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the difference between the chinese and american's attitude to their life [Copy link] 中文

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To be frank, This problem is inanition. Different people have
different opinions to their life way. Do you sure people who
like saving money and give their next generation are unhappy.
or they don't enjoy their life.
Just we have an optimistic attitude to life. That' enough!

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getting off the topic of money for a moment

A great difference between Chinese and American's attitudes to their life lies in differences of fundamental philosophy. Chinese tend to be fatalistic, a result of Confucian thinking, whereas Americans tend to think they are more in charge of their own destiny.

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A Chinese girls opinion

A Chinese girls opinion
For me , i can used credit to purchase auto , or international travel.
But I don’t like debt. Debt oppress the sprit.
I think I just one person who responsible for my parents, society, or my nation.

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america was once like china ...

in terms of filial piety, saving, etc.

many chinese people seem to think americans always abandon their parents, divorce, and don't save for their children.  they might be right now, but in the past, americans had a much more conservative view of the family and finances.

sadly, i think that china is also going down the same path ... more children leaving their parents in nursing homes, more divorce, and less bonding between children and parents.  

i think everyone, both chinese and american, need to resist the influence of popular culture and consumerism.  we should not just live for ourselves, but should take care of others.


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Yes. I do agree with you

As you said, most chinese have no their own idea but just follow other's way. So there are many trick players can play big hole in China.

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China need to be improved on their officails and education of youngers.

As a country, we are building up a Huge Debt, both in our Government and personal lives. China is emerging as a great country, but will also pick up many of the American ways, if they have not already done so.

Actually, many upper class members in China are in big debt. Some of them hold big companies while the company lost money but get loan support from the nation-hold bank every month. Some of them are bosses who are uncapable to pay the salary for physical workers. Some of them just borrow money from any friends they meet with a high benefit promise but never plan to pay back.  

In China, some official are dirty beasts because they only knwo how to get the bribery, but know nothing about production, economic, education and some subject they need to know. They got thire title with help from a adultery from wives or mistresses or sisters.

The lower class, farmers, live in a hart condition everyday in some area as the officials may rape their daughters, wives and put the husbands into jails if they have will to reject such activities.

It's is not a story but a reality.
I am lucky that I am not one of those lower classes.

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more views from becrekong pls

I am a Singaporean and living in New York. I have an office in Hangzhou since 2002.
I was very shock to read your article although i have other terible experiences in China in the last 2 yrs.
Please tell us more of what you know. Thank you and I feel that some of these are the realities that make Chinese different from the Americans. I shall feel very sorry if  i wrote something and offended any one here.

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