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Flashback: Who murdered 32 Iraqi children around the time of london bombings? [Copy link] 中文

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Who Murdered 32 Iraqi
Children? - The Truth
Comes Out


An independent investigation of the murder last week of 32 Iraqi children has been conducted by a local Iraqi news location (Mufakirat Al-Islam / with results as follows:
The writing is in Arabic, so I will translate some highlights for non-Arabic speakers:
- All major Iraqi Resistance groups issued joint written communiqué that was distributed on Thursday proclaiming that this operation was not undertaken by any of the groups neither in terms of execution or planning or involvement.
- Interview with local residents of the bombing stated that US forces cordoned off the street under the pretence that a vehicle (a KIA) parked in the street was wired to explode.
- Local residents stated that the US soldiers began handing out candy and schoolbags attracting the children.
- When residents, fearing for their children, asked about the KIA car , the US soldiers said that it was a 'false alarm' and that there was no bomb (but that a couple of US soldiers remained fiddling with the car).
- Children from neighboring streets came upon hearing of the sweets and free bags (as well as a rumor that Pokemon toys were being given out).
- After a period of about 15 minutes from them entering the street, the US forces dumped the remaining toys/sweets in a pile in the middle of the street and frantically drove off hitting 4 children in the process with their vehicle.
- Seconds later, the KIA vehicle exploded killing 32 children and wounding about ten others who were gathered in the street.
- Residents also reported that, contrary to what the US military stated, there were no US casualties or injuries from this blast as the US forces had rushed out of the street just before the explosion took place.
- Information gathered from the Iraqi fire services stated that the explosion did not leave the signature traces of a TNT blast as used by the Resistance (being left over from Russian explosives used by the Iraqi army), as the TNT blast is always outward from the place of explosion and does not leave a crater as this car bomb did.
In conclusion, the evidence and interviews revealed what was obvious from the very start...That this evil crime was perpetrated by occupation forces with the objective of murdering Iraqi children and blaming the national Resistance so as to lessen its base of support (sounds like Vietnam tactics all over again - Phoenix).
May God grant peace to the dead, victory to the Resistance, and shame and retribution to the occupiers and their allies/supporters.
From Joe Buckland
"When residents, fearing for their children, asked about the KIA car , the US soldiers said that it was a 'false alarm' and that there was no bomb (but that a couple of US soldiers remained fiddling with the car)."
It might have been that the GIs WERE examining the car and realized it was VERY suspicious and got the hell out of there...with or without yelling a warning to locals. We know there is a big language problem in Iraq. Maybe they said 'Get out' Get out!' but no one understood them.

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They took their country and their oil, and give children sweet candies.

Wow, this is how they treat Iraqis.

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This is Israeli style

It is well known Israel kills children to subdue the Palestinians, they have killed around 600 recently. Now we know USA military policy is dominated by Zionists so it is no surprise if they kill kids as well.

I think it looks true but even assuming it is not, what a stupid thing to do handing sweets to children when Americans know well that killers are around.

My  bet goes on the deliberate USA  killing of Iraqi kids. Of course I cannot prove a thing.

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What are you talking about?

1 US Soldier and 3 US Soldiers were injured, I don't know where you got your information, but use a more trusted site such as BBC.

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