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摘要翻译(10) [Copy link] 中文

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On Harmonious Development of Colleges and Local Economy
  -----------------A Case Study of Shaanxi Province

Abstract: Shaanxi Province has many colleges and universities but its economy development relatively lags behind, especially the outskirt areas of Xi'an , whose higher education and economy development fall behind relatively. The whole province, especial the local government  and its colleges should transform their concepts, strengthen the cooperation, optimize the discipline arrangements and academic structures and the development environments for talents. Both colleges and the local areas should speed up the technical innovation and transformation to contribute to the communal and harmonious development of the local  economy and local tertiary schools.

Key words: local tertiary schools, local economy, harmonious development

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关键词:地方高校------I wonder why you don't consider tumu's version ----local t

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Thanks, Rovi, i have corrected mine.

but i am uncertain  if tertiary has some other hints.

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高校与地域经济的和谐发展 try:

The complimentary role of high education in the development of local economy: A case study for Shanxi province

(Abstract) With an impressive high education setup, the province of Shanxi is however lagged behind in economic development, and especially when compared with urban and rural areas outside the provincial capital Xi'an, the constrast is sharp regarding the development level of both high education and local economy. To reduce this gap, effort must be made in updating of views on education societal wise and encouraging cooperations between research institutions and local industry. For the latter, the local tertiary schools must improve research quality,  adjust faculty specialty structure and academic curricula, and implement effective talent promotion systems. These are necessary preparations for the launching of the local economy and achieving a harmnious development between the economy and society of the region. (edited)

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why the chinese abstracts must be written in an awkward and deficient way?

after going over the chinese text several times, i now believe i have got what the author wanted to say. and a question strikes me: why in hell the author couldn't write it more clearly?

it is not difficult to express the same ideas in a way much clearer and easier to both the author and the readers. what prevented this author and the others from doing so? did the primary and secondary education give them sufficient training for writing?

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A tentative try:

陕西省作为高教大省,经济发展却相对滞后,”特别是西安市以外地市,高等教育和区域经济发展都相对落后” - “?”The comparisons here are a bit confusing. The meaning maybe clearer if the sentence is broken up into two.

>>Compare to its many tertiary institutions, the economic development of Shaanxi Province is relatively sluggish. The contrast is particularly stark in areas outside the provincial capital Xi’an, where development in higher education and economy is trailing behind that of Xi’an.

陕西地方高校和地方社会都应转变观念,加强合作,优化学科水平、专业结构及人才发展环境,加快科技创新和转化,共同发展,促进地域经济和社会和谐发展 – pardon me my poor Chinese, but sorting out the coherent flow of thought here is quite challenging! Wouldn’t the meaning be clearer with more generous use of full stops?

>>In this respect, a collective change of mindset is necessary for the regional institutes of higher learning and the local communities. Cooperation (between what? the schools and local authorities?) has to be strengthened in order to improve academic performance, professional frameworks and environment conducive to promotion of talents, to accelerate the pace of technological innovations and transformation so as to achieve overall progress and promote harmonious development between the regional economy and the local communities.

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