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xiaoliza, your "species"

human beings are all of the same "species", with a number races.  If you claim you belong to another "species", then I understand perfectly that you can't find a human woman for your "species".

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liangzai, "Read my lip": "Sweden is a chickenshit, a fucking pagan" !

Sweden has one of the highest tax structure under the last socialist government in the world.

The Swedish Government was so indecisive in joining the EU that it was not until 1995 that they decided to join halfway but rejected the euro introduction in 1999.

The Swedish people are chickenshit in the last 200 years, never engaged in two world wars and with less people than the  greater Shanghai area.

Vikings no more but became a chickenshit in the last 200 years and hiding in the northern Europe avoiding to face Hilter and leading a hand to free France.

And this jerk liangzai did not even know his motherfucker history that Swedes are weak people, afraid to stand up against the The Third Reich and fought along the world against the Nazi !

So go back to your country and learn some history about Sweden !

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The rise and fall of the Vikings--No country on earth except CHINA has a gloriou

The Vikings did "rape" neighboring countries in the 16th & 17th centuries but by 18th centuries, the Vikings had lost most of the land they captured from Norway and Denmark and proclaimed peace with their neighbors.

Let's turn fast forward in 2000-2002, Sweden suffered major economic depression and eventually voted the socialist government out of the office but still use so-called welfare democratic state.

Sweden is only ranked 17th among the world in terms of GDP with average Swedes income less than USD $30,000.00

This is hardly an affluent country compared with other G-7 nations (excluding Russia as G-8).

The economic growth of CHINA  well exceed 9% and United States in the last quarter grows to 3.5% in economic growth.

What is the economci growth of Sweden ? Anemic growth !!!

Norway has vast oil reserves and Denmark has the highest GDP in the world and also why liangzai can not even find his own kind--a Swedish girl because all the nice, educated , beautiful Swede girls married American !

Even a Swedish nanny married an American Black niggar called Tiger Wood. What a loser, liangzai, your country's girls all went to America and married niggars !!!!

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odetta and civilization are Lesbians kissing each pussies and using toys to inse

What a prevert, civilization inserted the toy "a long black rod" inside Odetta!

Odetta stated English only in thei Forum.

Civilization. You are sure not even at par with any of us in English if you can not even write in English in an English Forum !

Go learn some Chinglish from odetta and kiss her pussy  !

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the schizophrenic charles

you said I loved white cocks, and now you are saying I'm a lesbian  

nobody is at par with your craziness, and xiaoliza is the best chinglish teacher.

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