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Chinese Men, Western Women in US [Copy link] 中文

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Ms. ab4, My personal experience was I went out a date 4 times with my love and t

One of my experience was we went out for four times to eat and talk and even visit her parents but it was the fifth times that we went to a resort about 1 hour 15 minutes from where we lived and spent a wonderful dinner and went upstairs to a suite to watch a movie.

The movie was so boring "English Patient", so I turned around and kissed her and rounded up making love for 2 hours and my hormone was up again at 5 a.m. and we made love early in the morning until 7 a.m. (I clearly remembered I was late to arrive at work at 8:30 p.m.)

So I was confused about making love to a white woman and scare for fourth time.

My recommendation was ask your friend for a mini-vacation to a resort/hotel and watch movie together and the next thing, you can go to bathroom and change to some sexy lingerie and make love together and make your friendship a step closer.

I do believe making love is part of the relationship in the western culture although I have friends who told me they never had sex with their boyfriends---a lot of "bull shit" !

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SOME one is too idle

to fool around here at 3 pm?

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How does this help me?

What I want to know is:  Did I offend this man?  Was it inappropriate for me to tell him my feelings?  He started to make love to me and then stopped (I guess because he decided it was too soon for us) and then said "I think I hurt you" (meaning my feelings) and "maybe next time."  He called me the next night and invited himself over the next day.  He was supposed to call first, but he didn't; he just showed up!  I was very confused because I didn't know if it was like a cultural thing for him to think he can just show up without calling or maybe did he think he could just decide about sex and I would go along with it.  So I only let him stay 30 minutes and no sex, and since then he doesn't call me, only returns some of my messages, and acts like he doesn't care that my feelings are hurt.  I tried many times to ask him what I did wrong.  I tried to tell him that a woman feels nervous about these things and that simple conversation between us will make things ok, but he doesn't respond.  I even said "I'm sorry," but he dismisses it as unnecessary.  I honestly don't know what I did wrong.  I am very attractive woman and want very much to show him love and kindness.

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Why are you asking this group of retards about this cultured man?

This guy has been in the states almost as long as some of these geeks have been able to read and write. They are in no position to offer you advice. Go for it. He's pretty much an American anyway.

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Is the man married.

You must calm down and think it over. Is he married? Has he a beautiful and kind

wife? Are you single? Making love to a married man is indecent in most every

country,including USA.What do you want from him? Do you want him to become your

husband,or just a lover?
If you just want a lover,you'd better find a single man, who has little obligations

for his family.

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most of chinese men will choose chinese girl

because of the different culture background, i think most of chinese man,just like me,will select chinese girl as wife.

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I just want kindness...

and an apology.  This man pursued me, made me believe he wanted relationship, even if only just friendship.  At first I think maybe it can't be done, then he says we should just let things work out naturally.  He invites himself to my home, puts feet on my coffee table, acts like I am his girlfriend, but when I question him to try and figure out what HE wants, then he leaves me cold.  This seems to me UNFAIR and I told him so.  I told him he is wonderful man, and that I am sorry if I displease him somehow, but not knowing clearly what he wanted from me was confusing.  He kept saying we could talk, but then doesn't call.  I try everything just to have a conversation, but he does nothing.  It's ok with me if doesn't want to have relationship, but at least I deserve courtesy of explanation!

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