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God's Reply [Copy link] 中文

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God’s Reply

  Tom is an orphan. In 2003, Christmas, he wrote a letter to God in an orphanage in California.

Hello God,

  You know I am a good boy. You gave Henry a father and a mother yesterday, but your did even not give me an aunt, how unfair it is!

  Eventually, this letter on which wrote “ God reads personally” transferred to a theologist, who is in mainly charge of writing back as God in a newspaper office concerting Christianism as a special editor. He knew what has happened as soon as he read this letter: Henry has been adopted by people, Tom still kept stay in orphanage.

  How to reply Tom? The best straightforward way is, after helping Tom with finding a person who is willing to adopt him, and dealing well with all on the quiet, then to tell Tom , “ Tom, forgives me for my carelessness, such good child like you should have parents, I will give them to you tomorrow.”

  For an orphan, does God really reply like this? The theologist felt very contradictory. He thought, for a pathetic child who never enjoys the love of his parents, it doesn’t work to write back like this if he really wants to fill the child in on the God’s equity. After long deliberation, he wrote back to Tom as follows:

Dear Tom,

  Not at all I am expecting that you can now understand this letter, but I now want to tell you, God is fair forever. I want you know: The whole things that can rightly embody my equity are, to freely provide mankind with three kind of things: Life, faith and aim.

  Do you know? Each of you gets life freely. So far, it never costs anybody to pay for his life even a penny. Faith and aim, like life, also furnish for you with free change, wherever you will head, whoever you will be, you will own those if only you want to have.

  Boy, what I just do about equity in the world is to let life, faith and aim to
be free change, which is also my greatest wisdom as a God. Hope you will understand someday!

                                                                 Your God

  After reading over this story wortein Chinese, I deeply appreciate “God” for his wisdom, his unique way of explaining the equity. In reality, I often heard about too much complaints like “ there is no justice in this world.”; “ if there really were any justice in the world, the good man would be rewarded for a good end, and the bad man would get comeuppance.”, etc. Now, I really know why what their complains always in vain, that just because: God is only able to help human
beings with getting the equity in life, faith, and aim, apart from these three, it all depends on ourselves.

  What do you think, dear folks here?

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clap clap

clever girl.

plus one more - rules.

There seems to be some rules to be followed in the equity equation. Just as physical things follow physical laws, living things, especially those which can think, seem to be 'required' to follow some moral laws.  Lest the word 'moral' be construed disparagingly, let them be called rules.  As in the rules of a game.

Now whether the rules apply to everyone uniformly remains to be discussed.  

If one quietens down until you can hear your own heartbeat, a little bit of wisdom may trickle out that says perhaps this thing about rules in addition to the other three equity elements is not exactly that hard to believe, because it may just be fun to accept.  Like exercise, it is harder in the beginning than in the end.

The first rule?  live a pure life with a gracious heart.  

No matter what will happen next.

No matter how grey things will turn out.

Because when you do, behold - Nicole's life, faith and aim come together like three wise men to carry you on.

If at the end there is no answer, no pot of gold where the rainbow falls, what does it matter? You would have walked a simple path doing a sprinkling of good here and then, doing as little harm to others, making the world a lighter place to be, so that all its living things can continue to carry on, as you have done so, quietly and without complaining.

Nobly, too.

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Hi, Warkwu,

  Thanks for telling the rules.

   Honestly speaking, your words were a little bit abstract to fully understand. I prefer natural rules such as everyone must die one day to others man-made rules, though it absolutely apply to everyone to abide by.

   I  am not in the habit of complaining about something anyway, even though they cannot meet my initial expectancy every now and then, for it is no use to complain, It would be generally accepted that to try to find out where the reasons lie for failure and to think the reasons for a good lesson is much better than to vainly complain. I think.

  Wonderful weekend!


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it is because i have some personal experience that the Unseen One exists that i wrote the way i did.  

sometimes i think the natural rules and man-made rules are but two sides of the same coin.

but that is too difficult for me to prove so late in my life.

that both of us are here together, not having seen each other before, talking over this global network, on a subject that is ageless, that does say something about life's twists and turns, doesn't it?

to put this post in the right mood, let me paraphrase Tao Yuan Ming;

' i look at my shadow in this lonely room.  

suddenly i think of you.'

mark wu

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' I look at my shadow in this lonely room. suddenly i think of you.'  is this Tao Yuan Ming's?      Never had I read this bofore,  nor heard of.  If you are a foreigner to China,  me, as a Chinese, feel shamefaced to hear this.  ;-)

     At times, I confess that the natural rules doesn't contradict the man-made rules, for the natural rules is not  enough to restrict we mortal beings' behavior, even  we occasionally turn a blind eye to the man-made rules.  Further, the man-made rules are precisely needed when we are overly greedy, specially when in front of MONEY.

  Thank a lot for your reply.

   SIncerely, Nicole

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don't feel ashamed.  i should be more ashamed that i don't know more, even so late gone in this mortal coil.

about money....perhaps if i be reborn a very rich man, what can i do with money?

ah, they make annual pilgrimages from China to her province of Tibet, every three steps, kneel down, then get up, then walk again, then repeat - all of some 3,000 kilometers (or more).  In whatever weather, from burning hot to chilling cold. Day and night, nonstop. All the way from delta to valley up to mountain.  Three steps, kneel down, get up, walk again.  Why do this difficult thing? Self-prostration, self-abnegation, touching the earth, opening the sky?  

about half die before the journey is over. they carry nothing on them; the soles of the slippers wear out long before their blistered feet bleed a river of blood.  kind farmers along the way pluck whatever their simple hearts sing in order to give to these dedicated men and women who make this perilous journey, a journey without reason, without any mandate, without any tangible thing you can hold at the end for the sacrifice that has to be made.  even at the cost of life.  yet it is done.  the ultimate manifestation of faith.

if i am fabulously rich... the money will go to buy a dozen helicopters that can act as rescue and supply carriers;  because you have helicopters, you will need landing pads;  so a dozen landing stations.  along that same route.  all remote areas.  because you have landing stations, why not a hospital or two, to serve the poor people in those remote places.

then of course little self-contained sheds along that route. hundreds of them; with water purification system, satcom systems (to call the helicopters/hospitals), sizes 3-10 slippers (all new) in the sheds, food (preserved  vegetables, rice), cooking utensils and fuel, warm clothing, even instant cameras for them to record their travelling travails.

a sacrificial journey by some men and women, and money can make a world statement to turn that sacrifice into something positive for not only them.  but for all the people along that route.

they have immense courage, these who walk and kneel all the way.

money can save their lives, help them accomplish their anointment, and do good for others along that path.

it is not only a physical journey.

money is only a small coin to pay to complete it.

this journey.


the longest.

for all.

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