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Man shot dead not linked to London bombing, he was innocent Brazilian electricia [Copy link] 中文

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Myfriend, not all of us

Myfriend, not all of us .there are still a few real brits around and  we don't do hysteria. Nearly 600 kids were killed in Palestine in a similar way and the world is unable to see this because of media control.

This does  NOT excuse the brits on this one, I am really sickened .and we should and will eat "humble pie" . then take out the weak cowards  who did this type of killing.

This is not solved by compensation but I say give the family $10,000,000. OK money is  not what it is all about but the guy could at least look after his family after his death  with the money

Rest assured there are many very angry brits here on this one

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The police officer meant well

They thought they would have been a hero. Imagine taking out a terrorist and killing him before he was able to set the bomb off. They tried to save innocent lives and instead they cost an innocent life.

I am sure that police officer feels remorse today. He see's the mother and the father and brother and sisters. His career will never be the same. His life as he knew it will never be the same.

Champ or Chump.

I too think the young mans family should get money. Not that it will bring their son back but it could help the family over all.

Note: When the police say is wise to stop.

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matt605, I read your post,

London police failed in all respects.
Police not only killed an electrician going to work, but had he been a suicide bomber, they would have failed to keep him off the train. And they followed him from home.

The plainclothes police followed the man onto his normal bus. The man saw that he was being stalked and became worried that he might become the victim of a hooligan attack. Once off the bus, he did not wait for a confrontation to escalate into violence, but fled with alll his strength for the safety of the subway train. There they killed him.

I would like to see the videocam picture of the man entering the station. We've seen the same for the 7/7 bombers, and police aren't looking for them (except in small pieces).

And I just want to cry. Thats' all I want to say, an innocent person killed this way, shot 8 times, all because he had a darker skin color, looked like a 'terrorist". And the recent report said there is a policy called : "shoot and kill".

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How about shoot the fish, shoot his/her head

because s/he doesn;t look like a human being, in fact, more like a terrorist.

Shoot and kill first, find out who s/he is later.

Shoot the head, according to the policy.

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It's very sad to see the world becoming this way. I hope those policemen are thugs but the recent news is that this seems to be a new policy.

It's a comfort to have you, a british, around who could stand up to say no to the war, to Blair. I am sure myfriend understand you.

Thank you and peace to the world.

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shanhuang, thanks for your comment

"I hope those policemen are thugs but the recent news is that this seems to be a new policy"

Sadly I must agree, I am sorry to have got steamed up over this. Remember a million people demonstrated against the USA/ Israel/ UK attack on Iraq here in the UK.

I actually voted for Blair. Never again, my family have voted labour for 60 years, grandfather, father, myself, brothers, cousins and all.I blame Blair for the killing, he allowed the policy change.

I will never vote for that con man again. The problem is I am lost as to where to vote, the conservatives are really  worse than Blair. The liberals dems are too weak to oppose anything. I am like many brits isolated with nowhere to go in politics..  We have a few great people though, Claire Short, Robin Cook , George Galloway.Tony Benn Etc. I will from now on ignore the Blair supporters.

Best wishes

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Very Informative

Very Informative!

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