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Like most vague acronyms describing bizarre sex acts it is best to let the uninitiated guess until it drives them to distraction. Then they are most likely to do things like blurt it out at the dinner table, such as: "Hey baba, what's MFD?" or "Mama, have you ever done MFD?"

Makes for great conversation. Goes over well at most European embassy parties too. ;0)

Plus, the last time I did all the work Flav got all the rewards (invitation to threesome...geez...I can barely bring myself back to this forum's worse than premature ejaculation when all you are doing is masturbating...)

What was this thread (topic) about again???...

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Oh yeah...what do I think?

I think therefore I am.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way I can back to more pressing matters...yes, flav I am in and me babe have had independent threesomes before we met each other and would be happy to entertain.

Hah...Sidney? You've got to be kidding! Does Australia even have a football team? Why would I go? To have a jaunty threesome with a ghost on the web who only, I repeat, only invites me after I squirt a few tears and stamp my feet...geez...I prefer S&M to PS! At least you can see or hear the whip coming!!! ;0)

Plus, they talk a funny language there.  At least in China when people speak English to me I can understand what they are saying...;0)

ps: hey...I added your hotmail too...just cause you seem like a relatively sane person here.  Not like Flav...woouuuooo, cookies for breakfast there....;0)

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moebius!! oh,,,, my pride is HURT~ u think i m insane now?? ok,ok,, in what way??
sniffing....out loud.....
hun!! ok,, u guys have MFM 3somes,,, i m out >
(flavie went insane,, and went to hospital for intensive medical care...... )

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u poor little thing...i will kick moebius's ass...and spank n whip him for u...dont feel bad...i know ur a remember the only way to keep sane is go a bit crazy..=)

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See! I was right! Cookies for breakfast! Top to bottom....;0)

It was the bunny costume that gave you away Flav...anyone in there right mind would never even dream of suggesting a 'black' bunny outfit!!!!

Nutso...crackers...out-to-lunch...wonkers...toodles up top...swimming on dry that a carrot in your pocket?

Plus, now Sinnie is gonna give me a little spankie! :0) ...see how well a little jealous and envious attack on an innocent bunny can reap rewards. Guess we know who the real 'sub' is now eh...(hahahahaha...insert wimpy evil laughter icon here)

(Insert Louder icon here)

So what about this threesome thing? Is that still on?

And why do I feel like i'm entering into a shouting match with a couple of biteless dogs?

Ooops...wo gai...nibbleless bunnies...

ps: Does nibbleless bunnies constitute a personal attack? Am I going to get kicked off of the forum now?

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what's so wrong about black bunny outfit???

both angel and i like it
ohohoh,, u r jealous huh??? cuz u cant wear bunny suits?
hummm,,,,, something went wrong here
and angel,, what's wrong about black bunny outfit???
and i m definitely out now,,, not gonna try 3some with moebius cuz he doesnt like bunnies~
but i m still interested in ur story with glen, angel, keep working babe..haha

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moebius? or do u think i m a guy????? oh, how can u do this to a cute girl :,(

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