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MI-6 Agents Caught Trying To Blow Up Chicago Subway (only partially confirmed) [Copy link] 中文

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(The story is only partially confirmed.)

Tony Blair's MI-6 Agents Caught Trying To Blow Up Chicago Subway – July 19, 2005

By Tom Heneghan & Stew Webb Federal Whistleblowers
Heneghan-Webb Presidential & Vice Presidential Candidates 2004
Viva' La France:

French Intelligence and The U.S. Marshall Service Monday night July 18, 2005 caught eight of Tony Blair's British MI-6 Agents trying to bomb the Chicago Subway system. A shoot out killed 4 British Agents. Four were captured in the act of Terrorism and arrested. The British Agents part of Bush & Blair's Al Quaida network were charged in Federal Court today with explosives. The British MI-6 Terrorist Cell Operated out of Laidlaw Corp in Chicago.

Chicago US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald served Tony Blair a subpoena in the CIA Valerie Plame case on July 13, 2005 to answer questions regarding his role in the leaks connected to George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Condi Rice, Andrew Card, Scooter Libby and Karl Rove. Tony Blair has not yet responded to his subpoena. George W. Bush has not responded to his subpoena either. Tony Blair had supplied George W. Bush with falsified British Intelligence stating that Iraq leader Saddum Hussein had obtained "Yellow Cake" Nuclear materials from Niger. This was the reason Bush gave to start the war in Iraq. This has all now been proven to be lies by Bush and Blair. CIA Valerie Plame's husband Ambassador Joseph Wilson submitted his report prior to the Bush-Blair lies that Niger never sold yellow cake to Iraq. Wilson came forth stating Bush lied in his State of the Union address to the nation. Valerie Plame's CIA Network was further investigating Bush & Cheney's orchestrated attack on America on 9-11-2001. New York Police Bernard Kerik who ran a FEMA operation out of pier 29 known as Code Angel also known as Tripod II planted the bombs on the 7 World Trade Center Building that were demolished on 9-11-2001. This operation was a US Justice Department operation involving Gary Best of Defense Intelligence Agency a George H. W. Bush Shadow Government Crony who is currently in Prison in the French Guinea for espionage against the French Government. Best has admitted to French Authorities of his 9-11 involvements. As I am writing this press release two more British MI-6 agents were arrested a few minutes ago details are forthcoming.

Also today British Stooge MI-6 Agent Linda Fanton Pike of Iowa tied to Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, today made death threats against a Investigative Journalist on behalf of Department of Defense agency operatives under Criminal Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The Journalist was told to stay away from Tom Heneghan & Stew Webb.

Federal Whistleblower Mary Schneider gets bogus mocking email from a 9-11 connected P-Tech software company, (Mitre) that was used to over ride the Pentagon computers on 9-11-2001.

Federal Whistleblower Tom Heneghan's tires were stolen off his car today in broad daylight, by Bush Goons.

Bush & Blair obviously are trying to cause a Terrorist attack in America to derail the Federal Grand Jury Investigations of their roles of the Plame leaks which is violations of National Security Laws and their War Crimes against Sovereign Nation Iraq with intentional falsified reports. Their further Treason Attacks on America involve Rouge CIA, DIA, British MI-6, Russian and Mossad agents who were also involved in the 9-11-2001 World Trade Center Attack and Pentagon attacks.

More to come, stay tuned.

Tom Heneghan & Stew Webb


Hal Turner has that the story is "under tight wraps"

Other non-media coverage:

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Stop it....

you moron.

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MI-6 Agents...

Is this some kind of a joke?

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Sure or not Mr. Chihuahua Canadian Grenadier98!!!!!!!

...try to keep the peace!

I think America has been nice recently after the BRITISH CLUB'S great show, it has offered the OLIVE LEAF....

(1) IRA to stop terrorizing BRITAIN.
(2) America to stop agitate Argentina to take FALKLANDS.
(3) America to stay away from the Strait of Malacca.
(4) Jamaica remains BRITISH CLUB.
(5) South Africa to remain within the BRITISH CLUB but allied to the NON WHITE PORTION of the BRITISH CLUB.

America on the other hand has given notice
(1) that it can also terrorise India, no need for Indians to dream of INDIAN LAKE, it must allow its economy to be DOLLARIZED.

that's the PEACE TREATY, Mr. Fish!


Game Master
Lord of the code.

British Club.

Note to British Club: The New Middle Kingdom also support the British Club to protect their people's freedom and prosperity against predations by American Hoods and Jewish Snakes.

Game Master
Lord of the code

New Middle Kingdom

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Yes about what

but what is this about Canada all the time?


Canada is part of America. There will be no division. China//Russia coming on to Canada...that's a no no.

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Right Mr. Fish...we know, you guys want Canada, Mexico and Latin America...

...and need India, Indonesia and Phillipines to be the new CONSUMEABLE and cheap DURABLE assembly to support the American economy and replace the NEW MIDDLE KINDDOM should Rmb, Euro replace the US$ market.

You need Latin America to continue to "buy up" the "minted US$". MONROE DOCTRINE will continue to be implemented.

I guess Mr. Syncman, need to really "think up a defence". A Brazilian would understand Brazilian condition.

Mr. Fish, support of India, would mean the ELEPHANT CORPORATIONS, such as the TATA'S, BIRLA'S, RELIANCE etc. etc. will be scouring the AFRICAN CONTINENT in direct conflict with FRENCH and ENGLISH (historically the INDIANS has been manipulated and chase off KENYA, SOUTH AFRICA, WEST COAST AFRICA)...and that would be troubling since the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM are also active in Sudan, Angola, Rhodesia, Nigeria (regions vacated by the French, English and destabalized by the Americans)!!!!!!

America only have Liberia and is causing a lot of problems in Sudan, Erithrea, Eastern Africa.....


fm Gd.

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"we know, you guys want Canada" ???

We want it??? We already have it silly.

As far as Mexico and South America, well they are still up for grabs. China is making a rather strong move in South America would not you say? 250 Chinese special forces landing in Venezuela.

Hmmm,  I guess they have been brought in to harvest the coffee.

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