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Terrorists are not senseless killers!! [Copy link] 中文

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"Terrorists" are sometimes not terrorists

A good example is self defence organisation HAMAS.

Called "terrorist" by the Zionist Americans it is a self  defence organisation fighting to remove invaders from  its own land, land which is Palestinian under international law.

Hamas is divided into two main spheres of operation:

social programmes like building schools, hospitals and religious institutions
military action and terror attacks carried out by Hamas' armed underground wing Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades
It also has a branch in exile, formerly in Jordan - where one of its leaders, Khalid Meshaal, was the target of a bungled Israeli assassination attempt in 1997

Many Palestinians see "martyrdom" operations as the best way to revenge their own losses and counter Israel's seemingly-inexorable march to colonise the West Bank and Gaza, denying Palestinians justice and their legitimate national aspirations

Its founder Sheikh Yassin was killed in a missile attack on 22 March 2004, after an unsuccessful attempt on his life six months before. Sheikh Yassin was in his wheelchair when the Israelis killed him .

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wow greendragon

Israel is only a "Eye Catching" issue to "allow for deception". Don't be silly! Mr. Christopher.

Israel shoots children as a terror tactic . Over 680 now shot , an average of one every 3 days since october 2000.

Israel has cost the USA over $3 TRILLION just to 2002.($3,000,000,000,000)

Israel almost directly taxes the USA receiving american tax dollars  on demand.

USA support of Israel has caused the "war with Islam" and we all pay.
Israel  was the factor behind the UK actually losing UK lives in Iraq because the attack on Iraq was an Israeli con trick and Blair the idiot fell for it.

Two Israeli cowards shot a UK aid worker and a UK journalist and another israeli coward  ran a bulldozer over Rachael Corrie.

They are building a wall on  land which is not Israeli under international law.

And you say  "forget Israel"?

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88... You misunderstand the world.

God is God and whatever you say can not change it. You really should not insult religion as it is a highly sensitive agenda.

Since you think this is the cause of terrorism and violence around the world than I can tell you with confidence, you are wrong!

The first crusades were against other Christians, excuses to have a land grab. Like wise the crusades against Muslims continued, again land was grabbed.

Now in the modern world were the subject is not religion any more but political systems, democracy are used as the tool/excuse for new age crusades. In fact it is pointless to discuss religions and democracy as their aim is not concerned with any of those 2 mentioned. Their aim is simply to grab resources. End of story.

Now for your information I love to dance and sing. You are right though, I do not know how to sing well, if that is what you meant.

Stop being an ignorant little girl and grow up. By the way Jews, Christians and Muslims love to dance, during weddings or other happy occasions etc. Even though they do suck at it... horribly...

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Christopher is right!

Israel is a very important issue. It should be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Israel is also supported by too many of the powerful nations. By too many I mean mainly America, an important factor for world instability.

I do believe that Israelis have a right to live in Palestine if they choose to do so, but not create an illegal Israel.

Israel must not enjoy a foundation built on children's blood and bones.

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You are cute.

No understand me English?

Islamic terrorists are ugly and no they cannot love.

Your thingy about God is also bullshit.

Please stay away from my rear-end, you really are a sexually misoriented lot, now aren't you?


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I actually agree with Bin Laden's demands

Here are a few of Osama bin Laden's demands and reason for September 11 against the American people.
-Remove all American troops from the muslim most holy land(Saudi Arabia).
-Stop supporting Israel and the killing of Palestinians.

I just think he has rather a forceful way of making his points.  On 9/11 I thought he was a mindless terrorist, now I understand his points but hate the thought of bringing down skyscrapers to make them.

I  think American support of Israel caused  the whole problem, oil was just a fringe benefit.

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What a disgusting personal attack you made on finalthought  ,


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