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Man shot dead not linked to London bombing, he was innocent Brazilian electricia [Copy link] 中文

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Post time 2005-7-27 09:52:00 |Display all floors your crocodile tears....

"an innocent person killed this way"

I never heard you shedding a tear when the innocent British people were getting killed by the terrorists.

Do you have selective tears?

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Shame on you terrorist fish, here is what I said:


We deeply feel for the London people who have become the victims
of the recent bombing attacks, they suffered due to war criminals Bush and Blair as well as those who benefited from Iraq War.

Let's also remember that London people are the bravest and the most strongly against Iraq War.

London people demonstarted much better qualities in front of such attacks than Americans, with their courage and conscience.

As we feel for the London people, let's also not to forget, as London Mayor said, those innocent Iraqi civilians who were bombed to death by US modern weapons such as airplanes and cluster bombs...

Let's remember, more than 110,000 Iraqi civilians have died due to the US-led illegal Iraq War! Half of them are children and women !


more than 110,000 Iraqi CIVILIANS died of the Iraq War !!!

When we talk about terrorism, we should not forget STATE TERRORISM and PRE-EMPTIVE TERRORISM.

Let's find out the evil root of the war, not just saying 'they don't like our way of life'. That's pathetic, that showed the spinners are afraid to tell the truth, that's an excuse that only fools would believe.

2005-07-13 09:39


Shame on you, have you ever shed a tear for the 100,000 Iraqi civilians died of your ugly bombing?

Shame on you, state terrorist fish!

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the bus WAS in an arab area. I have bought arab sweets many times there.


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Blair under fire over London bombings

British Prime Minister Tony Blair came under pressure for supporting the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq after an influential think-tank linked the war to the London bombings.

Security experts at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, known as Chatham House, said in a study that Iraq war made the United Kingdom more vulnerable to attacks.

The report contradicts Blair's claims that there was no link between the July 7 attacks and Britain's role in Iraq or Afghanistan.

"There is no doubt that the situation over Iraq has imposed particular difficulties for the UK," said the London-based research centre in its report, titled: "Riding Pillion for Tackling Terrorism is a High-risk Policy".

The report, which comes less than two weeks after the attacks on London's transport network, strongly criticized the British government's anti-terrorism strategy, saying that Britain is being driven by the United States rather than making its own decisions.
I say:

Time for the UK  to dump the USA/Israel  alliance?...

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This is a lie

"more than 110,000 Iraqi CIVILIANS died of the Iraq War !!!"

If you keep on saying it does not make it so.

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You are the lying fish

Can you read? Everyone in this forum knows the lacent report which explicitly stated:

At least 100,000 Iraqis died of the recent Iraq war, more than 50% of them are children and women.

This was the number of last year by the way. Is the killing stopped? American PBS reported 110,000.

NO. You criminal fish.

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Chris, this is a reply to your previous post

yes, it is a sorry state. I think US is the same situation.

I heard it's called ROll BACK. They had a systematic roll back after 70s in every institutions since the Reagon and Margaret Thatcher years...They basically be able to influence  both parties.

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