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How do i love thee! [Copy link] 中文

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good poems

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Marvelous Marvell (17th c.)

To His Coy Mistress
by Andrew Marvell

Had we but world enough and time,
This coyness, lady, were no crime.
We would sit down and think which way
To walk, and pass our long love's day.
Thou by the Indian Ganges' side
Shouldst rubies find: I by the tide
Of Humber would complain. I would
Love you ten years before the Flood;
And you should, if you please, refuse
Till the conversion of the Jews.
My vegetable love should grow
Vaster than empires, and more slow.
An hundred years should go to praise
Thine eyes, and on thy forehead gaze;
Two hundred to adore each breast,
But thirty thousand to the rest;
An age at least to every part,
And the last age should show your heart.
For, lady, you deserve this state;
Nor would I love at lower rate.
But at my back I always hear
Time's winged chariot hurrying near;
And yonder all before us lie
Deserts of vast eternity.
Thy beauty shall no more be found,
Nor, in thy marble vault, shall sound
My echoing song; then worms shall try
That long-preserved virginity;
And your quaint honour turn to dust,
And into ashes all my lust.
The grave's a fine and private place,
But none, I think, do there embrace.
Now, therefore, while the youthful hue
Sits on thy skin like morning dew,
And while thy willing soul transpires
At every pore with instant fires,
Now let us sport us while we may,
And now, like am'rous birds of prey,
Rather at once our time devour
Than languish in his slow-chapped pow'r.
Let us roll all our strength and all
Our sweetness up into one ball,
And tear our pleasures with rough strife
Thorough the iron gates of life.
Thus, though we cannot make our sun
Stand still, yet we will make him run.

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very nice, thanks for share, mythful:)

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miss something

II love thee with the breath,
  Smiles, tears, and (---------------all my life ----------------------)
and, if God choose,
  I shall but love thee better after death.

   总感觉all my life  没有翻译

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"O Rare Ben Jonson" (15th-16thc.)

Ben Jonson

T  H  E     F  O  R  E  S  T .      

V. — SONG. — TO CELIA.            

Come, my CELIA, let us prove,
While we may, the sports of love ;
Time will not be ours for ever :
He at length our good will sever.
Spend not then his gifts in vain.        5
Suns that set, may rise again:
But if once we lose this light,
'Tis with us perpetual night.
Why should we defer our joys ?
Fame and rumor are but toys.         10
Cannot we delude the eyes
Of a few poor household spies ;
Or his easier ears beguile
So removed by our wile ?
'Tis no sin love's fruit to steal,         15
But the sweet theft to reveal :
To be taken, to be seen,
These have crimes accounted been.

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Nice to see all the love poems here

Hello Ruotong and Friends.

And for Miyabob, the correct two lines of the Sonnet are:
12   With my lost saints,--I love thee with the breath,
13    Smiles, tears, of all my life!--and, if God choose,

So it is "Of all my life"  not and .


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Wonderful Walt Whitman(1819-1891)

269. The Dalliance of the Eagles

SKIRTING the river road, (my forenoon walk, my rest,)         
Skyward in air a sudden muffled sound, the dalliance of the eagles,         
The rushing amorous contact high in space together,         
The clinching interlocking claws, a living, fierce, gyrating wheel,         
Four beating wings, two beaks, a swirling mass tight grappling,                 5
In tumbling turning clustering loops, straight downward falling,         
Till o’er the river pois’d, the twain yet one, a moment’s lull,         
A motionless still balance in the air, then parting, talons loosing,         
Upward again on slow-firm pinions slanting, their separate diverse flight,         
She hers, he his, pursuing.          10

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