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Terrorists are not senseless killers!! [Copy link] 中文

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Perhaps nothing about a thought should ever be final, especially in your case!

Terrorists are people who have no sense of the real world.

Did the terror of the Imperialist Japanese in the Rape of Nanking achieve their desired goal? -- Obviously not, for now the Japanese are highly despised by a large portion of the Chinese people, with some who harbor thoughts of vengeance upon the Japanese people to this day.

Did Hitler's bombing of London humiliate the English? Hardly! The English people became incensed and absolutely determined to destroy him and his regime, and the Anglo-Americans took a little run at bombing Dresden, just for the political vengeance of it all!

Did the Imperialistic Japanese bend the American people with the bombing of Pearl Harbor? -- On the great contrary, for nearly every man, woman and child then sought to destroy the Imperialistic terrorists with every ounce of soul that could be mustered! -- And so they did, topped off with two Atomic bombs to boot! Unfortunately, the Japanese powers still need to get it straight and stop making a martyr's scene out of the bombing their own idiotic government forced onto them to end their hostile and inhumane activity!!!

Did the 9/11 bombings make the Americans listen and understand the heartfelt rantings of bin Laden? Not hardly! It made the Americans determined to see Bushwhacker Jr. go after that coward with a damned and hellish vengeance!

In fact, terrorists are only looking for attention.

They are deprived of love and understanding.

They are too blind to see that the hate that emanates from every pore of their deranged souls have caused them to not just be disliked, but despised and hated! -- Most of the world would like to see them absolutely removed from the earth forever, and no one is interested in understanding their reckless and callous insanity, except to find a means to destroy it!

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I do not feel interested to reply you... too inadequate. Try writing more than 2 sentences next time.

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Miracle... I already rebutted similar arguments as yours. Why do you bring it up again?

A terrorist does violent actions motivated by political purposes e.g.; forcing Americans out of Iraq. Just check the dictionary, it is a book, has a lot of big words. I know I should read it more often too... but you seriously need to check the definition of terrorism.

In other words, Dubya and Blair Bitc4 admit terrorists have political motives by the simple fact that they call them terrorists. This contradicts their claim that terrorists are mad and just do things without a reason. We should call them psychopaths, but we don't.

WELL! YOU DEMAND MONEY? Get a job you lazy bum...
If I kidnap you and demand money I will be called a kidnapper and not a terrorist.

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sadness has returned... your argument is not new... read the others...

You know what I will say next right? You are prepared for it, are you not? If not than you are in for a big surprise and most of us have seen it coming a mile away.

Your examples do not include any American or British atrocities!! There I said it!

Such as the American napalm use on civilians in Iraq and Vietnam (I have a forum on this subject) and British chemical warfare against Iraqi civilians. Selectively choosing the conflicts are we?

If you question any of those above you will force me to go into more detail. So just go ahead and open/join a new thread so we can discuss them.

Hitler was at war with England... What did you expect him to do? Send flowers over by UPS?

Get serious you fool... Have some real arguments ready or just learn to "off".

Modern day terrorists can be very easily stopped. The key to stopping them is... stopping killing Muslims and supporting suppressive governments in the Middle East e.g.; Israel, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Bin laden in the past and so on.

The most ironic part is that these terrorists which you so hate have been created by your own government. The training and environment for them to emerge has been created by whom other than the Americans.

A happy Muslims is not a suicidal Muslim. Only a desperate, who-has-lost-his-whole-family during "Operation Iraqi Freedom” Muslim is a suicidal Muslim.

About the whole hateful part... you are way off. Most Europeans and Asians who have some understanding of politics can sympathize with the terrorists. Only you who have never seen the truth will always be in the dark. Again I stress I do not approve of killing people, EVER!

So if you are sincere about stopping terrorists and you really want to avoid more blood shed, just think about what I have said. Al-Qaeda and fellow terrorists are wrong answers to real problems.

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Take a phrase and redefine it any way you like, but the definition of a terrorist generally does not include just any kind of terror or atrocious act, now does it? -- I think you said so in some kind of way, yourself. Never mind, it doesn’t matter, but I think expanding the definitive notion of terrorism is probably a disservice to form of thug-like behavior, ‘civilized governments’ tend to believe they themselves are incapable of. Ain’t it a political definition after all? – Ergo a moot point?

What political purpose does bin Laden have in mind? -- I really would like to know! I am certain he is just a glory seeker, not much different in that regard than Bush Jr. (as I think you are trying to point out), except that Bush Jr., speaks about spreading his form of democracy as if it is a clear mandate of God (not too unlike the fringe religious zealots that follow bin Laden's ideology) and acts instead to bully the Nations in the world that are susceptible to his brand of spreading the gospel -- in fact, the US administration is afraid of shaking-up the Pakistani government despite the dashed hopes of the failed attempt at democracy in that Nation -- and therein lies the last bastion of bin Laden.

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88... Bin Laden had several demands...

They were posted several times on many different posts. Go search the internet; I am sure you will find a few dozens.

Of course it would be impossible to convince you of this, if you support Bush and his hardliner policies. The simple truth of the matter is that, the current Islamic terrorist that plague The United States still do so for a reason, and that is the bottom line.

You can not ignore the fact that Bin Laden was America's ally when he fought the oppressive Soviet Union which tried to occupy Muslim territory. After the break up of the Soviet Union the American government has actively continued where the Soviets stopped.

America's former allies turned on them. Bin Laden turned on America.

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OK, so bin Laden had several demands ...

whatever they are ...

Why should anyone care?

finalthought, you defined terrorism, it is your thread and your thought, so there is no need to find a dictionary definition, we are using your definition in this thread.

You state that terrorism is not senseless, that there is reason.


Who cares?

Why should anyone care?

That someone is capable of commiting an act of terror is no reason to give them any credence!

There are billions of desires and demands in this world, many of those folks can make threats of violents and many can carry through wilth their threats. Prisons around the world are full of these folks.

You told me to find out bin Laden's demands on my own. You suggest I might not believe something if I supported Bush's ideology or something.


That bin Laden was able to collect a bunch of misguided, testosterone-derived young men and boys to promote his violence does not justify him as having any political right to make a demand.

Neither does the bank robber who terrorizes the bank teller have any right for his reasons to be considered.

A rational person has no interest in understanding the reasons for why millions of people commit crimes against humanity.

Governments, on the other hand, ought to be approachable, and perhaps even changed by the inhabitants of that Nation.

That Columbia has been a country overrun with terror by drug cartel lords does not make the demands of the drug cartel lords legitimate.

I was never in favor of the Iraqi war, I certainly think a better approach to helping the Iraqi people find a way to manage their government could have been sought out and employed!!! The last attempted organized terrorist attack on London stated that they wanted the Brits out of Iraq. Why should I care what they want? Why should anyone care what they think?

Their approach is illegitimate and criminalistic -- they, their thoughts, their ideas and their demands are summarily dismissed!!! Period!!! Civilized people are not interested in uncivilized people's means, methodologies nor thoughts, do you not agree?

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