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How do i love thee! [Copy link] 中文

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Thanks for sharing the great poem from G.G. Byron!

英文诗When We Two Parted
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When We Two Parted(《昔日依依别》)

[原文] [译文]

When we two parted 昔日依依惜别,

In silence and tears, 泪流默默无言;

Half broken-hearted 离恨肝肠断,

To serve for years, 此别又几年。

Pale grew thy cheek and cold, 冷颊向愕然,

Colder thy kiss, 一吻寒更添;

Truly that hour foretold 日后伤心事,

Sorrow to this! 此刻已预言。

The dew of the morning 朝起寒露重,

Suck chill or my brow 凛冽凝眉间———

It felt like the warning 彼时已预告:

Of what I feel now. 悲伤在今天。

Thy vows are all broken, 山盟今安在?

And light is thy fame; 汝名何轻贱!

I hear thy name spoken, 吾闻汝名传,

And share in its shame. 羞愧在人前。

They name thee before me, 闻汝名声恶,

A knell to mine ear; 犹如听丧钟。

A shudder comes o'er me 不禁心怵惕———

Why wert thou so dear? 往昔情太浓。

Thy know not I knew thee 谁知旧日情,

who knew thee too well: 斯人知太深。

Long,Long shall I rue thee 绵绵长怀恨,

Too deeply to tell. 尽在不言中。

In secret we met— 昔日喜幽会,

In silence I grieve 今朝恨无声。

That thy heart could forget, 旧情汝已忘,

Thy spirit deceive. 痴心遇薄幸。

If I should meet thee 多年惜别后,

After long years, 抑或再相逢,

How should I greet thee ? 相逢何所语?

With silence and tears. 泪流默无声。


George Gordon,Lord Byron(乔治·戈登·拜伦 1788-1824)英国诗坛上有争议的“怪人”和“浪子”。德国诗人哥德称之为“本世纪最大的有才能的诗人。”

这首诗回忆了与爱人分别的情景和感受以及后来的心情。诗中,诗人情感真挚,毫不矫揉造作,真情动人。“In silence and tears”的重复,不仅使全诗前后照应,浑然一体,而且强化了过去和将来不会更改的气氛;另一方面,诗人运用了较短的诗节和众多的断开的句子,暗示出他的难以压抑的,无法平静的痛苦心境。

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When We Two Parted, another translated version

我 俩 别 离 时

                                                                  By George Gorden Byron *

                                                                                蒋坚霞 译注

When we two parted

In silence and tears,

Half broken-hearted

To sever for years,

Pale grew thy cheek and cold,

Colder thy kiss;

Truly that hour foretold

Sorrow to this!


The dew of the morning

Sunk chill on my brow—

It felt like the warning

Of what I feel now.

Notes 注释:

* 乔治·戈登·拜伦(George Gorden Byron, 1788~1824), 19世纪英国著名诗人。这首诗是他的名作,曾被多次谱曲,哉我国也有许多名家翻译过,这里的译文采用五言古体诗,也可作为过去多种译本的一个补充。

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Thanks. Its a really nice poem.

TheChinese translation is quite lost on me, unfortunately, - Though I am learning Hanyu, I haven't quite reached that level yet!!!  
   However i think the second translation must be better, because the seems to have some mistakes in the English version.
For example, in line 13, its not "Thy cows are all broken", but "thy vows are all broken"!!!! Using the former version would convert this poignant and sensitive poem into a comic parody, in which case the lines could be changed to something like......oh, I don't know,
"thy cows are all broken,
thy hens have bird flu,
the pigs, they are chokin',
and the fish are too few!
in which case the reader will think he is being introduced to a poultry farm, while Lord Byron will turn in his grave!!! Sorry I couldn't think of a better parody, but this is the best i could do on the spur of the moment!!!
(Oh, talking of which , the poet is more commonly referred to as Lord Byron,  rather than George GordOn Byron, since he was a Baron or something of that sort!)
Thanks for sharing your views and poems!

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Thanks, Waibeijing, for pointing out the mistakes in my post.

Thanks for telling me that Lord Byron  is more popularly used than G.G.Byron in English literature. The names of Poets always put me in dark.
As to the mistakes of 'cow', :)) it is the matter of wrong typing and the Chinese version does make sense there, without anything about farm:)).
I hope to write more  later if possible.

Thanks again for your instructive inputing! i have corrected the misspelling 'cow' into' vow':))

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A song - Bressanone with the same theme of " when we two parted"

I love this song sung by Mattew Lien .
BTW, I don't know who translated it into Chinese

Here I stand in Bressanone with the stars up in the sky
Are they shining over Brenner
and upon the other side you would be a sweet surrender
I must go the other way
And my train will carry me onward though my heart would surdly stay
Wo my heart would surely stay
Mow the clouds are flying by me
and the moon is the rise I have left stars behind me
they were disamondsin your skies
You would be a sweet surrender
I must go the other way
And my train will carry me onward though my heart would surely stay
Wo my heart would surely stay


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Eternal Rose for Love , How beautiful!

503. A Red, Red Rose
O MY Luve 's like a red, red rose   
  That 's newly sprung in June:   
O my Luve 's like the melodie   
  That's sweetly play'd in tune!   
As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,          5
  So deep in luve am I:   
And I will luve thee still, my dear,   
  Till a' the seas gang dry:   
Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,   
  And the rocks melt wi' the sun;   10
I will luve thee still, my dear,   
  While the sands o' life shall run.   
And fare thee weel, my only Luve,   
  And fare thee weel a while!   
And I will come again, my Luve,   15
  Tho' it were ten thousand mile.

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For Ruotong, Flora and other poetry lovers!


I am a bit aprehensive about posting a poem here, because all of you are so well read that I am sure you would already know it by heart (in Engish and Chinese!)

But here goes anyway - do hope that its new for some of you! Its on the same theme, but somehow it seems to tug at the heart strings - maybe because its so simple and direct!
Its titled "A lost love" and is by H.F. Lyte:

I meet thy pensive moonlight face;
Thy thrilling voice I hear;
And former hours and scenes retrace,
Too fleeting, and too dear!

There are crushed hearts that will not break;
and mine, methinks, is one;
Or thus i should not weep and wake,
And thou to slumber gone.


Yet never, never can we part,
While memory holds her reign;
Thine, thine is still this withered heart,
Till we shall meet again."

I particularly like the first and last verses. This was among the favourite poems of my childhood, and its been a while since i recited them aloud! Strange to think that its taken a visit to Beijing to rescue the old poems and memories from the ravages of Time and of Study!
Thanks Flora for your poems, both of which are nice. I liked the second one more, something pleasing about its cadence. The first one i could not really understand or relate to quite that much.

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