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the difference between the chinese and american's attitude to their life [Copy link] 中文

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no difference

  human is always the same.
  difference comes from different  evironment.
  i think if i live in american i will have to learn to spend much more than
i earn.but in china i cant do so just because the society pension system
will not permit me to do so. a man without  a penny will be hungry to
  we are the same just because we haaaaaave different way of pursueing
hapiness. one is paying attention to the reality and one is to the future.

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I won't leave a penny for my children.

But I will give them the best education to the extend I can afford,I will teach them to be strong-willed,competent in dealing with life,and I believe they can achieve more than I can,they don't need a penny I leave.

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imafox is right

Totally concur.  I don't want to work my whole life to give my kids money they should earn on their own once they're grown.  Likewise, I want my parents to live a very nice retirement life and spend every penny they have before they die.  You can't take it with you.  My parents worked very hard for the money to send my sister and me to a very good private school and then university.  We are both capable of earning plenty of money now and I haven't taken a penny from my parents since I left college.  Why should I?  I don't need it.  They're rich and I'm not hurting either.  I know plenty of people well past college age who still have no idea how it feels to work for a living and live on a budget because their parents still send them money.  What happens when the parents' money disappears?  It happens.  After college, it only hurts a child for their parents to keep spoiling them with money.  

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.

I don't have a dime of credit card debt.  It's not because I won the lootery or my parents bailed me out.  I live within my means.  Most Americans don't and it will become a HUGE problem in a few more years.

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Don't you yet know that America is a consumer society, that credit and debt is a way of life? Don't you know that the rest of the world wants this, too?

In Japan and South Korea, the young people spend all of their money on consumer trash--music, movies, electronic gadgets, trendy clothes, cars, etc.

Even in the Philippines, where there is enormous poverty, such that many of their university graduates go to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and to many countries throughout the world to work as lowly servants, jobs that no other educated person would take, the people want to buy consumer trash!

Sadly, the majority of people want to own things, to consume, rather than to find higher purposes in life.

Such is the goal of global corporations: They manufacture things very cheaply and mark up the retail price many times what it cost to make. Then, those corporations spend many billions of dollars to make people want their useless trash. A part of the capitalist system is to try to force easy credit on people.

Nowadays, as soon as an American kid turns 18 years old, they can get the credit to buy expensive cars, clothes, stereo equipment, and just about anything else. But is that all the kid's fault?

Many kids have learned that behavior from their parents, which results in so many of the parent's children--who are in their 30's and 40's--to move back "home" with their parents.

Now, this kind of spending and credit frenzy is spreading throughout the world, as corporations become much less American and more global.

Already, Japanese, South Koreans, and Taiwanese are spending all of their money and going into debt.

The corporations are making continuously higher profits from people's debts. They will manufacture something that costs $10, mark up the price to the consumer to $200 and give them credit to buy it. The person will pay perhaps $30, before they are too far in debt to pay anymore on all of the things they have gone into debt for...but the corporate leaders have made a large profit. Multiply each such transaction by several million transactions!

Wealth buys power and control over the common person's lives--and that is what is beginning to happen in China. It won't be very long--as the free market economy capitalism, and corporations the new political force in China--before hundreds of millions of Chinese are buying with credit cards and going into debt!!!

I earned to university degrees through full scholarships, and I have NEVER owned a credit card. There is nothing that I need so much that I have to buy it on credit. I learned that from my parents.

Those younger people who spend their parent's money do so, because their parents didn't teach them, the way mine did!

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not really

Well, blue tiger, maybe some of those folks will learn valuable lessons while working themselves out of debt.  I've done it and learned my lesson well.

What socialist la-la land did you grow up in, thinking corporations are to blame for this?  No one forces anyone to get a Best Buy credit account and buy a plasma tv.  If I could manufacture a product and make a 200% profit margin, I'd do it immediately.  Who buys stock in a corporation to lose money?  I want them to maximize profits and make me money.  Don't want debt?  Don't buy what you can't afford.  Personal responsibility is key here.  Personal bankruptcy for the purpose of erasing consumer debt should be illegal in the US.  

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what i mean is chinese are not good at show themselives, but americans are usually not. they always show themselives all the time. do you understand me ? mybe you can not. i think you must be a open man or woman. but i am not. i think i am too shy to show myself in suitable time. so you can not understand this different point.

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The System is Different

The Americans will spend as much as they earn because they have a comparatively complete welfare system.They need not to worry about the day when they are sick or been fired.But we Chinese have to.And not all the Americans live well,some even poorer than us.

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