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to abcfarmer wy Chinese girls prefer many Caucasian guys [Copy link] 中文

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yesterday i had a long chat with a professor. She磗 Chinese ,unfortunately not in my league, (she磗 55 and happily married). She studied this extra racial attraction phenomenon for a while and she says the following:

Chinese girls are actually naturally not really attracted to white people because they are generally not attracted to red skinned, hairy and big guys who smell funny. For Chinese people caucasians smell rather strange. Not too many decades ago it was still very normal for Chinese girls to be repelled by western men. For instance in the beginning of the 20 磘h century there used to be special "houses of fun and delight" catering to caucasian customers. Not many girls wanted to work at such places.

How does it come that nowadays in the big cities many Chinese girls seem to have stepped over these unattractive traits that we Caucasians posess? They genuily seem to be attracted to foreigners nowadays.

1)The first reason is the sheer number of foreigners in the big cities nowadays. The girls have gotten used to the foreigners and xenofobism and repellism has g iven way to a kind of admiration and "wanabee like this" feelings.
2)It磗 fashionable, admirable and cool nowadays for a chinese to look like a Caucasian. the y want to be tall, have the big eyes, have the blond hair etc. So opposed to decades ago the caucasian look has become fashionable. So the Caucasian look is perceived as handsome.
3) China has changed dramatically over the last  decades. A closed society has become an extremely open society and the economy has soared, and the old Confusian way of thinking has all but dissapeared. Because of this a strong rooted society  based on ancient values(especially in the big cities near the coast) has lost (part of) his roots and values and is drifting and looking for new anchors. The Chinese sense (we are superior to all other people and especially to caucasians) has changed into admiration for this culture and (in some cases) in a sense of unceartany and inbalance.
4)Height and status have become linked. Meaning tall people have more status and get better jobs. It is already so that for many jobs a minimun height is required. Caucasians are generally taller than Chinese so the tall caucasians are even more admired.

She concluded by saying that especially tall causasian males are very sought after by chinese girls. It磗 not that important that they are young or handsome or rich. Tallnes is the most important attraction Caucasians have for Chinese girls.
But she also said, if a chinese male is tall (6+`) he will also generally be attractive for chinese girls, so abcfarmer if u are a tall guy, u will still get many changes


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Re: to abcfarmer wy Chinese girls prefer many Caucasian guys

harald wrote: "But she also said, if a chinese male is tall (6+")"

Don't make me laugh! They are more like, eh, thumb-sized down there.

So the professor is right; the Chinese girls want a wooden one that is thick and tall and has a lot of cream.

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So they got over the smell thing - yes?

You know, I once left my underarm deodorant at home when I came here.  Couldn't believe that I couldn't find any in the store.   Eventually went to a chemist who thought I must be sick to need such a thing.  Gave me some weird powder for sick, smelly underarm sickos.  I really got to notice my smell after that - what is it about Caucasians and smelly bodies?   I sometimes shower three times a day when I am here and still don't feel comfortable.

Oh! the height issue - I am 6' 3".  Maybe that is the sole sum of my attraction.  oh well - what ever works!   lol

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The writing of the professor seems interesting !

lol ~

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is it preference?

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Another reason could be that ladies like to talk and express themselves. Many of my Chinese freinds are a little less expressive about their emotions, or at least they express things less directly. Maybe some of them prefer the more open and direct style. Who knows?
I reckon it is difficult to generalize about such things. I suspect that the answer may be a little simpler. Maybe the answer is simply that Chinese girls like foreign boys becasue they are boys. Perhaps it has less to do with race and more to do with hormones.

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