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love over money [Copy link] 中文

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sincere guy thinks..

well i think if u got some money, u can buy many things including friends. love u cant buy, but u can spend it on a mistress, girls and girls... lets call it fake love.  in my case, i m not bill gates, but well i found that with the money i have, is already enough to bring the attraction of so many girls..many girls see me with interest and i m weak...

bottom line, money is a problem if u want to find love. in my case, i am always suspicious if the girls are interested on me or the money. to date someone of ur same socio-economic level is good, nobody looks down or think suspicious.

so girls, u r wrong, dont try to find money but love, because for example if u r poor and we begin to go out, u can be the most amazing, honest, cutest, prettiest girl but i wont fall in love with u very easy, it will take a lot of time,, why? i m gonna always be thinking this girl is with me because i have money and i m interesting, what would she think if i dont have money and continue being interesting, would she continue with me just because i m nice?

poor girls bring tons of economic issues that scares u, including to give money to her parents, they tend to say yes to everything just because they would like to continue the fancy life u give them, etc etc i m sure if i were poor, many girls would break with me in a second and find a better guy but because i got some cash to spend, they tend to forgive me if i see another girl or if i do something bad as long as the money continue cashing in in her direction. i mean presents, fancy places, trips abroad, etc etc   

honestly thats been my life, the only time i dated a richer person than me, as soon as i did something wrong, she called just like that and told me bye bye we r done. Instead just 2 poor girls have had the guts to break me. and i have dated many many girls...

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love and money

I always think that love is beautiful, and it cannot be replaced by anything else.Of course money is included.
But today i saw an article in another website.
The girl left her lover because of money.Because she felt that if she still stayed with the boy, the boy is under great pressure and had to work all night and often overtime.
She didn't want to see this scene.So she chose to leave him.
After I read the article, i felt sad .
Why money is so important that two lovers disparted at last.
they should face difficulties together, i believe as long as there is love between them,other problems will be solved at last.
But why the girl chose to give up?
The thing i am not willing to see is that two lovers  at the beginning eventually dispart .
I hope all lovers can be together with each other and grow old along with each other.

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well sad to see

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sad to see

that no one has addaed an answer to this topic for some time now

as u all know this is a growing issue amongst people

like i have said b4 i am not racist against any nationalities

but my experience in france has opened my eyes to how people eg chinese women handle men and choose them

one was for power in their work place

2 was for visas

3 which is the main problem in this topic is money

as u all know this does exsist and esspecially with the chinese women

so why u have not replied or are denie this fact and share ur opinions like real people

and ,most of all it does exsist cos there have been topics where by girls in china are dating older married men and gettin addicted to the money they provide outside his normal family so comon if u dare to answer to this topic KIDS

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love over money

Grenadier many nics have you got ..dont you work ..tell you what ..there would be no love coming your way ! ......because your a rat !

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