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How do i love thee! [Copy link] 中文

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Thanks, dear LSR for your great comments and corrections

I have corrected my mistakes in my threads, thanks again for pointing them out. i am accepting them all gladly and completely.

'Elizabeth Barrett Browning ' has paled her husband Robert Browning as to the sonnets mentioned here. My errors are due to my laziness to memorize her longer names while Robert Browning seems shorter and easier to keep in mind. Actually she really deserve her own name in the English literature.

I am greatly educated from your posts, dear LSR. Thanks a lot and hope to read more of your inputs.

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Anna's Heart

Just to Love You
by Anna Sasso

When we were little,
I would share my milk with you
before we took our naps;
...just so I could play with you.

When we were teens,
I listened as you talked about your girlfriends,
(and thought of us together);
...just to ease your mind.

When we grew older,
I helped you move into her house
(and wished you were going to mine);
...just to make you comfortable.

When you got married,
I gave my best friend away
(and kept my heart hid);
...just to see you happy.

As you lay there, so very sick,
I whisper how beautiful you are
(because it's still true);
...just to see you smile.


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Thanks for your share, dear Markwu!

This is the first time for me to  read the lines of  'Anna's Heart'. The music  must be sentimental and touching too. I can picture them in mind:)

What beautiful life it is if one lives with his or her beloved,enjoying the sunrise and sunset hand in hand. Sometimes love also means let your love go if it seems to be bound or imprisoned. Love is freedom and beauty.

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Reply: 译者: 无名氏

Thanks, dear Flora, it is said the sonnet is translated by Fang Ping(方平)but i am uncertain about this.
We can  read more of her sonnets in the following link.

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I can' try to translate it

Dear Ruetong,
Sorry for replying late because I just read your request. I can't try to translate it now because I can't understand each line at first. It is most  important thing for me. Secondly, It doen't really touch me. Feeling on it is necessary for me. Thirdly, I don't have a good foundation on accient Chinese language, of course , modern Chinese too. If I translate it, I would like to try the archaic Chinese style to match its favor. eg. thee, I would like to use 君but not 你.
Alas, it is out of my capability. And luckily you are able to appreciate it in original because your English is good. And how about try it by yourself?
I am looking forward to reading your version!

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Thanks,Dear Flora

Better late than never. Love of poems means you don't have to say sorry forever

you are always greatly welcome to input anything in this thread.Anyway, thanks for your concern and smart choice of chinese 君for 'thee' instead of' 你.I appreciate your penetrating thoughts.:))

Translation is Greek to me, let alone poems of any kind. I admire your passion towards poems and stand afar with great jealousy and respect, hehe. i enjoy lingering in the posts from LSR and you discussing about peotries but dare not intrude into this sacred field for fear that i might play goats of myself in it. You are talented in poetry, more sensive to languages than me. why not try if you are available? i am not good at both languages but i am patient waiting for your great work, anyway.:))

For the Chinese version of ' How i love thee', i am just doubful of the Chinese rendition above which is claimed out of Mr Fang Ping. He is a great translator and i once read his translated version of Romeo and Juliet. Compared with Mr Zhu Shenghao's, Fang's version is more fluent and bold in word choices, hehe. I do enjoy reading his translations.

But this version differs sharply, and i personally  think it is not done by Fang Ping. The sonnet  by EElizabeth Barrett Browning
is easy to read and understand, full of musical love . I can taste its beauty but fail to find its Chinese equivalence to express it as gracefully, passionaltely and explicitly as it should be. That's why i am asking help from you:)). Remember, poems can be beautifully translted by poets only?

I hope to try it boldly myself  if  i calm down and feel available one day. It takes time, maybe centuries.:))

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Another poem

Hi! Here's another simple, yet beautiful poem, and that seems to affect people the same way as 'how much do i love thee', though its theme is separation and sorrow.
(Its by Lord Byron)

"When we two parted
In silence and tears,
Half broken-hearted,
to sever for years,
Pale grew thy cheek and cold,
Colder thy kiss;
Truly that heart foretold
Sorrow to this!"

There are a couple of other verses, and then the final one goes like this:

"In secret we met:
In silence I grieve
That thy heart could forget,
Thy spirit deceive.
If I should meet thee
After long years,
How should i greet thee? -
With silence and tears."

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