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How much does it cost to bribe a US congressman? [Copy link] 中文

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Wacho, shan, myfriend

"COSCO shipping is owned 80% by Chinese military"

Do not be silent. SPEAK OUT. Tell us how this can be in.

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There you are SH

CSB would not have the right answer because he has been in office only for a few years.
Now you can ask those Mainlander Chinese over here, the KMT, they will know the correct answer. They had been doing that for quite a few years. Soong will soon be visiting his Chinese Master , you can ask him then.

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SSSSHH.....dont say a word

Shan, the boogieman might get you. Wacho come out from beneath that bed, there is nothing to be afraid of. Myfriend, surly you can speak on this.

Speak out...or forever hold your tongue.

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cant believe they are learning from china oh well...

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Oh fish, you stupid, stupid child!

You know so little about the world, about government, about economics - and seemingly can't even think.

Here, only in the throes of pity will I try to explain although I know you will not understand.

Why is China doing so well? Why is the economy doing so well? Why are the people so damned pleased?

Here - and this will hopefully answer your simpering little attempt to dig yourself out from what was actually only a mis-type that you blew all out of proportion:

In China, it is possible to have a low personal income tax rate. Why? Easy, because the government wants the people to use the money they earn to spend within the economy so as to stimulate the economy.

Now of course that is anathema to stupid people like yourself and the brain-dead in Washington that have been so brainwashed into thinking the only purpose the people of a country have is to work to give money to the military/industrial complex that makes up the government.

A major criteria though is that a government must be able to generate money to manage those things that are in any government's purview. How is it done in China? Easy, the government, and the military, must generate their own income! How do they do that? Again, easy, they set up businesses that must compete and use the profits from those businesses to support the government and the military.

Such an easy concept to grasp - although of course we all know very difficult for you - instead of sucking the blood from the people by taking half - or more - of the people's salary to support the government and the military - the government and the military must support itself for the most part. And business pays more in tax than does the individual! Shhh! Don't let the American people learn about that though. I mean what a catastrophe! Having business pay more than the people? Oh the gnashing of teeth and rending of Armani suits that would engender.

No free rides here. You don't earn - you don't suck off the public tit. Just another of those things the government of America doesn't want the people of America to think about. A government performing and supporting itself! A military performing and supporting itself!

So that's the answer to your mealy-mouthed little question. How does it happen that the PLA owns any business? They have to so the salaries of the military get paid - no sucking off the public tit here.

Not like America where the military and the government get to suck the blood of the people and use the con of divesting all government businesses to their cronies as "levelling the playing field." The cronies of the corrupt American government get rich. The corrupt American politicians get rich. The companies of the corrupt American politicians get rich...and the people get poorer and poorer.

There is much to be said for a government that has to perform and support itself. There is much to be said for a military that has to perform and support itself. There is much to be said for the people being allowed to keep more of their own money than they give to the government to waste. Too bad Americans don't have as far-sighted and intelligent government as Chinese people do.

Oh well, maybe one day America will come screaming and kicking into the 21st Century but until then I guess the people of America will only be able to suffer by giving more money to their corrupt government than they get to give to their own children. Poor Americans - I pity you.

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COSCO shipping is owned 80% by Chinese military

That is correct. Incidentally, this is the reason why market economy reforms and capitalism will continue apace in China, because the PLA and the centural government depend on the success of these measures.

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As predicted -- the fish jumped to sputter, full of mud

I have said that a dying fish in a drying pond would always sputter, sputter for the last minutes for his/her life.

This is exactly what we see on this thread. LOL.

Stupid fish, I gave you time to sputter, it deosn't mean I gave you the right to live with the lies.

1st, even if 80% of COSCO shipping was done by Chinese military, so what? It's economy, COSCO wanted to do it. None of your business.

2nd, you have been caught cheating on news sources before. Today, I am sasking you to disclose your source again, don't come here to fool us with some heritage.ord or etc. Those are garbages fed by your boss, the CIA agent tsupasat. Gain your independence first before speaking.

3rd. Why so silent about the cheap American politicians?

Fish never failed to sputter before dying !!

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