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The things I like most about China [Copy link] 中文

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I like

Cheap beer

Cheap cigs

Cheap girls

Cheap country

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I like...

The fact that fun things have not been restricted out of being fun.
-Go-Karts are actually fast here, because they haven't restricted the fun yet.
- Regular gyms can have a boxing ring...not like you'd see a Bally's with a ring back home.

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look who is here

tekvicious: a pants-dropping nigger loser smashed almost dead on a Hainan highway  by a CCP vehicle

ilunga iloonger istoopidus: a loser whigger from Royal Fannyland/Faggieland with no pants on and 700 RMB in Bank of China

Lanzai: son of a blonde crack-whore mom from vikingland and a  japanese pimp dad, die-hard fan of jap porn

5000years: a cheap piece of white trash from a who-knows-what cheap country


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Fun to read: the white trash diary



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Posted: Sat May 14, 2005 9:46 am Post subject

Hey Bricks, I feel your pain. I find it hard to play it cool with a chick I really like. After getting dumped by my last gf though, I've resolved to be cool at all times. Green Day weren't wrong.... Nice guys finish last.

I asked out a cute girl in Bank of China out the other day. She said yeah and I wrote down my number and passed it through the screen thingy. She hasn't called yet. Obviously not impressed with my bank balance Not my fault my friggin' school haven't paid me yet that's another matter. I'm gonna tell my FAO she's cost me a date

Gregory, how's Krakow? I loved the place when I was there three years ago. If I could drag myself away from the mei nv here that's where I'd be. Polish chicks are HOT!

Posted: Sun May 15, 2005 5:42 pm Post subject:


Things are looking up Bank of China chick still hasn't called but ran into a very cute 19 year old last night. Their English teacher took them to the bar to meet some real live lao wai This could be a slow burner as she's got a 24/7 revision sesh ahead of her IELTS exam next saturday but she's very keen to meet up when she gets back from BJ. Now all I gotta do is give my apartment a quick spring clean

Posted: Mon May 16, 2005 1:51 am Post subject:


Do you mean I should start dating China style - ie QQ??

There's so many hot chicks in this town, and only one young English monkey with weirdly enticing hair and blue eyes. Why settle for second best? Actually there's two but the other weird hair guy is a sha bi

So me and the cute chick may not be compatible, it just means we won't last. Doesn't mean to say we can't have fun though.

(to be continued)

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look who's here now

my number 1 stalker.  woo hoo.

anything to say about the actual comments here stubby?  i take it you fully agree as you're attacking the posters, not the posts as per usual.  anything to add?

ps how stupid would it be to leave more than a few thousand yuan in the bank of china? i like to keep my real money safe thanks.  the RMB is like monopoly money.

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Defendindg my pinyin

Ok people, my pinyin skills need work :)

I can, however, speak Manadrin! It is hard trying to sound out words that have sounds that are non existent in your own language!! :)

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ilunga, a Chinese girl's "actual comment" on you

You are nothing more than a loser!

You can not gain sense of achievement without deriding a country where you make a living, can you?

Your country does not provide you a job, but we Chinese people do!

If you don't like China, get packed and get lost!

I am fed up of your stupidity and ignorance, iloonga istupida!

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