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Terrorists are not senseless killers!! [Copy link] 中文

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back from the dead

A powerful straing of the T virus from Resident Evil seems to have affected my long dead post.

Anyhow I am interested to see what those neo-colonial imperialistic American terrorist have to say for them selfs. Probably nothing!

We all know they are guilty, perhaps that is why the main architect behind the Iraq war is going to get hanged, Libby! However, that is not enough.

As we are lynching one guy others are drawing up new battle plans. We should quickly isolate the American threat that breeds terrorism. Somewhat like a cancer. Isolate it, try to cut it out, if that don't work just bombard them until they die.

In fact we can all agree, Father Sam raised them, trained them, equipped them, urged them and let them execute their so called terrorist act. Who am I talking about? Mr. Laden and gang of course.

Grab the torches and pitchforks and let's get ourselfs some Americans.

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calling them senseless killer would never find out where the 3rd plane's heading

after the symbols of capitalism(twintower) and militarism(pentagon) , what else. of course, it's the scumculture symbol, hollywood.

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Arrrghhh... wooo.... arghhh.... munch crunch... arghhhhhh

Roaming Raccoon City at night is a hell of a job. Catching citizens at random just to split their heads open and eat their flesh is not as easy as it seems. Especially considering my sluggish speed! Aww, damn bitc4 just shot an arrow in my ass. I am so stiff I can't even reach behind to pull it out.

To me the attacks on America seem like a big invitation. It is like the bully who always picks on this little kid, and when the little kid suddenly blows and uppercuts the bigger bully just to leave him standing with a confused dazed look. Gee, like we have not seen that one coming.

Try to compare this to Syria's current problems. A bomb went of and the world, mostly America, blames Syria, because Syria's security agencies were supposed to stop this or have had some kind of intelligence on this terror attack.

America however had no intelligence on September 11? This is like the saying, one game 2 rules. Everyone had information that Osama would use planes to attack landmarks, especially the symbols of America, whatever they stand for. However, they chose to dismiss those findings! The sheer hypocrisy! I mean, for crying out loud, Israel, Egypt, Russia and Syria are just some of the countries that tried to warn America about the attacks. Either they did not catch the hint, or... Yup, they just choose to sacrifice their own citizens, because in the end they will have their pretext for an already planed war on Iraq and the world.

No one was blamed, except good old Saddam. One game 2 rules! Favorable rules for the American Terrorist Empire and s4!t for the rest! See how carefully I disguised the word shit in the last sentence, kind of clever of me.

Is it just me or did Dubya give Ali the Medal of Honor a few days ago? Then Dubya took a boxers stance and Ali just gave him the bird or something? I briefly saw it on the news but it seems as if Ali had used the sign language to tell Dubya, "Your punk head is crazy!" Can someone confirm?

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On one condition, terrorists are not senseless killers

They would never kill joeching or bomb finalthought up into flying pieces even though these two worthies happens to be in their target area of bombing.

they would postpone and call off their operation and have a final thought about it.

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Now everyday thereare mang people dead, the majority of which is result ed of terror.Terror is a word ,which has been used or can be seen form the Newspaper during recent years! For example,Iraq.Since the last president   Saddam was arrested by the USA  government,many suicide incidents have appearred  in core cities of Iraq.Mary and mary pity civil have become the victims of the terror.Alough the US government is overbearing, those pity victims are innocent.They are all people with same needs and rights.
So,whether  they are volunteer or obligatory ,it is a very worng action for suiciders to kill other victims.

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No one was blamed, except good old Saddam. -- i got to stretch this one.

it's mind-boggling to think in this me-generation that 15 guys doing this plunge in unison on 911.  to say saddam has a hand in it provides room for stretching in the other direction -- bush provoked it.   put it another way, my point is that had gore been elected, he would not have provoked it.  this is because the hate must reach a mythical proportion before 15 guys, no one even bring a parachute with him, just want to do something so badly.  only bush could v won this medal.

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Terrorists are ignorant and cowardly!

Hey there wiseguy, you're welcome to come at me with your pitchfork any damn time -- and we will see which of us has the greater rightousness!

Go ask the Japanese Imperialists entombed in their dead shrine of stupid ignorant testosterone ideology -- where is your Divine Wind now?

The God of Love is much greater and much more powerful, if not much more subtle, than the ejaculations from those who follow the God of Fear and Intimidation.

For if the God of hell-fire was more powerful, than there would be no life; but life does exist, becuase it is a gift of love, not hate. DOH!

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