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dating a chinese girl, help!! [Copy link] 中文

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--->dont be racist with me, theres not point to be racist.

so, why you need to mention the following:

--->n if u want to be one, then speak mandarin, dont wear western clothes, dont buy white man food, and worst for u, dont use the internet a white man invention.

if we use mandarin, then racists white trash cannot read.
we don't wear western clothes, we all wear clothes 'made in china'!
don't white man enjoy chinese food?
and worst for you, don't use paper, it is a chinese invention!
and don't have fireworks celebration, chinese invented that too!


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you invented this, i invented that, blah blah blah

i don't think u invented anything!
nor did i!
otherwise it should have a patented # !


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i m not against u wittyboy...

yeah i m so sorry i got so angry but yeah i hate to be called " white boy", loser, etc just because i m interested in a chinese girl.

please understand nobody likes to be treated in a racist way. as i said i just got angry and i reacted stupidly trying to respond the same way that those guys who love to call me white boy and give them a reply with their own kind of "medicine". i mean to bash stupid comments.

thanks a lot wittyboy! and once again, believe i do appreciate and value ur culture even more than many chinese members in here do.

about mandarin, just allow me to say this, i have always thought that if it is not nonsense for someone who likes to call himself patriot, xenophobic and nationalistic to talk in a language that is not his own. mandarin is a fantastic language, thats why i m learning it. be proud of ur traditions and ur language.

i do appreciate ur advices to treat this chinese girl as she deserves. i wouldnt be here asking for advice on how to behave as a nice guy and asking how to be respectful of the traditions of china, if i wouldnt be interested to follow them.


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hope this is helpful

actually i don't want to post any of this, im affraid someone might attact it with some racist things. but you seem like a decent guy, so i share with you what do i think about this matter.

you should respect her, if she want to stay in her white wedding dress, let it be. if you are not okay with it go away. don't try to persuade her or try to change her mind about that. she was brought up that way and that is the value she hold. so if you can respect that and loves her enough to wait until the wedding you can go on with your relationship with her. but if not why keep it, in the end you only will break her heart and in a way seperate her with her family value.

indeed woman are complicated to understand, but the thing is woman don't want to be understood. they just want to be loved. some will like an open declamation of love some is more shy. woman always like attention, small gesture that you care for them, not necessary a gift but things that you remember when she just said it briefly.

i think all woman loves gifts, as for chinese girl as the culture is more traditional from western view they are not so open about expressing their feeling boldly,  so go for small but toughtful gifts.
like her fave cd that she have forever and now almost become junk. miniature of her perfume to carry in her purse, jewelry is way too personal. a good book that you know that she will like, a ticket to a movie for her and her friends. basically think of her when you want to get her a gift, in that way your gift will be more personal and toughtful, and woman love that.

go easy and steady with her, don't move to fast but steady at giving attention. the attention is the key, show your affection in more traditional but good way, a big smile whenever you see her, a hug, hold her hand whenever you walk together. she will feell protected and safe with you.

and again she already told you that she wishes to remain in her white wedding dress, so don't approach her with sexual intention. a guy got a guy need, so if she don't worth the wait or the effort move along with someone more suitable for you and tell her honestly about that. she will understand.

i really hope this is helpful to you. really don't waste your time and her time if you don't mean to wait on her.

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Reasonable shiny_mp, and what's more

Tips for further moves:

Learn chinese well, know the culture well,  that way  the insider does.

Her PAPA and MAMA are  the  patron saint for her. Her family is the castle for her. You are just the  white horse she really hesitates to take because you are so different. Show respect to traditional chinese family. Be their friend, really Gooooooooooooood one.



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thanks!! guys!! i really appreciate ur help!!

thanks for ur nice words!! believe me i respect her ideas about proper behaviour before a wedding, but maybe to play a bit more.

chinese girls in here., r u guys very quiet and u guys dont talk much about what u r thinking about the relationship? my idea is that chinese girls do without talking, they ll be with u or they ll break with u, but no much discussion. i find chinese girls dont express their feelings very easy.

And just for the record, don't think that i am here because I just want to “have fun and run” (a usual hobbie of several CD members in here if I believe their posts or what it seems to me it has been their first-and only- assumption when it came to my post for advice with this girl). if I were that kind of guy, then it wouldn't have taken all this time to try to understand the chinese traditions and way of thinking to make things work with her.

I have this question, do the average Chinese girl also do some first moves or most of them are very shy and passive waiting for what the guy does? I don't know how chinese girls way to show affection, I just know it isn’t very open like back home. And what i mean with first moves (and for 'thousand times', dont just think in sex) is, for instance, asking directly the guy to do a trip together, ask the guy to go to this X restaurant or X concert that she wants to go instead of waiting the guy to ask her to do this, etc. that was I meant with first moves.

Thanks guy! And yes, I m beginning to learn mandarin for her, even when we speak English all the time

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Internet was white man invention. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Who told you that?.

I don't  know who really invent the internet, but I believes that it could be a an Indian man or the yellow man  and etc who working for the US computer and electronic company.

Ofcourse white always want to claim that they invent good thing to the humanity. They want to get the credit for themselves and they want to discredit the color men.

CRCR you and the whitedevile are twin brother, because you both claim that white men invent everything on this world.

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