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one question first

how much do you know about him?
are you sure what you like in him?
if you are clear speak your feelings out in front of him no matter what the result is!
spirit up! losing him does not mean losing the whole world.

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before you tell him what you think ,don't jump to the end! that's my perspective.

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Lay your cards on the table

My advice would be to put your cards on the table, so to speak. Sit him down and tell him what you fell. If it was meant to be, then he will respond to your comments and you two will eb able to grow with your relationship. If not, thank god that you were lucky enough to get out of a relationship that wasn't meant to be. Good luck to you!

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same shit different day

if u have read my topics i am in the same situation but i can teach u how to solve this

cos as of today i have done exactly what i have eventually done.................

as u know if u have read my posts i have been with my gf for 2 and half years now and i helped her in every way possible from being sexually used to being a girl she would like herself

but i loved her more than she may have loved me

but to the point as was more in love with her.

but if that person u know isnt for u /

u must ove on

so what i had told her about her previous lovers was i was better than them as a person

and if i could provide and garauntte a better future for her than most men could

then its her loss if she does not realise that and MOST of all express that to me

so what i have done is finished with her without telling her

why u all ask?

well if she finds a better man then good luck cos i am not a thing

i am a human being  and not to be used


if she finds many lovers like her old ones that use her just for sex then tough luck

dont say i didnt tell u i was better

but my point being that no matter what she thinks by the time she finds i was the better option thatn her lovers after me then

haha its too late

and no i am not sorry but this ship has sailed

if u all think this is a person scared to tell someone their true feelings then u are all wrong cos i have told her what i want and the time she is given to fufill her studies but she still cannot show me how much she cared for me

even after 2 and a half years

so my advice to u is the more u think the harder it gets]

and the more time u give this person to give u this headache then the more it hurts

so comon girls and boys move on and just live with it

its happened

and hope it willl not happen again

love u all


a true spokesman for true people unlike the fake people in this forum

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awesome lesson

and the lesson goes for both boys and girls, except the part if the boy gets used for sex (awesome too).


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re:so what i have done is finished with her without telling her

i agree.

never say 'i want to break up with you' it usually always breaks up the other person!

you've got the best suggestion!

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