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What's up with those stinky foreign pigs? [Copy link] 中文

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First, hi Chinadily, I'm new here, and I'm Chinese of course.

just came across some posts and saw a number of  yellow hair creature lurking around our forum with bad manner, why forum mod just let them get away like that? no banning?  I mean isn't this China dialy? We chinese can careless about whatever these 400 pounds moronic hogs doing  in their country, but why come here post? you think we care what you think about us?  lol, roll back to your filthy hell hole, and stick with your own ugly she-orcs.  what you say or think about us is your bussiness, as long as you stay in your own place.  ^_^  

come on mod, keep China daily pure, let the banning start, I can smell those pigs straight from Singapore  damnit.

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huh yellow hair?

anyway chinese pigs smell more nicer but with the pig disease and all i think they are banned or somehting

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See, all white nigger have inferior complex

LOL white men, then I guess you wouldn't mind to leave us "chinese pigs" alone and find your own forum to boost about your inferior culture and your ugly pink face or spread your AIDS more so often or whatsoever?   ~la~la~~la~

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White nigger = whigger or wigger

A portmanteau word combining white and nigger.


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lol dude

u misunderstood me i support u im chinese myself haha was trying to be a smartarse about pigs

xiaolifeidao must be witty one cos both use 'lol' in the end

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Wearesupreme ...

... so which Supreme are you? Diana Ross?

You are not new to China Daily since it appears that you joined in March and have been posting rubbish ever since.

Let me try a couple of quotes from one of your previous posts (spelling and grammar mistakes left intact): “keep the whole conversation in a civil way” and “I sorry, but anger, name calling, and being submassive won't help the case one bit”. Hmmm, with all the stuff you post you must be another hypocrite!

Why don’t you try taking your racist drivel and shouting it up and down Orchard Road Mr Singaporean? You wouldn’t last 5 seconds.

Alternatively you could try to distance yourself from the intolerant racism that abounds in these forums and post something constructive and positive!

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this is the real reflection of what's going on in your tiny inferiority complexed little brain:

plus, Stupidity,
plus, foulmouth
= stubby

You have the 1 fomula, and now study my poem.







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Part 2
Tsiek tsiek and tsiek tsiek,
Flying dagger lowers his sighs.
Who's in his heart and what’s on his mind?
"No one’s on my heart, and nothing’s on my mind.”

“Daydreaming, a devil at my sight,
He’s a storm arose f’m the sea.
Hurts the hopeful suitors home,
Taking away their pretty girls.”

“The devil’s not a ghost in deed
But a man from far away.
To Dragon’s land hunts for treasure,
The devils get the lasses home.”

“Peonies warm’p the daggers’land,
Hidden back there a thousand years.
Daggers’ land opens up.
Hidden spring comes to sight”

“Easy it is to pray for “god”,
Farewell farewell, a fading plea.
By no means to let them go
Daggers are nothing gardeners alike.”

“Bitter and alone with peonies gone,
Blame the peonies for being pale”.

2005-08-05 16:12

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