan plain become a battlefield on which Iranian could wear down US land force heavy, and just like what 公社兄have said what the Iranian should do is to make US neither swallow it nor spit it,  and such a situation will be the beginning of the real game……Iranian air force (don’t look down on them, they have good battle effectiveness, Americans will suffer from a headache) and artillery can completely operate effectively, and perform an important function, so they can make use of the covertures of long-distance firepower…the geographic conditions decide the limitation of US air force’s advantage…… to realize such an object, some construction should be done in war field and consolidate it step by step. Orderly retreat can trap them gradually and make them stuck in the mud at the bank of Karun River. Ant the same time it is need to prepare for the guerilla in this area. To break up the whole into parts and then organize regular guerilla, so it is need to prepare weapons for mechanized army. For example: 120 rocket launcher, antiaircraft missile used by individual soldier……. And others like 巴黎公社and 刀口 said, Iranian can launch an attack on their own initiative. So Iran must get ready and they should beat back decidedly as soon as the first bomb of US fall to their country. There are many objects such as air force and missile army may fight with their enemy in the south rendezvous so that make chaos in there…… many friends lack confidence in Iranian army. Recently I have watched some videos, from what I have seen, I think Iranian army can adopt leapfrog tactics to swoop under the intelligence supported by great countries and the covertures by their own air force. The key problem is whether their commander can go all out to do this, if he can, even if it will expense some troops, but it will  annihilate some organic units of US army……US army has for military bases in Afghanistan, and they are: Kandahar, Bagram……and established The high-tech antiterrorism commanding center. In Bagram;Herat and Qaleh-ye Fath  can be considered, Heart is an area of mountain and valley while the latter is relative plain area and this allow shock tactics for air force or other units. From the beginning of the war, airborne force may annihilate the air base in this area firmly without any misgiving (the US troops in Central Asia can not be moved easily), as the old saying goes: gaining and losing always together. You must learn to give up something; otherwise, the stage will be changed. ……Iranian army’s victory will decides the turn of state of affairs and will provide opportunity for other countries to fluctuate the station of US, and whether US want to keep on fighting this war or not are not simply his own business, because his friends will let him know he can not choose independently.

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I always wonder whether the USA government might nuke their own city.....and blame some innocent Asian country......

great excuse to wage war?????

Afterall, there is great suspicion on the 911 twin tower attacks.....

Green Dragon

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i support you!

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