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A lovely friendly guide to be proud of urself -with love to xiaolifeidao and wea [Copy link] 中文

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Note: if you are a kind anti-racist chinese member, please leave immediately.

This thread is intended to those who enjoy posting racist crap against any nationality. Only for them, I m sorry if u r not racist, but I m pissed off to read so much racist shit, so I decided to do the same to them?

This post is specially intended to be enjoyed by the friendly and lovely Wearesupreme and its gang, wearesupreme, u r the most pathetic stupid " supreme divine superior proud - racist" i have ever seen!

So, let me make you a guide for  "I wanna be a proud racist that thinks my culture and everything I do is superior and that every white foreign thing is inferior".  If u follow this guide at least we all, the white earthly inferiors can say.. yeah this superior man is so fantastic, so above my level, he is doing what he says? he is the ultimate superior man, so divine that only is wearing or touching the things created by the divine group of people like him?so superior that never sees or touches anything that belongs to the disgusting, inferior white trash being?

Lets start the manual of the “respectful superior” racist, so proud of everything he represents and the 5000 years of history he is so boastful?.follow it, so u don't make a fool out of yourself and if u cant at least recognize the power of the “inferiors”?Loser?

...the superior chinese racist is someone who lives surrounded by the Great “Defensive” Wall that his weak ancestors built to defense themselves (we all know being weak is part of ur blood, that's what the Great Wall means We are Weak, a wall to defend themselves from STRONG SUPERIOR FOREIGNERS) and who speaks his own superior language and doesn’t give a shit about learning the inferior beings’ language, imagine a superior being humiliating himself to learn the language of the inferior beings, no!! no!! God saves us that u do something like that, my superior Wearresupreme!! Let the inferior beings learn ur superior language that rules the diving world!! (hitler was speaking in english telling how great the german race was? No way! what about al qaeda? No way! Or the Japanese when invaded half of asia and were raping all ur girls? no way! They thought their language is number one and so they only speak their language) Wearresupreme, in fact, why r u such angry all the time, your Japanese daddy didn't want to stay with ur mama? Don't cry half chinese-half japanese yellow shit?

?the superior racist is someone who doesn't care about the tests the white inferiors are doing to say I am superior. The superior racist knows he s the best in the entire universe, and that's it, he doesn't give a shit about the world of the inferiors and their tests or their universities? I, as an inferior can only image Wearesupreme’s university!! It must be so divine!! So divine that if they participate for Nobel Prizes, they would get them all every year but thanks God! they are so good and kind that they don't participate, so they don't humiliate us every year obtaining the nobel prizes in all the categories with all their wisdom!!... Wearesupreme education is so above the inferiors’ education?that an inferior being cant aspire to the same place that the superiors study?oh god don't punish me so hard! Why? Why? Why the inferiors have to go to such a terrible places like Harvard or Oxford, why? I want to receive the same education that Wearresupreme have! But well im so inferior?.

?the great supreme pure proud superior racist writes in mandarin and in paper. Because the internet is a white inferior invention!! No way a superior being would touch something so low as an invention of an inferior white being!!...God saves us that Wearesupreme, being so supreme ,would touch something as disgusting as  the internet!  the proud divine invented the paper and they write in kanjis!!! ? I wish I were also divine and so pure to do that! ?But well the inferior beings have their inferior language that they call alphabet! ?.And the stupid bastards inferiors must use the Internet to send messages they call emails? while the superior like Wearesupreme keep their superior traditions and they write their messages in paper, written in kanji, using horses to deliver their messages as they have done for centuries ?.I wish the internet were in kanji and I wouldn't have to use the alphabet to write my login name! but well I better visit and I dream I wish I were able to do it in  kanji? ?The alphabet is the language of the inferiors!! That must hurt! Being a “pure” proud superior being using inferior beings inventions?image if an inferior like Hitler that thought he was superior than Wearesupreme (what a dement person, this hitler to think he was superior!), well image he sees u using a forum in the internet and writing in English!!... he wont admire u anymore for being so superior, pure and proud of everything your people represent! Go home wanna be racist he would say?Cmon don't disappoint us! U r so pure and superior! My heart would be broken if a superior being use an alphabet language internet forum to write in English! I admire them so much for being so superior writing in paper and in their own superior language their messages? (just in case the two little cells in ur brain still work, Baidu,, how do they like to call themselves? Baidu Chinese Google, u cant even create a brand name for urself, where do they go to get money? America, poor chinese that have to go to the big daddy to get a few cents in charity so they can do something for their yellow world?they cant do anything big without the help of the “inferiors”)

?the superior pure racist like your highness Wearesupreme walks to where he wants to go and doesn't take an airplane or a train, because inferior people invented them. We don't want a superior human being like u to die, white inferiors don't make any good things as u do Divine Wearesupreme!!; so please be careful and don't even think in use them! God saves us if u die using the insane unsecure transportation created by the inferiors for the inferiors! A world chaos would occur without ur superior racist pure wisdom that creates all the great things of this world!!

?the superior proud pure racist never uses things inferior brains produce. Imagine a proud superior being using the inventions of the inferiors?!! Oh my god!! What a nonsense would it be that!! So that's why I m sure Wearesupreme use candles and not electricity, im sure that's why a supreme being like him use the eagles and other divine birds to communicate with divine superior being like him?and he would never touch a cell phone?oh! God how small is the brain of the inferior that come with such low inventions!

?I m sure ur superior highness is wearing 100 silk chinese style clothes and have only sandals. We don't have to imagine the ridicule and embarrassment of a proud racist wearing jeans, necktie or a suit, or Nike sport shoes. Cmon imagine if ur superior great pure ancestors see u wearing clothes invented from an inferior race!...the model is what it counts, u can produce apple computers, but the brand, the technology, the money, etc belongs to the Inferiors’ world?just the slave salary of 100 dollars per month is for u?

?im sure his great highness  doesnt watch tv or movies or that ur pure highness listens pop music?no, no, they listen traditional music as a proper proud racist person of his race would do?.... Wearesupreme using a western toilet instead of a chinese squat toilet?  Cmon u would disappoint me if ur heavenly divine superior human-being use the same disgusting instruments that the inferior human-beings use to do their necessities, how shocking  it would be my superior man to know that?

?do ur highness drink traditional tea or u r gonna disappoint me again telling u like to drink Coke? U eat chinese rice or again u r gonna tell me u eat hamburgers, pasta, ice cream, etc? I guess a patriot pure racist like Wearesupreme never dares to enter a Mall, a movie theather or use credit cards?im sure Wearesupreme never watches soccer, baseball, etc?and he doesn't like things so low as Olympic games that has sports invented by the inferiors beings?

God saves the lord! Long live Wearesupreme!!! ?ohh my god, I wish to be a superior to be able to use all the things u do!! But well I don't belong to his race?I better keep using the low quality things of the inferior beings as electricity, internet, wear my Italian suit, nike sports shoes, listening pop, drive my Volvo or Audi, watch a movie or tv, online non-kanji English forums?.


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Thank you for

such an interesting and informative post!

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xiaolifeidao, you yellow shit are so hilarious! i am gonna hire u to clean my shit for $100 per month if u continue being funny...

yellow shit is worse than niggers shit...they are more and continue the reproduction...

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hey hey

don't say that. we all yellow here,we like you,don't say that word.

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whats ur point racist person

there are 50% of chinese ppl especially overseas who hate their own country and would rather lie about their nationality when they go back to china and claim they are korean japanese or malaysia just to feel "superior" over the locals........why dont u ever focus on those chinese ppl who are on the other opposite end of the spectrum.....or are chinese ppl racist and crap and shytty and poor and rely on others and never wrong always right just because of some guys posts on an online forum?????

get over it loser

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yeah sorry...

hi! yeah i m deeply sorry if u had to read all that crap i posted. but well the thread was just intended to piss off and to be read only  by xiaolifeidao and wearesupreme, who are always posting tons of racist crap against everyone who is not chinese. so once again, sorry. in fact i like china a lot, more than that couple of idiots, thats why i m trying to make them see their stupid behaviour. (yeah i m also acting stupid responding the same way, but well someone got to stop that crap, since we dont have mods in here)


A lovely friendly guide to be proud of urself -with love to xiaolifeidao and wearesupreme
Note: if you are a kind anti-racist chinese member, please leave immediately.

This thread is intended to those who enjoy posting racist crap against any nationality.

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