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Pic of London shooting victim shows denim jacket. [Copy link] 中文

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London Police orginially said de Menezes was shot because he was wearing a buiky jacket, refused to obey a police order, and ran from police.  But now details revewal that he was wearing a denim jacket and was running to catch a subway train.  He was never approached by police until he was on the train.  A policeman grabbed him around both arms at the torso and another policeman shot 7 bullets into his head.

Terrorists win when police over react and are not held accountable for their actions.

Al Qaeda terrorism is changing the way of life in the West in significant ways, and the most significant harm they are accomplishing is to make Western societies harm themselves.

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Terrorists caused this

"If people want someone to blame for this, blame the terrorists who have made such actions necessary "

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There's LOTS more to this story....

....and I doubt that we'll ever know the whole truth.

Yes, I agree, if police acted outside of established boundaries, they must be disciplined/punished.  However, if there were no bombings on the 7th of July, then Jean Charles de Menezes would in all probability still be alive.  (Just as if there hadn't been a Pearl Harbor, there wouldn't have been a Hiroshima.)

This picture is also very strange.  His lower back appears to be that of an Anglo, not a Brazillian (news reports listed de Menezes as "dark-skinned").  Also, look at where the blood pooled, compared to where his head is.  His head suffered 7 shots, and yet, somehow, the blood is pooled far from his head.

The entire situation is, at best, a trajedy.  It may well be a crime and obviously there needs to be some type of "outside" investigation.

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2fish, blaming teh police when they deserve blame is justice, why side with inju

You are certainly entitled to your own opinion, but it is a view that is causing Western socieities to harm themselves.  When we are attacked, we vow terrorists will not change our lives, but terrorism caused the police to shoot a man on his way to work and then caused police to issue a series of lies about the whole tragic incident.  Al Qaeda accomplished all its goals: terrorized the public, fanatiacized the police, and made liars of the politicians.  What more could be done by not exploding a bomb?

deananash, I agree with you that it's an odd looking photo.  I'm no expert on crime scene analysis but I think de Menezes would have slumped to the floor with bullets entering his head (actaully on the first bullet).  Then he would have been face down when the rest of shots were fired and pulled to his back when they sought to locate any bomb under his denim jacket.  Notice also that his shoes are removed.  I don't know if that hapened when they flipped him from stomach to back or if they searched for shoe bombs since they found no bomb on his torso.  His skn color could appear light because it was light for a Brazilian and also due to chnages editing  that bring out more detail.  Notice all the detial in his socks are lost although normally the toes and heels would appear darker than the tops.  Without lightening the colors some, it may not have been possible to see the pool of blood at the top.

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Bungling is... bungling

I think a few wayward comments are being made here.

The bare fact that an innocent man has been shot dead is a tragedy; a tragedy that should not happen.

The Met Police have not put lies about the shooting in the public domain. They were, however, remiss in not correcting the canards that appeared in the UK press in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, to the effect that Mr de Menezes had acted in a highly suspicious manner.

The statement that this tragedy is not being investigated, and that the culprits will not be held to account,is also patent nonsense. Although the Met Commissioner tried to avoid an embarassing investigation, English criminal law demands that any shooting by a police officer is fully investigated by the Independent Panel (IPPP).  This is happening, and the leaks from this body - allegedly by a member of its admin section, who is now suspended - have caused the public furore which we are now debating. The IPPP is headed by John Wadham, formerly head of Liberty, the human rights lobbyists, so any suggestion that there will be a a cover-up is clearly wide of the mark. And the papers leaked also strongly suggest that this incident will be subject to a future public inquiry, when all the issues will be aired.

iluv2's remark that the "terrorists are to blame" is boneheaded, dangerous nonsense. A wholly innocent man has been shot dead by what is supposed to be a highly skilled firearms unit (CO19). In a civilised society the notion of trigger happy police wandering the streets with a licence to kill is totally unacceptable.

I am confident that this issue, which is now in the public domain, will result in both justice for the family of Mr de Menezes, and proper scrutiny of the actions of the Met Police.

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What the phuck are the zoinists smoking about!

Britian never had such an attack until the mossad agents returned to this country after eighteen years.

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Eight times in the head and once in the shoulder...

Shooting a person so many times makes it appear that the police were compeletly out of control in their efffort to detain de Menezes.  In fact, the policeman who grabbed de Menezes around the arms at the torso said he was surpirsed when he heard pistol shots over his left ear.  

He'll be hearing those pistol shots ringing in his ear for a long, long time, too.  Then he might hear a train whislte for a long time, or low-sound buzzing that goes on and off.  His fellow police will be with him and notice a change in his face, but they won't ask and he won't talk about.  

Strangers he meets will speak to his right ear when introducing themselves and thanking him for his fine police work.  He'll appreciate the gestrure.

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