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Whither Japan: at crossroads on V-60 Day. [Copy link] 中文

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Read the writing scrawled on the wall -- it says betrayal of a friend is a sin

I don't need your praise or ingratiating remarks.  

I accept only sincere appreciation of my efforts from my friends, not flattering remarks from thugs like you and your ilk.

How dare you call one of my friends a "sacrificial lamb" in my thread?

Go and swim in your own cesspool, whampoa.

Your other ghosts in your pathologic multi-personality are desperately calling for help in the other thread by pest-control (D.C.) in which solid evidence was provided that whampoa and canchin are both handles of D.C., or "chairman."

You used three computers, wrote a message in each and then uploaded all three messages in the same minute.

You did this for your ghosts pest-control, canchin and whampoa at 01:55.

You did this for your ghosts pest-control and canchin at 02:01.

When he tried to do it again by faking the clocked times in 3 posts, the mods deleted them.

He didn't realize that the odds of this happening (uploading by three characters) at the same time is so slim especially since it happened immediately AFTER I had challenged him that it actually proved the true identity of the three ghosts.

And it happened not just once, but twice -- at 1:55 and 2:01.

That's what made the evidence iron-clad.


Not that we didn't know before about this character "chairman," but this time he gave us definitve proof in a fit of rage and helped us to ascertain that both handles "whampoa" and "canchin" belong to D.C.  Go and read "pest-control"'s post,  I have made a copy in case he deletes the evidence.

Someone just used a baseball bat to hit them silly.

Guess who might that be?

Have a modicum of self-respect, whampoa, and don't try to talk to me.  

You are not welcome in any of my threads.

I appreciate sincere support from my real friends who are so good and secure about their own abilities that they can afford to be generous with their encouragement, and I have learned a lot from them.

Yes, I have high respect for real men who are secure about their OWN abilities.  

I want only the best of the best who are secure about their OWN abilities in my threads.

I sure don't need green lizards or flatterers like you under any circumstances.

Just get lost and don't return.

You are a very sick Zionist, whampoa.  Sharon should take you back for major repair.

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Haha, here i found the answer

i thought the name whampoa was familiar but couldn't remember where i met him before.

here i found who he is, a real scumbag. he had a thread smearing UN.

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Darrell Coleman is insane

He has no sense of shame. Now no one would read his garbage threads because most of us know who he is, so he had to jump on to my thread and your thread to rant.

Who cares about him?

He thought he can control what we do here, a zionist mentality!

No way, anyone woul dyield to his shameless tactics.

He is pathetic.

Just ignore him and go on with your discussions.

I will post more later here.

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Yes, euronighter

Christopher did us all a big favor by revealing who he was.

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He called christopher "sacrificial lamb."

What, did he think he was Moses?

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Where is Christopher?

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No, he is connected with MASSAD.

Let's see what happened to Christopher.

I know they have penetrated CD's computer system.

They are the scum.

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