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USA politicians fight looters in New Orleans because flooding was govt's fault. [Copy link] 中文

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The floodwaters are damaging New Orleans far in excess of any looters.  Yet the government needs a public enemy to blame  -- an Osama or Saddam or Ayatollah or al Qaeda.  So they blame looters and theives.  Sure they're bad guys, but they're are just a distraction to keep the public from asking why the government has permitted the city to become inundated with floodwater.  

USA leaders don't have a workable plan to fix the levees, and so they have declared war on looters and also reduced the residents to beggars.

Everyone in government knew what would happen if a big hurricane hit, but no one took precautionary measures like stockpiling provisions.  And Katrina was only a Category 4 that hit a glancing blow, not a full Category 5 with the strong side directly on the city.

America cannot budget proactively.  The federal government can only allocate resources after the catastrophy has occurred.

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An abject failure in self help.

This hurricane Katrina is a catastrophic disaster of unprecedented proportions visiting the population of the Gulf coast of USA. We share their anguish and pain. The relief operation mounted by the US government so far is nothing short of a disgrace and a disaster ( man made this time .

There is a glaring hole in the prediction, plan of rescue and co-ordination in handling the aftermath of this hurricane. After 4 whole days the fundamental basics of water , food and medicine are still patchy to unavailable !! What is the Homeland Security doing ? This same superpower who could, and did, mount a campaign half way round the world only 3 years ago, in the invasion of Iraq. There, millions of tons of hardware and over 100,000 troops were lifted within 24 hours to operate a " Shock and Awe " crusade with clinical efficiency. Now they are impotent even to get a relief operation for the one million victims of this disaster at home !? This man made disaster is definitely harder to take than the first for the poor victims. This is bureaucratic bungling, incompetence and criminal neglect. I do hope that the fact that most of the victims are black have nothing to do with the impotent attempt to right the situation.

The only strong contigent on the ground seems to be the national guards, with drawn rifles and the order to " shoot to kill ". It is so ironic for those who have just returned from Iraq to be confronted by the same situation only this time it is at home and facing their own countrymen and women. Let us pray for deliverance.

Confucius said " Charity should begin at home .'

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The war on terrorism morphs into the war on looting.

The media keeps saying the objective is for the military deployment into New Orleans is designed to not look like Iraq.  Is that a news fact or a government request?

Everyone talking about what the refugees will do makes it sound as if some are leaving New Orleans for the last time.  Kids into local schools.  Parents into more permanent housing.  Easing them into their new permanent communities.

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A bad report card for the Dubya administration.

The sight of thousands of Americans stranded and abadoned by the authorities is such a wake-up call to both the Americans and the world. Are we witnessing the beginning of the end to the American Century ? The glacial  pace with which rescue and relief reached the victims is painful even to watch from afar. Is there no conscience or empathy left in the land of the free and noble any more ? It is hard to subscribe to the fact that the materials  ( water and food ) are not there, nor the means of delivery. Then what is the painful almost deliberate delay ? Unbelievable.

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