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Chinese Men, Western Women in US [Copy link] 中文

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realize that ilunga is a racist fagot who wants to insult not only chinese men but also western women who are into chinese men, so he generalize that only fat and ugly white "bitches" are interested in chinese men.
he is also deeply insulting chinese women he screws around with because he claims when they give him a 'small lie (no matter how small)', he dumps them right away and go on to another, without communicating out the real problem.
so, ilunga, go fuck yourself, and get hit by a truck driven by a driver "made in china" at 60km / hr !

ab4, obviously, this guy of yours doesn't care about you anymore. so why don't u just slam open his doors and demand an explanation, so that you can finally be at peace? after you get your answers, leave, and live another day!!!!


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Hi Lola

I'm not going to make a scene with him.  Really, it's the guy's loss because I am a very nice person and a good friend to people who act reasonably.  I am just trying to learn something from this situation (aside from the fact that sometimes guys are just pricks).  I have another Chinese friend who also seems to bristle when it comes to explanations and discussion of personal feelings.  There seems to be an attitude that is focused on everything sort of falling into place "naturally" as if relationships are all about moment to moment chemistry and not about mutual committment to be friends.  I am worried that maybe I am misunderstanding something important about what Chinese value in communication and relationships.  The strange thing is that as a Westerner it seems almost impossible to get a straight answer from Chinese.  If I act interested in Chinese culture and ideas, then they think I am an Orientalist who has a fetish for Chinese based on false ideas about the culture.  If I go about my business and don't ask questions, then I am a racist!  Realistically it may be impossible for Westerners to avoid a certain amount of false ideas about Asian cultures, but then the same can certainly be said for people who come here to the US from elsewhere.  I understand why Chinese would be somewhat suspicious of me, so I try to be very open and honest, but now I see that this also brings trouble and misunderstanding.  I'm really frustrated.  I love my Chinese friends...and not just because they are Chinese.  And I am very interested in Chinese culture....and not because I think it is something exotic and mysterious.  I just like to learn about people and places and try to understand them as best I can.  I am open for communication, but somehow things seem to go wrong.

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funny enough

It wasnt till i came back to Canada i found a Chinese guy.. Oddly enough i'm more chinese then he is..  and i'm white with blond hair...

His mom and i get along fantastically though.. and i get to practice my chinese..

Too bad i'm going back to China though..

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I wasn't even looking specifically for a Chinese guy

or even a boyfriend.  I just met the guy and fell in love with him almost at first sight. Sigh...

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I am tried of CHINA DAILY computer software system here !

1. I have posted in at least 4 different Forums (international, US , UK Forums)

2. The best one is the computer software allows the Moderators have the power to edit, delete and ban any members

3. The links are directly linked to a specific site, so you don't have to type again

4. There are small pictures under your name and a nickname to reflect your personality

5. There are more columns and topics to discuss. Any national interests
topics should be deleted or moved to another column if the topic does not belong to Friendship, Love and Relationship.

This Forum is getting worse and worse and I really have given up on all the stupid software design !

How can CHINA DAILY compare with other top Forums if they design a third tier Forum ?

This is not the way to do things, Moderators, wake up and check out other real Forums !!

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but why don't you try insulting someone specifically (in the topic line) to get the moderator's attention?

i got mine deleted when i personally attacked the racists bigots 5000yrs fukmucker xiaowump not_me etc. etc.


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ps ab4

i've experienced the same thing with chinese girls.  one day they're sending messages saying 'i love you' 'i miss you' etc then they go cold and don't respond for days.  put it down to cultural differences. what can you do?  just take it easy, if he likes you he'll come back.

of course i'm lying cos willyone says so.  he's my pimp he knows everything about me.

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