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On Virginity [Copy link] 中文

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Re: i just threw up on my laptop

A culture that has been around for 5000 years (don't inflate the figures) can of course be backwards, since the only measurement of backwardness is the relative development level.

In that sense, oh holy virginity is backwards. It is backwards for the simple reason that it has been the norm in most of the world for a very long time, but isn't anymore. In the modern world, the female has been set free to discover her own sexuality. China is slowly entering this modern world also in this sense, which is welcomed.

I hear that ritual murder, concubinage, 三金寸 and the 清辫子 are also out of style these days. The world keeps moving forward. Some things are very old, but not worth preserving. I also hear despotism has been around for some 10,000 years, but some countries still cling to this ineffecient way of governing.

Unfortunately, bakward people like you will exist for a long time to come, and you will do your utmost to preserve the patriarchal order, so that you can continue owning your women.

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keep trying in vain loser, in forums and in reality, dont ya

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Re: keep trying in vain loser, in forums and in reality, dont ya

raiden wrote: "If you wish to measure “backwardness” you would first need to find a model of what you think is “forwardness” and we all know forwardness to you means western life and lifestyles. From your form of governments to the etiquette in your society to the things which surround you everyday; its all you know, and all your pride. But what u fail to realize is that your forwardness is Backwards to everyone else."

Yeah, I hear that we are considered backward by the African tribes still practicing female circumcission. Of course, everyone thinks he or she is in the center of the universe, but the big difference is that the Western world already been there, done that; the West has evolved, and thus we ARE forwards in many respects. There have always been stages in human civilization, and the West just happened to elevate to the higher stages before everyone else in recent history.

raiden wrote: "But what we all apparently fail to realize is that the world revolves around you, or that the world revolves for the west, and without you and your “ways” the earth would simply cease its rotations, and fall off into the abyss"

That is so true. The world DOES revolve around us, around the dollar, around the English language.

raiden wrote: "We see here that your upbringing, and culture have led you to believe that Virginity is of God, and thus something you should shun away from or destroy. However, in China it’s a different upbringing, and different understanding, Virginity in China is only for the husband, that of all the things you could have to offer a parent of your children, virginity is the best, money cant buy, only Humankind, our existence on the earth, our life from childhood, and our creation of who we are and what we have make it possible to even BE a virgin. As you mature, it’s the one thing that is most sacred in the lives of humans, according to their creation."

Bah. In China, parents decide who gets married with whom, and it is all about money and guanxi. This is JUST like it was in, say, the European 1500s, when the woman was just a birth machine and a husband's sex toy. Thank you for making your backwards mentality shine so 清楚.

raiden wrote: "It was the norm in all the world for a very long time, then you had 1969 and a new era of mankind, void of the burden of moral character, and culture sustaining family values. In place of… apparently.. nothing. Well, that’s a load off ya isn’t it. And then it was about 1% of the worlds population, today, people like you liangfuck, are about 18% of the worlds population, so, I’m still unclear where your world is… you just emerged from that cesspool but still have shit in your hair and on your face, and apparently in your eyes, as you know not where you arrived."

I have arrived in babeland... the babes here are no virgins, and they all like to have sex. Of all the Chinese people I know, I don't know a single virgin; they all have or have had pre-marital sex.

raiden wrote: "Ummmm no, I just force them to marry real men, and we kill guys like you that breathe air near my sisters, daughters, cousins, nieces, and those of sisters, cousins, nieces, and daughters of the land and of all the people who I will not suffer to fall into your cesspool"

Right. Thank you again for making what I said obvious to us. But your sisters and nieces and cousins probably already fell into the cesspool, just that you don't know about it. Whatcha gonna do? Kille your sisters as well? How appropriate for a backward person like you!

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go back to ur own country liangzai

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Hey bendent

Why do you fight Liangzai, your own ally? Are you really fighting him?
Why do you have two faces? what for? Pls explain this to Liangzai.

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