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On Virginity [Copy link] 中文

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Re: sugarbabee

raiden wrote: "the one thing I live about the chinese more than anything, is their intelligence, they display time and time again an uncanny abiity to think exceptionally clearly"

Yeah. You, shanhuang and other representatives of the Chinese 一直 make it clear to the world how intelligent the Chinese really are!

raiden wrote: "I know any and all Chinese girls read Liangzai's last post and know he's a bad man."

Right! That is precisely why they don't have any second thoughts when stripping their clothes and sucking my dick dry. Girls _like_ bad men, you idiot!

raiden wrote: "I suspect he is a nigger. He's not from any developed nation. His education is just way too poor."

Right, I am an uneducated white nigger 博士 from a European country that is even less developed than China!

raiden wrote: "He's complete opposite of Chinese in everyway."

Thank goodness!

raiden wrote: "Liangzai and the things he always says in this board serve no purpose but to destroy China's culture, family, traditions, and values, and stability."

What I say serves no other purpose than enlightening the unenlighted and enjoying myself "debating" with 臭虫 like you!

raiden wrote: "his life is easy, it is very difficult to be a Chinese , Chinese are far above his level"

Yeah, my life is easy. I am not going to be ashamed of that. I am not Chinese, so I don't have to 大功 13 hours a day for what I can make in half an hour at a regular job. I've got plenty of time to develop myself, enjoy pastimes and have a good sexlife!

raiden wrote: "he's stupid, it's very difficult to comprehend all the things Chinese coprehend"

Not really. Most Chinese are not mentally equipped to deal with their own historical culture. They say: 太深了! And of course they are very much uninformed about the world outside China. Hopefully this will change as time progresses, but let's hope they don't turn out to be like you but rather use their language and other skills for something more productive than vomiting on a BBS.

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I am a college student...

I'm a college studen and it's forbidden to have sex in Chinese college. When you are found that you have sex with someone in the campus you're  maybe faced to expelled from school.  So Chinese students can't have much freedom in sex that it's quite free in other countries.
As to some country like Japan and Korea, where girls spend their first night with someone who they don't love just because they don't want to leave the pain caused by the first sex to their real lover, I think it's strange. Why don't they think in such way that they can experience their pain caused by first sex with their lover and it will make their relationship closer?
At last, I want to say that everyone have the right to choose the way of sex life so long as they don't harm anybody else and themselves.

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liangzai is a perverted viking boy who plunders the world wherever he goes.

to the peabrain under his viking crown he calls his brains, not being backwards simply means the girl will open her pants immediately at the sight of him.

he is a sick little boy indeed. he definitely needs more college education (western education? especially logic!) before he can stop stereotyping and generalizing ppl.


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Re: I am a college student...

geofferyadam wrote: "I'm a college studen and it's forbidden to have sex in Chinese college. When you are found that you have sex with someone in the campus you're maybe faced to expelled from school. So Chinese students can't have much freedom in sex that it's quite free in other countries."

Yet Chinese college students do have sex. Most do it outside campus, but I have of course also seen Chinese girls come and go at the 外籍宿舍区.

Theoretically speaking, since boys live with boys and girls live with girls at campus, if a girl would host a boy for a few hours (or vice versa), would her/his comrades gossip or blow the whistle, or would they keep quiet in the interest of their pal?

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u go girl!

GO sugarbunnie!!! U rock!!!!! I agree compleatly!!!!

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Chill all

What kind of sad language is going on here anyway? Doesn't moderation excist in here?

langzai: please keep it civilised, sure you have your own view on sex etc but it would be appreciated that you RESPECT others their choices. Some people think in a different way regarding their own body, love, life etc.

as to raiden: is there any need to go racial? Please keep it civilised. Surely langzai goes down to a very low level but there's no need to drag yourself down with him.

As for myself, I'm Chinese yes. I've been dating a Chinese girl for 1.5 years, she was in a way very traditional herself. The first time we had sex she was still a virgin, she only had sex with me because she LOVED me. We've taken some time to go there but that was beause there was love and understanding.

If girls wants to keep their virginity I very respect that. Actually I think that's something great, that they are able to make a decision like that and keep it. My admiration as for myself I couldn't and can't do that ^^

Please tone down a bit as it's not helping if harsh language is being thrown around. There are more important things in life then cussing eachother online on a Forum ;)


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