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Fellow Chinese, look at what our foreign "friends" describe our dear China ??? [Copy link] 中文

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popcorn wrote:

"I am thinking why people in western countries are so annoyed that the leader of China was welcomed by other countries?
i am sick of keeping explanation of taiwan and tibet and FLG."


first, popcorn answered her/his own question as to "annoyance": foreigners are "annoyed" about t.aiwan, t.ibet, flg, and similar issues.

since popcorn is tired of giving the standard explanation, let me do it for her/him (in condensed version):
1. taiwan: those people are chinese and therefore belong to china.  
2. tibet: those people will soon be chinese and therefore belong to china.
3. flg: those people are chinese, but need to be re-educated.

second, i would not use the word annoyed.  concerned is a better word.  just the same americans are concerned about social inequality/injustice in their own country and actively uncover it and fight against it.  

i would not say the things those "western foreigners" said because it would not be constructive, but i do agree with many of their sentiments (not all) because we come from a common point-of-view.  

popcorn, you come from a different point-of-view ... please help me see things from your perspective in a constructive way.

so far, the only thing i hear from you and bchung is that china is improving so much.  yes, i agree and don't feel bad about it.  that's a great thing.  but at the same time, you think that if nobody says anything, progress will continue at the same pace?  no.  constructive discussion on places like the china daily forum lead to inquiry, and inquiry leads to truth (thank you, wendy).

the same appies to the united states.  should everyone shut-up about wrong u.s. policy abroad?  no.  it's not perfect, and the only way it gets changed is through discussion and effort.  for example, i think the u.s. needs to increase its foreign aid (which is already a lot) and not pursue trade policy that will harm poor farmers represented by countries opposing the cancun wto meeting.  i think that would do more to combat global terrorism than capturing osama.


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@ tsupasat:

i wouldn't use "concerned". For them, they concerned about  human rights  ,tibet, flg,and taiwan. But behind this, they are annoyed  at why CCP was welcome by a democracy country? especially RED efeil got on their nerves. RED=communist, you see?
as for constructive discussion,  why did i say few chinese reply those posts?  no one  of chinese people was there except me!  whatever  those discussions are good or not,  they need someone including people in china to debate  so that everyone from the world  will hear different voice.

Also i agree with Seneca to some extent.
but within two decades, more chinese students and scholars and businessmen spread over the world than  political refugees. Think about there are many and many democracy countries in this world ,why do some of political refugees only flee to developed countries? better material life is a part of considered factor for those political refugees.
I believe only Ben laden is for his belief  and to be a political refugee in Afganstan( sorry, wrong spell).

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@Tsupasat about 1 tibet, 2 taiwan 3 flg

haha, i wouldn't say like that way.  For tibet, i will post many articles written by Indian. for Taiwan ,i will give them the website of us consulate.
many answers have to be based on unrefutable facts in case we make the same mistake as " i heard.......".

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paris_david has been deleted
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Seneca you are so right

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right, "annoyed" might be a good word ...

... if americans cared at all about what the french do nowadays.  i suggest another word: "contempt."  americans in general view the french as unreasonably arrogant.  their ideas of l1berty and equality have evolved very differently than ours have over the past decades.  

also, i think illuminating the eifel tower in red lights was a bit much.  what message are the french trying to send?  weren't they the ones who sent america the statue of l1berty?  isn't that switching messages?

i guess that in those forums, "annoyed" americans are just scratching each others' backs to make themselves feel better.  but i agree with them that france is acting pitifully by making such over-the-top overtures to the chinese.  

france is cozying up to china because it wants, needs powerful friends.


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arrogance and ignorance are part of attitude to China.

IMO,The French actually are more kind to Chinese than american. the celebration wasn't a big deal ,but american try to coerce European to accept  their ideas all embodied in american government and ordinary people.  Anyway.  Paris David did give China good advice.  
1.   do more self-criticism.
2.  improve healthcare system and education system.
3. more free press.
4. restore natural resource.
5. avoid selfish Machiavellian and sincerely serve to chinese people.
5. Take steps to  nip corruption in the bud.
Hopefully, there is a really strong china with gradually sound system.

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Some Minor Observations for Bobbyt

Dear Bobbyt,

I agree with your observations generally but have the following minor observations:

1.  As I understand quotas or punitive duties would be imposed for "Non Favored Nations" imports. Perhaps "Non Discriminated Nation" would be more accurate than "Most Favored Nation".

2.  As for excellent US technologies and products, I am sure there is a long list of items or technologies that are prohibited from export to China.

3.  Aggression is now in my opinion not fought in physical battlefields but in the economic arena as well.


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