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Fellow Chinese, look at what our foreign "friends" describe our dear China ??? [Copy link] 中文

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Thank you t.s.

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Is this their last card?

I mean,if they found China is playing more and more important role in the international community,and they counld not found out more about China's defects to scold us for,then what left in their hand is only this card:human right abuse?China is far from perfect,we all know,then why didn't they mention other fault about us?But always human right or Taiwan,Tibet issue?What did they want?

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*I don't even like this gobbledygook of "our foreign friends..."... I am not a "


Your comment above, and most of your post is the sort of arrogance I referred to earlier.  I find nothing wrong with referring to others as friends.  I am honored to be considered a foreign friend by many of the nice people I have met here.

What I see in your comments, is someone who is intolerant of anything that doesn't conform to their own way of looking at things.  It's funny that every self-described *citizen of the world* that I have ever met possesses the same attitude of superiority that you display.

I wonder why? can you tell me. please

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Replying my "foreign friend" ts..

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The correct attitude

I think most of Westers are concerned about social inequality/injustice in their own countries or other countries, Their remarks on China show goodwill to our Chinese. For some reason, there are people who don't like China.
The correct attitude to their remaks should be "Wen guo zhe xi, Wu zhe Jia mian."We also can do some things, such as introducing our country's situation to them.

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Read some of your posts, seems you are anti-devil's anti-devil.

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Average people are mostly inocent and kind. As you see the people in foreign forums, and here, are mostly honestly concern about some problems in China.

However, those "problems", as you feel strange, are not necessarily true, not necessarily exist, not ncessarily as bad as they think. In other hand, those "problems" may also exist in their countries or even worse in their country, but they may not know. Think about, how can a foreigner really know China? The chance close to zero.

It is a common problem that people always point fingers to other one. You can see that from some of the replies to you here.

Not a big deal, the world will be still running. Understanding come from communications. French are starting knowing China, of course it is not because how much they like China and China culture as what media reported, very likely is because of business and geopolitical reason. However, it is a good thing.

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