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Chinese girls' tragedy as well as destiny(social phenomenon) [Copy link] 中文

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Why so many Chinese girls r dumped by their white trashes?Why so many Chinese girls r still trying 2 look 4 foreign trashes as their as BFs?

Do u really think the junkies come 2 China 2 find their true love?eh?Do u really think the junkies r crazy about Chinese girls?My answere is "No" They do know they r charming 2 the Chinese girls,blue eyes,blonde hair and lots of dollars in the pocket,etc.,so mostly they r coming here 4 fun,they wanna make love to the Chinese girls with tight pussies,after they feel boring of staying with u naive girls,they r leaving 2 find next one without hesitation,it is a piece of cake 4 these foreigners,no ,those trashes,coz there r a lot of volunteers!

Actually a lot of junkies who come 2 China CANT live well in their own nations, they r so poor and useless that no girls like them in their nations,but if they come 2 China,they r popular,they r hot!

I dont mean there is no true love existing between these junkies and Chinese girls,but chances of succeeding is very slim.

So u girls dont shout here any more,it seems ur situations r worse than Dou Er in an ancient novel,ok?
Wake up!


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girls, jsut play safe

well, i dont think highly of the caucasians in china, i think most of them are just dumping products, they dont have a market in their own countries, thats why they come here, and try to extend their usage!

however, i dont know whats wrong with the local chinese girls, they seem to be so obsessed with caucasians! it is quite strange...maybe its just cos of they are so vain!!!..yea...or might want $$ or green cards from those dumping products. but those caucasians are not stupid assholes, they know how to fool around with you after all..i think girls got played by guys...

girls shall have a better, clearer picture of those caucasians in china, not all of them are safe..and dont get yourself in trouble!

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someone on this board mentioned

it's a fad nowadays for chinese girls to go around fucking white trash.

i wonder how long this fashion trend will last.


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how long does it last?

Well, maybe ends when there is no caucasians in China!

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my 2 fen

I don't think most foreign guys come to China with the intent of using and leaving Chinese girls. Maybe a very few do, but I think it has something to do with different expectations out of relationships, especially amongst younger (20-30s) men.

In America and, I believe, parts of Europe, it's normal for a guy to be in a relationship for a short amount of time--a few months, sometimes even less. They're also used to girls putting out for them. So they come to China, and all these local girls are fawning over them, and the guys underestimate how much the girls will get attached to them, since for the Chinese girls, relationships are taken much more seriously. When the guy loses interest, sure, he probably is used to the girl being a little upset, but not to the extent some Chinese girls take it (deeply in love after a month? That'd scare away a lot of guys).

I'm not saying one expectation or the other (casual relationship/sex vs. intense relationship and very significant sex) is better than the other, but it's what Western guys vs. Chinese girls are used to. Big misunderstandings all around. Both sides should try to communicate their expectations early on to avoid this sort of mix-up.

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Chinese Girls are not Good Player!

For foreigners with Chinese girlfriends, at least 60% of them are just having fun. Yet Chinese girls are like Sockmonkey says, most of the time want to be serious even at first she may just wanted to have a try on this kind of relationship or also just wanted to have fun. But there is some kind of serious relationship, even the two may break up also finally.

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Silent !
No other word .
How horror !

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